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Normally, I do cosplay shoots as  characters but this is the rare instance where I did a shoot just as myself. And I have a pretty weird fashion sense as I love my flowery doc marten boots (and floral clothes in general) and my braces and bow ties. As well, no matter how warm it is I always need a long coat

As someone with literally no self esteem, just being myself was literally the hardest thing and trying to convey me in photos was just so hard but I think it turned out okay. 


Recently, I received a request to make an ascot using the print from the television show “Outlander.” While I do not advertise custom orders, I usually oblige. It also creates a fun creative challenge.

The funny story about my experience with Outlander is from reading an email from Lion’s Brand featuring patterns from the show. With the constant things happening in life, I quickly forgot about it, until it resurfaced. Looking up the premise of the show caught my interest.

While I have been slow in watching the episodes (partly due to work and life,) the series seriously caught my interest. From the story to the outfits to the knits, it is easy to say it is a show I recommend. And being a bit of a history/trivia geek, I am surprised I haven’t watched this show sooner.


Uniforms of Edinburgh Castle Regimental and Army Museums 

½. Royal Horse Artillery dress uniform and a selection of Shakos, Helmets and Dolmans of Scottish Yeomanry regiments.

3. Polish 1st Armoured Division uniform that was stationed in Scotland during the Second World War.

4. Doublet of a pioneer from a Highland Regiment.

5. Officers tunic of the Highland Light Infantry.

6.Tunic of an 18th Century Highland Infantryman.

7/8. Dress uniform of the 42nd Regiment of Foot (Black Watch) worn during the handover of Hong Kong to the Peoples Republic of China.

9. Officers tunic of the Royal Scots regiment.

10. Dress uniform of the Special Air Service (Captain).

askgigglebug  asked:

*Lifts up a sign* What was your first toy as a kid?

Well for me, I believe it was a scotty teddy bear from my grandparents. I don’t have a photo, but it’s a little white bear with a tartan bow tie and tartan paws

I apparently never put  it down as a toddler, and I still have it home somewhere! I remember it always smelt of dust in that ‘homey’ way ^^

His name (creatively) was Checkers

Spare Parts

Setting: Canon, post-war AU; not epilogue compliant

Word Count: 1,712

Written For: @small-steps-and-better-days [fic giveaway #6]

Notes: Pansy Parkinson character study [minor Cormac McLaggen x Pansy Parkinson + implied future Harry Potter x Pansy Parkinson + background Draco Malfoy x Hermione Granger]

Pansy’s life doesn’t exactly end after the war, no.

But it doesn’t really begin, either.

People hate her, of course.

They call her a coward like they think it might hurt her feelings, and they send her thousands of letters—words extra scathing, slurs extra derogatory—like they think she’s actually capable of succumbing to an emotion as selfless as shame.

She gives the Prophet their exclusive after half a year has gone by, Rita Skeeter and her acid-green quill perched on the butter-knife edge of a violet jacquard sofa in the sitting room, not unlike a cobra poised and waiting to strike—and it’s nostalgia and it’s reminiscence and it’s a sour, semisweet moment of perfect, perfect clarity; because why should Pansy have to apologize to anyone, to everyone, for very simply not wanting to die?

Harry Potter and his pride of loyal lions hadn’t fought that war for her.

They hadn’t saved her from the rampage, from the carnage, and they hadn’t helped her when all she knew how to do was scream, scream, scream. They hadn’t arrested those Death Eaters or counted their corpses or held their unicorn-pure wands up in triumph, in victory, for a girl with shaking hands and a Slytherin-green tie. They hadn’t won for her. They never would.

And Pansy—

She’d owed them nothing, then.

She owes them nothing, now.

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