tarrlok's mother


“We kids get hurt, Just like you do!”

So my sister and I were talking about how certain problems that a lot of adults can deem ‘too abstract’ or 'too complex’ but need to be addressed to a young audience can be seamlessly slipped into a story aimed towards children and teenagers, where it’s most needed. So then I decided to make this. The quote is from Chapter 79 of Fruits Basket.

The purpose of this post is primarily to continue the discussion regarding the naming of this particular character: see here, here, and here for previous posts related to this.

Why should this character be named? Simple. Everybody has a name. She represents the idea of a person that should be dignified with a name. Nyah. ;p

What should she be named? The ideas that I’m seeing thus far (and the pros behind each):


Sesi - “snow” :: it’s simple, sweet, easy to remember, and water-tribey

Nuliajuk - “an extremely powerful and revered sea goddess to the Netsilik Inuit” :: it has appeal in its mythological references and would make an ironic but cute play on Mom’s personality. Also, can’t overlook its connection to the names Sedna/Senna which would give us some nice Tarrlok/Korra parallels lol

Sura - “green leaf; new life” :: it’s simple, would connect her symbolically to Yakone’s ‘new beginning’


Here’s mah deal. I’m really digging Sura (and not just because I suggested it, lol), not only for the reasons listed above, but because I want to think of this woman in terms that contrast with what Yakone represents for me: blood, violence, destruction. Her name evokes the spring, growth, hope - themes which directly counter Yakone as a character – someone frozen in revenge, caught in a neverending self-imposed winter. ;_; Nerdy tears, I apologize.

I will say that I really like Nuliajuk. (Though… how do you pronounce it?) Hmm… Nuliajuk would even be cute as 'Nuli’ or 'Nulia’ if nicknames are considered. I love the 'insider’s joke’ with regard to the mythological figure’s inherent characterization vs. the seemingly sweet person of Mom; there’s room for some great jokes, whether from others or in self-reflection <3 And, like it’s been said, I really like the Korra/Senna & Tarrlok/MOM connection. Haha.

WHALE. What does everyone think? Anyone else have any ideas/input? Oh, and sorry I put this in a bunch of loosely-relevant-but-not-quite-irrlelevant tags; I beg your patience.

Really my purpose for wanting a name for her is solely so that I can make pretty pictures of her and definitively tag her as something other than someone’s mother or wife. FEMINIST RAGE