tarragon tea

2014 Danjean-Berthoux Mercurey “Les Chavances”

Mmmm… waiter, another bottle of this lovely Burgundy, s’il vous plaît! Cola, peppered strawberries, cranberries, forest floor, tea, and bark on the nose. Lovely on the palate wth red currants, black tea, pomegranate, tarragon, coriander, and a dusting of pepper. Fresh, tart acidity.

4/5 bones


Pinot Noir

Côte Chalonnaise (Burgundy), FRANCE

Notes on the God Mars - Potential altar inclusions

There are a few things that you can put on an Altar as an offering to Mars, here are some of them.

Herbs that you can burn/spread (burning is preferred if possible, as Mars is often seen associated with fire) - Acacia, Agapanthus, Aloe, All-Heal, Asafoetida, Asarabacca, Ashwagandha, Barberry, Basil, Belladonna, Betony, Black cherry, Black gum, Blue cohosh, Broomrape, Bryony, Buckbush, Butterbur, Butcher’s broom, Cacti, Calamus, Caper, Cardamom, Cardoon, Cassava, Catnip, Chicalote, Chickweed, Chives, Coneflower, Coriander, Corn salad, Cow Parsnip, Cypress, Dandelion leaf, Devil’s claw root, Dragonhead flower, Dragon tree, Field horsetail, Flax lily, Garlic, Gentian, ginger, Gobo, Gorse, Guanique, Hawthorn, Horseradish, Hyacinth, Japanese knotweed, Kola nut, Lamium, Maca, Madder Root, Madwoman’s Milk, Masterwort, Mistletoe, Mugwort, Mullein, Mustard, Nettle, Onion, Pepper, Pepperwort, Pennyroyal, Pigweed, Radish, Red cedar, Red clover, Red-hot poker, Reed, Resurrection lily, Rowan, Rue, Safflower, Sarsaparilla, Solandra, Tea, Tarragon, Thistle, Thyme, Toadflax, Tomatillo, Turmeric, Wild ginger, Wild tobacco, Wormwood, Yohimbe.

Stones - Any red stone laid out is fairly good, though Ruby, Garnet and Bloodstone are especially significant.

Symbols/statues - The horse, the bear and the wolf are all associated with Mars.

Tarragon Tea

Oh, tarragon, it’s as if this day never existed because of you…

Tip: This tea tastes amazing and has a lot of health benefits but unless you want to feel sleepy all throughout the day, DO NOT DRINK THIS IN THE MORNING. Believe it or not, I had 3 naps this afternoon. I felt very, very weak. Apparently, tarragon has been used as a sedative. Wish I googled about it first. Better drink this tea at night before you go to sleep.