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Cruelty Free Makeup Review! 💄👄

I recently went to ULTA to buy some new makeup as I stray away from products that are tested on animals. Here is a written review of the products I purchased!


  • Lights, Camera, Lashes Mascara - I hadn’t worn mascara in years because it always irritated my eyes. I can safely say that this mascara goes on clean with no clumps and no irritation. 10/10.
  • Sex Kitten Eyeliner - Again, eye makeup almost always makes my eyes water or smudges after a few hours of wear, but this stuff goes on clean and lasts for hours with no smudging or smearing. 10/10.
  • Amazonian Clay Waterproof Brow Pencil - As someone who practically has to draw their eyebrows on, I’m picky about the kind of pencil I use and haven’t had much luck finding one I liked, until I tried this. The pencil is self sharpening and somewhat thin for precision but it lasts all day and I even have a hard time washing it off, meaning it stays true to its claim of being waterproof. 10/10.
  • Confidence Creamy Powder Foundation - I have always hated wearing liquid foundation. It would leave my face feeling oily and heavy, not to mention the irritation I faced with having such sensitive skin. This powder foundation is thick enough to provide good coverage yet light enough for all day use with no problems. I even like that it came with a flat sponge applicator instead of a powder puff. 10/10.
  • Amazonian Clay 12 Hour Blush - This blush is amazing, hands down. I chose a color that was light enough not to be too drastic but it still provides a lovely rosy color on my cheeks. Paired with the powder foundation, it’s an unstoppable combo. 10/10.
  • Tarteist Quick Dry Lip Matte Paint (Obsessed) - Not gonna lie, it doesn’t last as long as other liquid matte lipsticks I’ve tried, but it does dry quickly and the color I chose is beautiful. It looks great so long as you aren’t eating something, otherwise it comes off pretty instantly. 8/10.

Too Faced:

  • La Creme Lip Cream (Ursula) - This comes in the form of a lipstick, but is so soft and easy to apply. Plus the color looks great. Again, not super long lasting if you plan on eating something but otherwise, dries at a decent rate and is very moisturizing. 9/10.
  • Milk Chocolate Soleil Bronzer - I’ve never really used bronzer before, so I was a little concerned, but it honestly looks great. The shade is light but definitely noticeable and works great for contouring my cheekbones. 10/10.
  • Primed and Poreless Primer - A light and moisturizing product that definitely improves the look and ease of application for any other product you want to use on your face. It is slightly tinted but I don’t notice a huge difference when applied by itself. 10/10.

Makeup Revolution:

  • Liquid Highlighter (Unicorn Tears) - I got this because I was told it was a knock off of the same product made by Cover FX, which my local ULTA did not carry. I wanted to try out a cheaper version in case I hated it so that I did not waste $40+. I’m not a huge fan of liquid makeup on my face, so it didn’t feel great when applying it, but after it dried, it looked great. It gave my face a wonderful shimmer and glow and the color I chose is absolutely stunning. 9/10.

Anastasia Beverly Hills:

  • Sugar Glow Kit - I got this as a backup for the liquid highlighter and honestly, I’m glad I did. Each shade it comes with can be applied for different occasions and can be as minimal or drastic as you want. 10/10.
  • Lip Gloss (Kristen) - This was a sample I received and although I’m not a huge lip gloss fan, I actually really like it. The color is gorgeous yet not too flashy and is great for every day use. It’s a bit sticky, but that’s to be expected with a gloss. 9/10.

Urban Decay:

  • All Nighter Setting Spray - This product definitely increases the length of wear for all of the products I mentioned above. It keeps my face looking fresh for hours and there’s no harsh scent so that’s really nice. It has kept my makeup looking fresh through 12 hour work days, nights out on the town, and even naps. 10/10.
  • Troublemaker Mascara - Another sample I received. I can definitely understand the hype around this product - no clumping, waterproof, and luscious lengthy lashes. 10/10.
  • VICE Special Effects Lip Top Coat (Litter) - I’ve only had the chance to use this once. The color is outstanding, adds a wonderful glimmer to any lipstick you are wearing. The only thing I don’t like is that it comes in the form of a paintbrush type applicator instead of the classic “doe foot wand” which I would have preferred. I feel like the paintbrush makes it a little difficult to apply evenly. I think that in the future, I will opt to get “Luna” by Black Moon Cosmetics, for a similar effect. 7/10. 
Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Eyeshadow Palette Vol 3 Swatches & Review

Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Eyeshadow Palette Vol 3, Wearing shades: Tiki, Escape and Treasure

I love shimmer, glow, gloss and everything that sparkles, except when it comes to eyeshadows. I’ve always been someone who prefers matte shadows over shimmer and metallic, the fallout and the horrible task of removing makeup and still finding little bits of shimmer all over your face two days later are dealbreakers for me. However, I’ve got to say this Tarte palette is a real treasure. Tarte never seems to disappoint me with their eyeshadows and this palette is no exception. Designed as a “highlighting eyeshadow palette”  this palette contains 8 shades, all of which, but one are shimmer based and in addition to being used as an eyeshadow, these also work great as highlighters on the rest of the face. Each shade is inspired by beautiful beaches, sand and seashells and each one performs consistently well.

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REVIEW: Grav3yardgirl Swamp Queen Palette by Tarte 

Hello, everyone! I shall be doing a review over this beautiful yet simple palette by Tarte Cosmetics. It was part of a limited edition collaboration collection with one of my all time favorite youtubers, Bunny Meyer or Grav3yardgirl. I purchased this a while back when it first launched on Ulta’s site. Although I’m sure the limited edition lippies from this collection are absolutely gone, there are still palettes available for purchase if you’re interested!  Fair warning, this is going to be a pretty long and picture heavy review! <3

Do not delete this caption!

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oh and i ended up pickin up some groceries at mitsuwa today and found this shit 

oh man thomas the tank engine branded candy let’s open this fun and child friendly cand–



and this isn’t even all of it look

i get they’re supposed to be trains but that isn’t a train to collect and put together it’s a goddamn anthropomorphic train centipede 

Theo, Theo, Theo—what would your mother say? What would Andy say? What, even, would your father say? How did you get to this point?

This was an excellently crafted novel. The prose was wonderful and many lines resonated within my mind; but, I didn’t like Theo. I didn’t cheer for him. He was best as a child, before he was corrupted—and it wasn’t from the painting.

I was intrigued by the plot, and I read to find out what happened, and because of the beautiful words. I was put off by the timeline… What time period was this? The 2000s, obviously (iPods and Harry Potter), but a lot of things wouldn’t have happened— being able to drink and buy cigarettes underage? being able to travel without ID? These things just aren’t realistic.

Nor, and this is a problem with the writing style POV, is being able to perfectly recall conversations. I realized at the end he was writing his recollections, but even at the end of one day, you can’t recall everything. This is a problem I have with all recollection novels, however.

I can understand why this book was so applauded, and I did like it, but I don’t love it. The writing was great, and the plot held my attention, but my favorite part was the beginning; when he was 13, with his mother, when everything was new and he was still young at heart.

OVER HYPED: Tarte Tarteist Clay Paint Liner

As a beauty blogger I’m always on the hunt for new beauty products and I’m always drawn to exciting, innovative launches, but more often than not they usually turn out to be a gimmick. Sadly, as much as I love Tarte their new Tarteist Eyeliner was just that, a gimmick.  I loved the idea of the squeezable tube and my first impression was that it was a convenient and hygienic idea, but after several uses I found it just dispensed way too much product and I was left with more eyeliner than I needed. The eyeliner itself had a beautiful matte finish, but the colour pay off was sheer and disappointing. I found myself having to go over the line several times to get it black enough. Tarte claim this eyeliner is waterproof and long lasting, but every time I wore it I ended up with black smudges on my eyelid, all the way up to my brow bone… Whilst this liner may be a unique idea the formula itself was a disappointment and the only thing I liked was the brush.

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Okay, but consider this: Bitty entering and appearing on a TV baking show that’s the equivalent to The Great British Bake Off where everyone bakes in a giant tent and all the contestants are lovely and kind.

  • Bitty not telling anyone that he’s gotten accepted onto the show until it actually starts filming.
  • Bitty practicing his bakes and trying his new recipes on his hockey teammates.
  • Bitty getting along really well with his fellow contestants and helping them slide the cakes out of tins.
  • Bitty trying to juggle his hockey, school work, and the increasing pressure to practice the show nears the final.
  • Bitty trying to cool down his cakes and sponges by fanning several baking sheets over them at once.
  • Bread week being Bitty’s most challenging.
  • Everyone gathering at the Haus to watch each new episode.
  • Bitty’s peach and apricot frangipane tart receiving raving reviews from the judges.
  • Bitty frantically trying to get the last finishing touches on his show-stopper while the time counts down and that music starts playing.
  • Bitty saying that the practice cake went much better at home.
  • Bitty holding the show’s record for most times having received “Star Baker”.
  • Bitty’s hands being covered in band-aids from the inevitable cuts and burns. (Jack kissing them all better later.)
  • Bitty being the most popular baker on the show and gaining several hundred Twitter followers.
  • Bitty coming in last during one the technical challenges and trying not tear up on camera.
  • Bitty calling and talking with Jack after each challenge. Jack being trying to be as soothing and supportive as possible over the phone.
  • Bitty learning what a Schichttorte is.
  • Bitty kneeling in front of the floor and watching his bake n the oven even though he’d promised himself that he wouldn’t do that.
  • Bitty winning the final bake off challenge and Jack and the rest of the crew being there to cheer him on when they announce Bitty’s name.
  • Bitty receiving a book deal and teaching baking sessions for beginning bakers.

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Tarte’s Tarteist Clay Paint Liner Review

Think outside the lines and unleash your inner tarteist as you define your eyes like a pro. Inspired by the ease of an artist’s palette, this one-of-a-kind squeezable cream liner takes the intimidation out of pigmentation with a no-tug, dreamy application that’s as simple as squeeze, line and define! The unique formula features fewer waxes, cushioned pigments and a special development process unlike other traditional liners, allowing for the creamiest texture and smoothest application ever. Thanks to the revolutionary artistic tube delivery system with a tapered tip and flat blending stage, anyone can easily pick up the ideal amount of product and blend to goofproof perfection. We’ve even included the sketcher angled bamboo liner brush to seamlessly glide the plush, triple-black, budgeproof formula across the contours of the eyelid, while avoiding the dreaded eyeliner tug of war. Featuring the same waterproof, 12-hour wear as tarte’s signature clay pot liners, this next-generation v”

Tarte’s newest eyeliner attempts to revolutionize gel liner. They’re new formula comes in a squeeze tube with a built in “well” at the top. They also include their own angled bamboo liner brush. The tube contains .21 oz of product for $24. It comes in one color which dries matte.

This tube allows it’s user to dispense product either into the well for personal use or onto a separate palette for sanitary purposes (Makeup Artists)

The liner itself is just a tad more liquid(y) than gel liner. It has some give to it. 

The first “layer” it’s not the blackest black. You can see close to the lashline that it didn’t completely cover skin. 

One more go around ( i normally do this to clean up lines and get my wing as big as I feel that day) It has a matte finish. I honestly feel that I myself did a crappy job at applying. It’s definitely buildable. 

Just for the hell of it, this is the liner in full effect. 

Would I recommend this: 


I wouldn’t recommend this to people who don’t like gel eyeliner. If you’re looking for something to just get a black line on your lid and out the door than this wouldn’t be for you. If you’re a gel liner aficionado, I do recommend this. I love this. It’s something I gravitate towards. I love the formula. I love matte black eyeliner. I want everyone to know that yea it doesn’t come out the way in the last picture right off the bat. You have to be willing to work with it. It’s not technically quick. The brush is actually a really good brush. My holy grail eyeliner brush is Sigma’s E05. I can’t use angled brushes for my eyeliner, but this brings the best of both worlds. I am a fan.


A month ago I bought the Brushegg on Ebay for .99cents with free shipping. After a couple of uses I can tell out that I love this product. I put a drop of dish soup and running the brush through the Brushegg gets the job done.


  •   Cheap.
  •   Easy to clean.
  •   Dries fast.
  •  Comes In different colors.


  • Not big enough for face brushes.
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The Hauteline at Sephora and the JUMBO Eyeliner Box Giveaway

There’s one commonality among all the pictures above.


These few weeks, those of you in Singapore might have seen The Hauteline campaign around Sephora stores, and they’re featuring lots and lots of eyeliners, along with live demo sessions every Saturday by professionals from brands such as Make Up For Ever, Urban Decay, and Eyeko, which is new to our sunny island.

Of the bunch, there were two I was particularly interested in trying first of all.

Eyeko’s Eye Do liquid eyeliner was created in collaboration with the beautiful Alexa Chung (whom you might have recently seen in Lisa Eldridge’s youtube tutorial, doing her own cat eyeliner). I do have to say it’s a great liner formula; very black and with just enough product that it doesn’t run or require you to go over a section twice to get it dark enough. 

I was also curious about the Sephora Smartliner, which has one of those odd-looking curved shapes to allow you an easier grip when applying. 

It’s hard to pick favorites from so many fantastic formulas, but so far I’ve been especially impressed with:

  • Tarte’s Amazonian Clay pencil (ultra smooth but lasting),
  • Marc Jacobs Magic Marc’er (easy to use and super black with a dramatic lacquer-like finish)
  • Eyeko Eye Do (very black for a felt tip formula, with a slightly fatter, easy-to-control tip)

But you won’t have to choose if you win the entire box!

» The Giveaways! «

If you haven’t noticed on tent-cards in stores, a small handful of shoppers in Singapore stand to win a huge box of bestselling liners including Marc Jacobs, Dior, Make Up For Ever, Urban Decay, Shu Uemura, Stila, Sephora, Benefit, Tarte, and Lancome. 

You just need to take a pic of your own favorite liner look (I didn’t see explicit instructions but I think it’s best if it’s your own original pic rather than someone else’s) and tag #sephorasg #thehauteline.

BUT - if you want to double your chances of winning, Sephora is also giving ONE Makeup Box reader in Singapore a full box. That’s more eyeliner than you can use for the next couple of years probably. You just need to stay posted on my Instagram account @makeup_box and answer one simple question there at around noon (Singapore time) about 2.5 hours from the time this post goes out.

Contest closes on Thursday 3 July at noon Singapore time again, and I will private-message the winner on Instagram to notify you of your win, as well as how to collect your box from Sephora!

Good luck!

k guys

so no one cared about my rave review of caribou coffee but WHATEVER i’m still gonna gush about stuff i like

so i bought the tarte amazonian clay tinted moisturizer today (i’m in the shade agent 04 if anyone is curious) and it is AMAZING and i am OBSESSED and i never want another tinted moisturizer it gives the perfect amount of coverage and moisturizing and yes

perfection at $36

everyone buy it

it even covers up most of the rosyness in my rosy cheeks and that was never possible before


edit: also i would like to add that i’ve tried lots of drugstore foundations and tinted moisturizers, and high-end tinted moisturizers, and this truly tops all i’ve tried before.