tart key lime

So I got a new tablet recently, as some may have noticed by the way the lineart changed in the last couple of drawings that I did. 
This, however, was me trying it out at first with a bunch of Candytale doodles. XD Hope you like it :D

The Gems as Pastries
  • Steven: Cinnamon Roll
  • Rose Quartz: Honey bun
  • Garnet: Raspberry pie
  • Ruby: Cherry pie
  • Sapphire: Blueberry pie
  • Amethyst: Grape pie
  • Pearl: Cannoli
  • Lapis Lazuli: Blueberry Pop-Tart
  • Peridot: Key Lime pie
  • Jasper: Red Velvet Pop-Tart
  • Opal: Powdered Jelly doughnut
  • Sugilite: Blackberry Pie
  • Alexandrite: Raisin Strudel
  • Rainbow Quartz: Boston cream doughnut
  • Stevonnie: Glazed Cinnamon Roll
  • Malachite: Wildberry Pop-Tart