Just wanted to do a little shout out to my tumblr baes

thetransgayboyexpress follow him, he’s awesome. Like he’s trash, legitimate trash but the good kind. The kind that will make you fall in love with crappy bad anime characters. Also a hella attractive Punk! Jean Kirschtein cosplayer :)

tarragonable definitely follow this person. They are really funny and adorable. They play really cool bass (and if you scream anime at them enough, they may cry). They cosplay as well (but not as much as they should *wink wink, hint hint*

the-ginger-otaku my life, this boy is beautiful. Like it’s unfair how beautiful he is. He’s a 5krub (I finally used it guys) but he is lovely and he likes anime as well, so give him a follow :) he also cosplays as well and he’s well good at it ^_^

alittlebittoocrazy this person is precious. Literally a little pecious cinnamon roll who needs to be protected at all costs. They are adorable and their art is epic. Definitely give these a follow, you won’t regret it

dicks-twitch this boy is one of the bravest people I know and I am very proud to call him my friend. This guy draws excellent art and does commissions and you should deffos check out his blog ^_^

satans-knitwear one of the most attractive, kind and adorable people I have had the pleasure to meet. Literally she is just amazing. Her cosplays are awesome, she’s a great artist and her love for Spongebob is on another level. Definitely give this gal a follow :D

There are probably loads of people I missed off and I’m sorry

crasspratt asked:

Hey there, I just recently discovered your art and I must say that I'm personally blown away. However, when looking into your commission info, I wasn't able to find any form of a ballpark price. I'm interested in your poster-sized images, and I would like to do one of an OC of mine. But I was wondering what I should have set aside for pricing?

Hey there, thanks for checking out my work! I get a large variety of requests, so it makes it a bit difficult for me to apply a standard amount of pricing for my work . Anyways, I’ll try to answer this as best I can.

For something poster size, I’m guessing that would be around 11x14" or 11x17"? Here are some samples - audio warning in the links


This sample is around the size of 11x14" and was for a price of $400.


This piece is much larger at a size of 24x18" and cost $600 for all the details.

The costs of these was determined by the size, complexity and details for the overall piece. So depending on how big and complicated/uncomplicated you want it, the price can vary widely.

If you know the particular size and what you want illustrated, feel free to send me your info and I can provide you an estimate :)