Dreaming about camping, lazy days basking in the sunshine, reading books, napping under trees, and hammock cuddle sessions. While I don’t think I can make an escape today, I at least sense Tarra and I getting together soon to build this Oscar Potter hammock, packing it up, and taking a hike to somewhere nice, quiet and scenic…

“Odd Dahl (1899-1994) was a Norwegian adventurer who had no formal scientific training but later made great contributions to research on atomic energy. He read physics while a member of Roald Amundsen’s expedition to the Arctic. During the 1930s, Odd Dahl joined the staff of the Carnegie Institution in Washington as a member of the team developing the Van de Graff generator and later led Norway’s atomic energy program. He is shown here with his wife Anna "Vesse” Dahl.“

Now this is truly a man after my own heart.