tarsier sanctuary


Our first destination was the Philippine Tarsier Sanctuary. I was mega ultra excited because it’ll be my first time to see one. The drive was a bit long but it was alright because I was able to sleep for a bit. 

On the way to the sanctuary, we saw chickens. And, being the mischievous that I am, attempted to chase the chicken. But unfortunately, I slipped on my knees and sadly my jeans got mud on it. Of course my blockmates laughed. Ha-ha.

We were all lined up waiting for our turn at the sanctuary. The place was small so it couldn't accommodate a huge number of people, let alone two sections. So we went there by section. And as we got in, we hopelessly tried to find the tarsier that our eyes could lay on. None. It was hard finding them (well of course because we were just on the entrance hoho). Then a group of people from the other section who were ganging up on a tree and I knew that they found one. They took turns. And when it was our turn…

We found these pair of tarsiers on top of a tree. I think they’re a couple.

I never knew that it was that small. Well of course it was, but its different when you see it in person. Its like a really cute oversized key chain. Their eyes were so cute and really big. I couldn’t take a decent photo because the lens of the camera I was using wasn’t for near photo-taking. But I guess my shots were alright. 

Time for a photo op! :D

Meet Julia. Or as we like to call in class, Shamcey :p

Then we headed for the Sikatuna Tree Park for our Tree Planting Activity. 

Before we trekked, we had snacks. Then we were given our name tags to be tied on our tree seedlings. It took a long time before it was our turn.


Finally we were the next ones to plant. But seriously. Were they trying to kill us? Because the way to the planting site was dangerous as hell! It was steep and we held tight to the trunks of the tree. Even those trees who weren’t that big enough! But thank goodness we were successful and we were able to plant our seedlings.

After that we went back to our bus and proceeded to our next destination. LUNCH! haha!