tart key lime

So I got a new tablet recently, as some may have noticed by the way the lineart changed in the last couple of drawings that I did. 
This, however, was me trying it out at first with a bunch of Candytale doodles. XD Hope you like it :D

A Gay Dessert Anime Birthday Scenario Game!

Just put together your birth month, birth day, and shirt color and see what you get. 

And I’d like to say thank you to the owners of each character for letting me use them.

The Gems as Pastries
  • Steven: Cinnamon Roll
  • Rose Quartz: Honey bun
  • Garnet: Raspberry pie
  • Ruby: Cherry pie
  • Sapphire: Blueberry pie
  • Amethyst: Grape pie
  • Pearl: Cannoli
  • Lapis Lazuli: Blueberry Pop-Tart
  • Peridot: Key Lime pie
  • Jasper: Red Velvet Pop-Tart
  • Opal: Powdered Jelly doughnut
  • Sugilite: Blackberry Pie
  • Alexandrite: Raisin Strudel
  • Rainbow Quartz: Boston cream doughnut
  • Stevonnie: Glazed Cinnamon Roll
  • Malachite: Wildberry Pop-Tart