some people say that you should take your medications, but I (an expert) recommend ancient Greek self-care routines, such as

  • rolling a boulder most of the way up a hill until it rolls down again
  • standing neck-deep in water with fruit hanging above your head, but not eating or drinking anything
  • strapping yourself to a flaming wheel and just rolling around
  • using jugs to fill a cracked tub; or using sieves to fill a normal tub, depending on your preference
  • having your liver eaten by vultures

Dark Tartarus Percy

A warmup the that slightly became a more detailed warm up (not good tho but meh)


Arachne’s screams still echo up to you, although he body disappeared into the darkness of the pit long ago. You can hear Percy yelling your name from above you, but you can’t bring yourself to tear your eyes away. Silent tears stream down your face.

“(y/n), look at me!”

Finally snapping yourself out of your trance, it’s like you regain feeling in your body. Percy’s hand is clasped around your wrist, the only thing keeping you from falling down after your enemy. His dark hair is illuminated by the sun above the both of you, sea green eyes darker than the both of you.

“Percy,” you sob. “Let me go. You have to let me go.”

“No.” His eyes harden. “That’s not happening. We’re going to be fine.”

You can see Piper standing at the railing of the Argo II high above, and you let out another sob. “Percy-”

“Nico!” The Son of Poseidon cuts you off, yelling up to his cousin above you. “Meet us at the other side.”

His dark eyes widen. “But Percy-”

“Just do it!” Percy yells. “Promise me.”

“I-I promise.”

Your boyfriend looks down at you again. “I love you, (y/n). We’re doing this together.”

You nod and whisper: “Together.”

Then Percy lets go of the ledge, and you both plunge into the abyss below.

The wind whistling in your ears has become the soundtrack of your life. That and Percy’s reassuring voice in your ear, lips pressed to it. After you both fell, it didn’t take long for the both of you to find each other and wrap your arms around each other.

You don’t know how long you’ve been falling. But that’s not the scariest part. The scariest part is your destination.

Neither of you mention that. You just whisper words of love and reassurance to each other as you fall, waiting for the inevitable. The inevitable end.

But you’re together. So the end can’t be all that bad.

PJO Headcannons

The Seven Plus and Sleep

All of them sleep differently.

Reyna is stiff and doesn’t move. Years of sleeping in the barracks at Camp Jupiter taught her that. Shes also a very light sleeper.

Jason is similar though since moving into the Zeus Cabin he sleeps much easier. He also snores like a freight train.

Leo sleeps sprawled out wherever exhaustion take ahold often falling asleep on top of projects.

Piper sprawls out on her bed and also snores though she’s not as bad as Jason. But she kicks in her sleep too so there’s that.

Annabeth sleeps soundly when at camp but very lightly when elsewhere, years of training and dodging monsters with Luke and Thalia gave her that particular skill. If she and Percy are napping together she’s the big spoon despite him being physically bigger than her.

Percy still drools. He loves being The little spoon when he and Annabeth nap together. He sleeps like a rock. Seriously the world could end and he wouldn’t wake up.

Frank sleeps as a bulldog. He finds it more comfortable that way though even he’s not sure why. It also allows him to curl up in Hazels room without risking Nico’s wrath, something he’s keen to avoid.

Hazel sleeps on her side and generally pretty fitfully, nightmares of the war and her first death haunting her. She only sleeps soundly when Frank the Bulldog is there which is pretty much the only reason Nico doesn’t kill Frank for sneaking into his sisters room.

Nico sleeps curled up in a ball so he takes up as little space as possible. Will thought it was cute until he found out why. It’s a habit somewhat left over from sleeping in crevices in caves that connect to the underworld but now a days it’s a leftover from Nico’s stint in the bronze jar where he didn’t even have enough room to breathe let alone anything else. This information made Will want to cry and also explained Nico’s severe claustrophobia.

Will sleeps sprawled on his back unless Nico is there. If the son of death is present the son of Apollo will curl up around him in his sleep. This is one of the only things, save a blessing from a child of Hypnos, that keep Nico’s nightmares of Tartarus and the Jar at bay.

Percy is the most powerful demigod I’ve ever met. No offense to you guys, but it’s true. If anybody can survive, he will, especially if he’s got Annabeth at his side. They’re going to find a way through Tartarus.
—  Nico di Angelo, after Percabeth’s fall into Tartarus

A funny little print idea I had two days ago that I like to call Tartarus + Starry Night

Finally my kindergarten years of drawing van gogh have paid off (Not quite there with the brush strokes but JEEZ I really respect impressionist and pointillist style a whole lot more now)

Percabeth soulmate au

Building on some fics I’ve seen where different couples have different soulmate… identifiers? I don’t know what to call them, but I had this idea that Percabeth got a rare one where they can hear the other playing an instrument or singing.

Just imagine:

Little Annabeth trying to play something like the violin but although she loves listening, she can’t play to save her life. She understands all the theory behind it, but she just can’t seem to be able to play. It always results in a horrible screeching noise, and every time, Percy runs to Sally to complain about the awful noise that shouldn’t even be labelled music. Annabeth hears Percy sing with his mum and thinks that he has an okay voice. Then she hears his excited and out of tune singing and buries her head in her hands, stifling a laugh at the chaotic energy running throughout his singing.

They both like hearing the other- even if the singing or playing is out of tune- but sometimes it occurs at inopportune moments, like during a heated monster battle with Thalia and Luke, doing an intense and relatively dangerous activity at camp (I believe Annabeth isn’t one to give up, she’d persist with her instrument for at least another year or two at camp, until the Apollo cabin tell her there’s no hope in continuing that particular instrument), or in a class which Percy really needs to pass, but the singing or playing make it impossible to focus on top of his ADHD. 

Eventually, Annabeth works out that they can communicate by singing, so she does, willing to do anything to get him to shut up (this was a particularly cheery, out of tune day for Percy). At first, after this discovery, all they do is argue. They’ll start off quiet, whispering, but it gets louder and louder until they’re basically belting their words, leading to them getting some very odd looks from classmates and campers, because it’s a very rare form of soulmate identifier.

One day, Annabeth sings, ‘your singing sucks’ under her breath, completely out of the blue. Percy bursts out laughing in the middle of class and gets detention, but it was worth it.

They start to converse through song. Full blown conversations, pretty much all the time. It annoys everyone; Chiron and the teachers most of all, because it means neither of them get anything done properly. If you walked past, you would hear something sung like, ‘blue food, I heard, but why blue food?’ Or, ‘of course you’d love architecture, you know-it-all.’ This leaves all who overhear nonplussed. The conversations often contain a few lighthearted jabs, but are all sung with a warm and caring tone.

When Percy gets to camp, it doesn’t take him too long to figure out it’s her. He may not be Athenian smart, but surely Annabeth can’t be a very common name? She figures it out when he sings at the campfire and she jumps, because it sounds like he’s right next to her, except he’s not. He’s across the courtyard, and there’s no way she could have heard him because the other Athenian children are way too loud. Besides, the sound’s coming from inside her head.

When they’re separated during the school year and such, they again sing almost constantly, driving literally everyone insane.

Further down the track, they sing more often, especially after Tartarus and Percy’s kidnapping by Hera. When they’re in separate cabins, it helps them feel less alone, less scared of what the night will bring, because the other is right there. It gives Annabeth a sense of security, because she knows he’s still there. It was torture to go eight months without hearing him sing. She was frantic when he didn’t answer.

They’ll often hum parts of little tunes and wait for the other to finish them, and then start to talk. They could talk the whole night through, just about simple things. The conversations, though slightly rough and out of tune, are always warm and caring, just as it was in the beginning of their relationship. 

I really think they should have shown the post traumatic effect Tartarus left in this two