“Back at it again!” Haul

Barnes & Nobles 
-The Four Agreements by Miguel Ruiz $13
-Magic cards for bro $15
-Fairy Tarot $20
-Astrological Oracle $17
-crystals 2x $20 each
-small wallet $8
-lindt chocolate bunnies 2x $4
-essential oils 3x $10 each
-ROKU $50
(Boosting items)
-Better than sex mascara 3x $23 each
-They’re real mascara 5x ~one is for me~ $24 each
-UDPerversion Mascara 5x  $22 each
-UD 24 hr waterline pencil 2x (one is mine)  $20
-Tartlette In blossom Palette $46
(stuff for us)
-Contour must have brushed $39
-Mally primer 2x $35
-Clinique Moisturizing lotion $27
-Pbj Palette $36
-Modern renaissance Palette $42
-Too faced Natural Eyes $36
-Tartlette palette $46
-Too Faced Cocoa Contour $42
-Too Faced Love Flush $26
-Smashbox lipstick $24
-Too Faced Melted Matte 2x $21 each
-Beauty Blender $8
-Hempz Lotion $20

TOTAL $1,068 saved! 
HOLY SHIT YALL! Biggest haul yet! 

Firstly, we went to Barnes & Nobles but it wasn’t a very pleasant visit, SA’s were everywhere, and they weren’t as packed as we thought they would be. (It’s always good to go into places when they’re packed so you don’t draw as much attention.) And we were just feeling negative vibes all around. Gucci immediately wanted to leave after we concealed what we got. And as were were concealing, an SA walked right past us and that was our cue to skidaddle. Also there were camera’s fucking EVERYWHERE. After that, we went into target. Nothing really interesting happened there, although I would say it is hard to find a blind spot in there as they have hq cameras out of the ass. Then we hit Ulta! Which was probably the easiest thing we ever did. We attempted the “walk out with a bag full method” which ACTUALLY WORKED. We were extremely nervous, but we were basically yoloing the whole thing. When were were done, we waited until everyone was busy and the cashier was checking out, we booked it and walked out with an entire bag full. I’m still pretty shocked myself. Prada put the Ulta bag between her purse and jacket on her arm which made it appear as if they only had their jacket and purse. 


Also on AO3

This one’s a one-shot, not related to “Something Familiar.”

Marinette was staring at the blank screen of her computer when she heard the distinctive tapping from her skylight.  She leaned back in her chair and looked up to meet eyes of glowing green.  She beckoned Chat Noir in.  It would probably result in her staying up way too late finishing this stupid essay, but right now, she welcomed the distraction.

“Hey Chat, what brings you by tonight?”  She pointed to her plate of fruit tartlettes.  "Need a snack?“

He pulled up her other desk chair and snagged a strawberry treat as he sat down.  "Just bored.”

“Don’t you have homework?”  He never seemed to.  "How do you save Paris on a routine basis, with half the Akumas interfering with regular school hours, yet never have homework?“  She hoped it sounded like fan curiosity rather than desperate begging for life advice.  She wasn’t sure how she was going to manage university if they didn’t get Hawkmoth under control before then.  She was beginning to think her gap year project would involve hunting down the villain instead of working on her portfolio.

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