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“The revolution is successful. But survival depends on drastic measures. Your continued existence represents a threat to the well-being of society. Your lives mean slow death to the more valued members of the colony. Therefore, I have no alternative but to sentence you to death. Your execution is so ordered, signed Kodos, Governor of Tarsus IV.”

– Kodos, 2246

I’m reading Collision Course, and I’ve rewatched The Conscience of the King, and the horror of the whole Tarsus IV tragedy won’t let go of me. What is also chilling that for all it’s been a major part of Kirk’s past (I mean, hello, witnessing 4K people being killed while you are only 13) Tarsus IV was mentioned only like 4 times. Natuarally, I had to vid it.

I *know* that Pine is waaaay too old to be 13, but you know, vidding sacrifices and all that jazz. I really wanted to make Jim recognisable, instead of fancasting some random teen who’d get lost amongst other random teens I cast as Tarsus Nine survivors.

song: winter soldier theme
footage: carriers, how i live now, hunger games 1-4, star trek 1-2, star trek: tos s1ep13, the 5th wave, unstoppable, war of the worlds

  • watching star trek BEFORE knowing the tarsus iv references: enjoyable, optimistic, lighthearted, occasional hurting but all in good fun, everything works out in the end even if the ending is sad.
  • watching star trek AFTER knowing the tarsus iv references: pain, death, torment, and soul-crushing agony. no one deserves to hurt this much, especially not jim kirk. what the fuck gene roddenbery. WHAT. THE. FUCK.

Sound and Fury: a mix for Tarsus IV and the aftermath

i. in the woods somewhere - hozier // ii. ready to lose - the knife // iii. biting down - lorde // iv. consecration - woven hand // v. last man standing - people in planes // vi. hunger of the pine - alt-J // vii. hunted - snow ghosts // viii. science/visions - chvrches // ix. fallen empires - snow patrol // x. can’t kill us - the glitch mob // xi. when under ether - pj harvey // xii. glass heart hymn - paper route // xiii. until it hurts - fransisca hall // xiv. wave(s) - lewis del mar // xv. teardrop - civil twilight

Jim having his bar-mitzvah right before he leaves for Tarsus IV though.

Jim taking great pride in the fact that at 13 years old, he’s considered an adult in the eyes of the synagogue. 

Jim having that pride twisted and manipulated into fear, upon realizing he is by no means ready to carry out the burdens that come with adulthood….until he suddenly has no choice.

Jim fighting to stay alive, and taking the responsibility upon himself to protect the other eight escapees with his life.

Jim deeply resenting the fact that he had to grow up so quickly, even if he knows he now has no other option but to live with that pain as best he can.

Jim finding comfort in the teachings of his heritage and faith, discussing with his rabbi how anyone could be so cruel to begin with, and reviewing the Tikkun Olam in great detail.

Jim realizing that he now has his own ideas about what “repairing the world” means to him.

The revolution is successful. But survival depends on drastic measures. Your continued existence represents a threat to the well-being of society. Your lives mean slow death to the more valued members of the colony. Therefore, I have no alternative but to sentence you to death. Your execution is so ordered, signed Kodos, Governor of Tarsus IV.

Imagine that Jim and Tom were the “parents” for the other kids while they were in hiding. Since Tom was injured, Jim was the only one who could go out and hunt for food. Originally someone suggested that made Tom the mom for staying home and taking care or them while Jim was the dad for going out and providing, but Jim promptly said “No way, the lioness is the one who hunts, I’m the momma lion.”

And so Jim was Momma and Tom was Papa to the kids ever since.

“According to the official Star Trek Reboot Archive Jim Kirk didn’t go to Tarsus IV.”

once there was a little boy in school who got made fun of for being a huge nerd and he had no friends and just read books all day so no one liked him and one time the teacher called on him but he was so immersed in his reading he didn’t even respond and finally when he did he didn’t know the answer cuz he wasn’t paying attention so the teacher sent him to the principals office and the principal looked at his file and decided to get him some extra reading material cuz he was clearly bored so he started reading shakespeare and charles dickens as a 2nd grader which made him even more nerdy and unloved but then one day when he was 13 he moved to a colony where all the food died because of an exotic fungus and the governor sentenced half the colony to death and he was on the execute list but he managed to escape with eight other fugitives and he saw the governors face and ever since then he’s been a little screwed up but it’s okay because after all that he was like “ayy fuck dis shit m8 imma be a starship captain” and he did and that man was james t kirk, the youngest starfleet captain in history and he still reads shakespeare and charles dickens every night and also he married a vulcan the end

  • (sequel to my previous post on this)
  • Jim: Bones, I think you should play the role of my mother.
  • Bones: I don't wanna be your mother.
  • Jim: That's perfect! You already know your lines.
  • Bones: ...
  • Jim: Okay fine, you can play the role of my brother.
  • Bones (fed up): I'm leaving.
  • Jim: Perfect! You're a natural.
  • Bones: Jim, I'm gonna kill you.
  • Jim: I appreciate your enthusiasm, but Kodos will not be in this production.

Star Trek: Into Darkness Redux

“James Tiberius Kirk. It seems you are still unable to ignore a mewling cry for help. Unsurprising. You have always held yourself back from true greatness for the sake of others.” 

“It seems, Kodos, that you and I still don’t see eye to eye.”

“Oh no James, you and I have always understood each other perfectly well.”

  • since some exotic fungus destroyed most of the Tarsus IV colony’s food supply, Starfleet needs to send in an astromycologist
  • after landing safely and finishing up with replenishing food for the colony, the ship’s crew comes across a woman with a baby wrapped in blankets in her arms
  • the baby is crying and the woman is rocking it lightly, cooing, trying to calm it down
  • it is a blond baby with little hair, but stunning sapphire eyes glowing from tears, its cheeks flushed and the tip of the nose red
  • it didn’t take them a long time to figure out whose baby it really is
Proof that Jim was on Tarsus IV in the reboots

Or at least my interpretation of said “proof.”

*cracks knuckles*

So, because I love making things as angsty for Jim as humanly possible, I’ve found a kernel of proof that Jim did in fact experience Tarsus.

Granted this kernel literally lasts a couple of seconds, but it counts. That’s why it’s a kernel.


In the Daystrom scene when they higher ups are discussing the London attack, the first thing they have up on their screens is John Harrison’s bio. We know from interviews and such that the bio information on that screen is the same as the bio information in the STID app. This app has the following information:

‘John Harrison’ was born in 2228 in Dover, Great Britain, Earth to Richard and Sara Harrison. Harrison was one of nine survivors of the attack on the colony on Tarsus IV in 2246, where both of his parents were killed in the attack. He graduated from the London School of Economics in 2250.

After graduating, he was appointed associate researcher, Starfleet Data Archive (London), East Annex in 2255. He was tasked with collection, organization and analysis of declassified data received from Starfleet commissioned starships and from Federation member states.

Obviously the important part is in that first paragraph.

Now, when everyone is in the room and first has access to this info when Marcus is starting the meeting, we are shown a second long (or so) shot of Jim looking at his screen. He double takes at the information, then looks up, immediately seeking out Spock.

Spock is already looking at him. Not at Marcus. He’s looking at Jim. As if Spock has read the information on his own screen, knows about Tarsus IV and Jim’s connection to it, and is looking to Jim in question, asking if John Harrison’s information is truly accurate. And by the look on Jim’s face, something is wrong, and they both look away, waiting to hear more information.

This assumes that Spock somehow already knows that Jim was on Tarsus IV, but I don’t think this is very far-fetched. When Spock choked Jim on the bridge, there was skin-to-skin contact. Imagine what was going through Jim’s mind in that moment. Imagine if that wasn’t the first time in his life he’s been strangled, or more generally, close to death. Imagine that Tarsus IV was on his mind and Spock picked up on it. Imagine that after the events of that movie, they talked about it, and that’s how they started forging their path to friendship.

Am I assuming a lot here? Abso-fucking-lutely. But I think it’s pretty good reasoning and tbh there’s nothing to explicitly refute it.

And I gotta have my Tarsus IV fix ;)

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