tarts and tea

gouter aujourd’hui.

2013 Errazuriz Max Reserva Pinot Noir

I love me some Errazuriz! A bit of a raspberry Snapple tea thing on the nose - tart red berries, tea, spice, whiff of earth and barnyard, and a hint of capsicum. Nice acidity on the palate with many of the same notes, especially red currants. Yum!

4/5 bones


Pinot Noir

13.5% abv

Casablanca Valley, CHILE


I hosted an impromptu Pride and Prejudice tea party! Kind of went on a baking craze here with what was supposed to be just a simple movie night, but I made a bunch of things I’ve never done before so it was really fun! The raspberry jam was from a jar, but other than that I made everything by hand! Super happy with how everything turned out!

M: What is their favourite dessert?

He probably likes really light and airy things like, souffle or small tarts with whipped cream. Also tea, but I don’t think he considers tea dessert, just something that should always be had with desert and every other meal.

A: What are/were this character’s best subjects in school?

History, political science? He’d probably really like that weather and climate gened elective I refuse to take because it sounds horribly boring, but he’d like learning about the wind and weather. 

N: What do they usually eat for breakfast?

Tea, maybe some toast and jam? Whatever it is I feel like he likes to eat the same thing every day for centuries straight and never varies his routine until something makes him. 

I also don’t think the Valar eat every day or sleep every night (except maybe Estë) so he probably doesn’t eat breakfast every day, but I think whenever he does sleep he likes the routine of waking up and eating something nice before you start your day. Varda does too, but she probably has a bit more variety than Manwë does.

W: Can they dance?

I’m sure he can in mainverse and he’s good at it, (even if Varda’s better.) But in modern AUs I feel like he can’t dance AT ALL and Varda or maybe Nessa have to teach him if he has to go somewhere there might be dancing. He can probably pick up more formal styles easily, especially if you just have to remember where to put your feet, or it’s slow, and looking cool isn’t a factor, but there are a lot of types of dancing Manwë would never be good at.

E: How are they with children?

Manwë doesn’t really get small children and also he’s Very Important and they’re probably intimidated by him. So he’s fine when little elves are around and he just knows to ask them about their interests (he remembers everything so if their parents told him about their kids he’d be able to make small talk) but if you leave him in charge of a kid for more than 5 minutes I don’t think he knows how to talk to them. He’s probably better with babies, and I feel like in Valinor it’s a little like that thing where people get excited if someone famous or the pope or whatever kisses/blesses a baby? (That’s a thing right?) So like, having Manwë and Varda meet/bless your baby is a thing people do a lot, and he’s gotten good with infants. 

(Modern AUs are similar but he’s slightly better though I think he’d find kids that aren’t his stressful (and ones that are his stressful sometimes too…) and in the Valarling AU he’s good with baby through pre-teen Elenanna, and again, the rest are just very stressful because ‘why are they moving so fast!?’ and ‘did I lose one again?!’ and ‘i just want them to sit!! and color!! or nap!!’)