tarrlok appreciation day

I drew this because I have this headcanon that the reason why Noatak cut his hair was because Tarrlok did his hair and he didn’t want to me reminded of Tarrlok (that and he can’t do his own hair lol). And then I ended up drawing Tarrlok messing around with everyone’s hair because procrastinating4lyfe. Also Korrlok baby yay

OH AND APPARENTLY IT’S TARRLOK APPRECIATION DAY SO I MUST WRITE SOMETHING (you can erase this part if you just want the image)

Oh man Tarrlok. Where do I start. First of all, it kinda bugs me when people say Amon was power hungry/got power hungry because 1) that makes Amon seem like a really petty villain which he isn’t (I’d go more into this but it’s Tarrlok’s day) 2) it downplays the complexities of actually power hungry villains like Tarrlok. Being power hungry is actually not a trait that every villain has, but it is something that Tarrlok totally owned. And what I love the most about him is that he has absolutely no shame in his game.

Buy Korra extravagant gifts as on obvious bribe? Check. Throw Korra a party to pressure her to join his little squad? Why not. And when Korra tells him that she knows about his family secret, he’s just like “yeah Yakone was an asshole, but I’m even more of an asshole so I’m taking you as a hostage for ruining my evil plans”.

And when Ikki’s all like “why do you have 3 ponytails, why do you smell like a lady, you’re weird”, Tarrlok’s just like “ooh that’s mature of you. Tenzin raises judgmental kids, big surprise” LIKE HE DON’T GIVE A SHIT WHAT YOU THINK ABOUT HIM BECAUSE HE’S THAT COOL OK

(basically I actually love Tarrlok for terrible reasons)

However Tarrlok does have a reason for his thirst for power (and a damn good one); he gets shit fucking done. Republic City’s full of wish washy politicians like Tenzin, petty policemen like Lin, an out of control Avatar-in-training, and basically all of them not giving too much of a shit of the threat Amon posed. Tarrlok sees this and is like this will not do, Tarrlok’s gonna fix this city, he’s gonna be your savior whether you like it or not.

AND THEN THERE’S THE FINALE AND OH MY GOD. When Tarrlok discovers Noatak is actually Amon, he is fucking crushed. I think Tarrlok then actually blames himself for the problems in Republic City all because he was unable to stop Noatak many years ago. So he never tries to justify himself to Korra, he only tells her what’s necessary to stop Amon (all at the same time defending his brother sob), and his apology for me was just so genuine and ajkdsjkfsf.

AND THEN WHEN NOATAK COMES BACK FOR HIM he tells Noatak that he should’ve left with Noatak back then because he feels guilty for what Noatak became even though it really wasn’t his fault and then he’s fucking willing to KILL HIMSELF AND HIS BROTHER THAT HE REALLY DOES LOVE IN THE END to make up for his sins and AKJDHKDFKFS PLOT TWIST TARRLOK IS ACTUALLY THE BIGGEST SWEETHEART OF THE SERIES



I adore genderswap on general principle, but lady!Tarrlok totally seized hold of my imagination. I … kind of get the impression that I’m not the only one.

Credits: the first is by neffinesse, the second by theyoungdoyley, the third by chroodles, the fourth by killertune, the fifth by theyoungdoyley, the sixth by the-only-amon-i-know-deactivate (link now defunct), and the seventh by polapaz321.  (These are not actually all the Rule 63 Tarrloks out there, just my favourites.)

Tarrlok appreciation day fic!

This took a truly ridiculous amount of time, but here we go:

title: Ten Facts About Tarrlok

verse: canon-compliant. ;_; (Also, not Korrlok. I enjoy the ship as much as any Tarrlok fan, but I wanted to try a different interpretation.)

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Her Ghost in the Fog

Summary: He spends decades, centuries blaming all of those who have led him to this.

Rating: T for suicidal thoughts and domestic abuse

Pairings: none

Word count: 403

Note: For Tarrlok Appreciation Day.


The last time Tarrlok remembers crying is when his father beat his mother to death roughly twenty years ago.

It’s a shame that one doesn’t truly die when their lives stop; some souls wander for an eternity through the spirit realms. He can’t exactly tell where he is. Sometimes it’s like he’s walking through water, sometimes through a layer of mist that smothers him.

Tarrlok searches for his brother through this plane and the next, through darkness and marshes and skies devoid of color or as vibrant as his greatest dreams. Restless, hungry, empty, he searches.

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masksarehot  asked:

Yeah, pre-that-moment, I appreciated his beauty (I obviously love Amon being me and all, so let's put him aside and say that discounting him, Tarrlok was always the hottest guy in the show), but at that moment, it was like..."well, SHIT. I am so screwed."

Feast your eyes on more of the messy-hair drooly-ness. I keep these in my files because I have a blatant crush on Tarrlok and so I keep them on hand if I want to look at him again and drool. 

And yes, I think we were all subconsciously aware of his beauty (I know I was, although doing the show’s airing I was shipping Borra but then episode eight attacked) but seeing him with his hair down….




I am so happy Tarrlok Apprecation Day went so well :D

Congratulations and my sincerest thanks to any and every Tarrlok lover out there who made an appreciation fic, wrote an analysis our posted some images or commentary or contributed by just reblogging! Let’s continue to live a Tarrlok Appreciation life (and continue to hope that he is not dead and has survived and that Bryke are nasty trolls who steal people’s left hearts - bonus points for you if you can determine which TV series and animated film that quote mashup is from) and to close out the day, *fist bump*