tarte foundation


How to: fix any powder makeup


what you’ll need:
• rubbing alcohol
• a eyeliner brush (or any pencil-like object)
• a spoon
• plastic wrap

1st: pick up the broken pieces and put it back into the compact/container

2nd: wrap plastic wrap around the compact (only wrap it around once)

3rd: using the tip of the eyeliner brush (the opposite side of the brush), cautiously smash the rest of the peices

4th: take off the plastic wrap

5th: take off the plastic wrap & let it soak in

6th: now take your spoon and smooth down the makeup

7th: grab the eyeliner brush again and smooth out the edges (the rim) of the compact/container using the brush side

8th: let it dry & you’ll be done!

My “let’s get high af and rob sephora/etc blind” haul (throughout two days lol)

Some of these are opened bc I almost forgot I had this blog lol and I haven’t posted a haul in a while so!!


cover fx illuminating custom enhance drops (x2): $84
Stila highlight: $32
Stila metal eyeshadow: $32
Smashbox primer: $36
Kat von D Eyeliner: $20
Better than sex mascara: $21
Too faced white chocolate bar palette: $26
Alchemist palette: $32
Hourglass foundation: $46
Tarte matte liquid lipstick: $20
Sephora liquid lipstick (x2): $28
Eyeshadow duo: $25

Rose lip balm: $6


Mask of magnaminty: $27
Retread: $32


Demeter perfumes (x4): $68
cotton squares: $5
Milani blush: $7

TOTAL: $547


Those are some of my favorite full coverage foundations

+ Makeup Forever HD full coverage foundation - 42$

+ Tarte amazonian clay full coverage foundation (SPF 15) - 38$

+ Laura Mercier silk crème foundation - 47$

+ Kat Von D lock-it tattoo foundation - 34$

anonymous asked:

Can u pls tell me what makeup u use and how u got so good at doing it. I am desperate

I would say my top 5 most used products are:
1) Almay Healthy Glow Foundation
2) Tarte Creaseless Concealer
3) Too Faced better than sex mascara
4) Tarte’s Tartelette In Bloom palette
5) Benefit Gimme Brow

But, I only got good at it through practice, my love! I’ve been wearing makeup since 7th grade…and trust me, it was pretty awful for a very long time. Just keep practicing and watch some YouTube videos! Don’t fret about it bbg, makeup is supposed to make you feel GOOD.