but honestly if i ever lose him again i don’t know how i’ll survive - there’s literally no one in this world who knows me as well as he does and he’s the only person i feel comfortable calling while i’m crying. i hate people seeing me cry but somehow i forget all that because he makes me feel better. he listens to me and doesn’t bull shit me with “it’s going to be okay” he just tells me shitty jokes until i’m laughing again and i seriously can’t lose him. this past week has been really hard and i just want to talk to him right now but he’s with a girl. please please don’t let this end like it did last time. i need him. 

The Keys of Marinus - Part Six: The Keys of Marinus

Written by – Terry Nation
Director – John Gorrie
Producer – Verity Lambert

The Keys of Marinus

(“I gave him A key!”  Ian to the others on his giving Yartek the fake key.)


- Tarron.  He was just a great guy in this episode.  He honestly doubts that Ian is guilty and that Kala was framing him, but couldn’t prove it.  I wanted to hug him for that.

- That the Doctor actually did know where the key was all along, and kept it a secret so that he could catch the killer red handed.  Awesome scene. The entire thing.  It also fits nicely into that first like of mine, as it is part of the same scene…maybe I should have written down the scene, but I wouldn’t know how to word it properly.  Watch it, it is a great moment.

- The Doctor name dropping again, it is always fun to see who the Doctor will name drop.  Five stories in and he has already done so twice.  

- I have said it twice before and will say it every time it happens.  I love when Susan giggles.  Such a great part of her character.  Also, the way she got excited about being rescued before being killed was fun.  She looks so happy about that part of it she was giggly and smiley and re-enacting it with sound effects.  

- That Ian wasn’t fooled by Yartek in the suit and gave him the fake key instead of the real one.


- The statement that Altos and Sabetha are suddenly and without warning in a romantic relationship and are in love with each other by Yartek.  When in the world did this happen?  Literally in this case.  What episode did they fall in love and what part of the world was it at the time?  Did this happen when they were brainwashed by the brains in jars, or when they were running from Ice Knights who were out for their blood?  The only place it could have happened was on Millennius, and they were so busy doing research about court cases for the Doctor when did they have a chance for a romance to start?  


- The sound of an organ or what sounds like an organ when the keys are inserted into the Consciousness of Marinus.  Loved that part.  And since the hum was always in the background when in the room it was held, it made sense that the sound would change the more keys were added.  It was a great touch.

- I never said it for the first episode of this story, because I forgot all about it by the time I wrote up the review, but the island at the start and at the end, where Arbitan lived.  It is a wonderful model.  It looks great in both episodes, especially during the panning in and out scenes.


- That goddamn CLOCK.  I cannot stand the sound that clock makes.  At all.  I am so glad it was so rarely used, because if it went on for much longer, I would be sure I would start bleeding out the ears. It grated on my nerves.  That could just be me and SPD though…

- That the Doctor at the end kept on going on about only humans being able to do certain things and that she was a human and yeah…  Was there ever a part in this, apart from that one line on this alien planet, with alien races, that made it seem even remotely that they were actually human?  It’s like Barbara saying that the Thal’s were human all over again.  Just because they look human doesn’t mean they are.  Yes, this pisses me off and will probably be brought up every time it happens.

In Conclusion

The first half of this episode is great!  I enjoyed the court part of it, with the exception of that clock…  Enough about the clock, the episode from then on was…well, it was good, but it wasn’t as good.  I wouldn’t say it petered out, because the end with the goodbyes and the excitement of the Consciousness blowing up were great (with the exception of the Doctor waxing poetry about humans being the best thing ever.  I mean, yeah, we’re his favourite species, but wow, he is specieist(?) right now.  Humans only, or you are not good enough for me!)

So it went from great to good.  I didn’t much like the Voord parts at the end, but Yartek himself was pretty good, and saves it from being just a run of the mill normal episode.

Body Count – At least 5.  Kala and the Prosecutor (I can’t remember if the Prosecutor who did the crime was called Eyeseen, or Larn.)  Both of them would have been killed for doing the crime.  Plus at least three Voord were killed in the explosion.  Yartek and the one in there with him were definitely killed, and the one knocked unconscious would have been crushed.  The others probably got out.  Another two deaths for Ian.  And one for the Doctor!  Finally :P

The Keys of Marinus as a Whole

I love The Keys of Marinus.  It is one of my favourite Hartnell stories.  For the most part it was filled with great characters, the acting for the most part was great (both with the exceptions of the woman who played Sabetha.)  The different locations in every episode until the last were great and kept up the momentum of the story.  It was never boring, though it could at times get annoying.  The character growth of Barbara, the Doctor and in smaller parts Ian is brilliant.  Susan is pretty much her usual plucky self with the exception of The Screaming Jungle, which is definitely my least favourite episode.

I would definitely recommend this one to viewers.  Great story.  10/10 will watch again.