tarts n talons


It’s not real secret among my friends that my Mom and I don’t always get along. The times we do, though, are both fun and memorable, and I find that those times come more often as we both get older. Slowly we’ve accepted each other for who we are, and at this point we can honestly say that we’re friends.

While I was endeavoring on this journey to start my own business, my Mom would occasionally ask questions, but had no reference point to know what a ‘stamping plate’ was. I couldn’t show her - we live on opposite coasts. When I mentioned nail polish, however; her interest was peaked: Could I make send her some polish? Had I made any that she liked?

And so I got to thinking - what would my Mom like? When I was growing up, she was all about hues of purple. Lavender was her favorite. Now, though, she finds joy in muddied autumnal shades; pastels that are easily washed away by the first snow fall. So I made Waltraud.

The color reminds me both of late autumn and early spring. A rainbow of color is broken up by muted, pastel glitter swimming in a vibrant green, shimmering base. A sea of flowers, and an orchard’s final show in October, all rolled into one.

Thank you for the inspiration, Mom.

Pictures, as always, by the lovely Maiya from Tarts n Talons.