tartan sweater

secretlystephaniebrown  asked:

Fluff Week: Red team sleepover!

They’re watching a horror movie (it’s the star wars prequels). Sarge is super excited to have his nails painted red, the color of true soldiers. Yes, Donut has a ‘Sarge 2′ poster in his room.

Did I give Lopez a pillow just so I wouldn’t have to deal with armor? You’re damned right. Sorry this is so sketchy and uncolored, I’m absolutely awful at colors when there’s a bunch of people.


This outfit looks pretty standard from afar, but once you come closer, the little details begin to emerge, and that’s what I love in outfits. The little anchors on the shirt, the blingy necklace and the studded tartan loafers are all little details that make the biggest difference.

ps. New Year’s resolution? Start taking proper photos again with the trusty and talented BurntPixels.