tarrlok's mother

The purpose of this post is primarily to continue the discussion regarding the naming of this particular character: see here, here, and here for previous posts related to this.

Why should this character be named? Simple. Everybody has a name. She represents the idea of a person that should be dignified with a name. Nyah. ;p

What should she be named? The ideas that I’m seeing thus far (and the pros behind each):


Sesi - “snow” :: it’s simple, sweet, easy to remember, and water-tribey

Nuliajuk - “an extremely powerful and revered sea goddess to the Netsilik Inuit” :: it has appeal in its mythological references and would make an ironic but cute play on Mom’s personality. Also, can’t overlook its connection to the names Sedna/Senna which would give us some nice Tarrlok/Korra parallels lol

Sura - “green leaf; new life” :: it’s simple, would connect her symbolically to Yakone’s ‘new beginning’


Here’s mah deal. I’m really digging Sura (and not just because I suggested it, lol), not only for the reasons listed above, but because I want to think of this woman in terms that contrast with what Yakone represents for me: blood, violence, destruction. Her name evokes the spring, growth, hope - themes which directly counter Yakone as a character – someone frozen in revenge, caught in a neverending self-imposed winter. ;_; Nerdy tears, I apologize.

I will say that I really like Nuliajuk. (Though… how do you pronounce it?) Hmm… Nuliajuk would even be cute as 'Nuli’ or 'Nulia’ if nicknames are considered. I love the 'insider’s joke’ with regard to the mythological figure’s inherent characterization vs. the seemingly sweet person of Mom; there’s room for some great jokes, whether from others or in self-reflection <3 And, like it’s been said, I really like the Korra/Senna & Tarrlok/MOM connection. Haha.

WHALE. What does everyone think? Anyone else have any ideas/input? Oh, and sorry I put this in a bunch of loosely-relevant-but-not-quite-irrlelevant tags; I beg your patience.

Really my purpose for wanting a name for her is solely so that I can make pretty pictures of her and definitively tag her as something other than someone’s mother or wife. FEMINIST RAGE