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Richard’s Speech to Morgan in 7x13

So when 7x13, Bury Me Here, first aired, this speech Richard gives to Morgan caught my attention. I’ve compared it to events we’ve seen in previous seasons below. For the most part, this should be from Rick’s POV, mostly because of the “wife” line. But it could apply to other characters as well.

“I was in a camp when it started. It was huge…endless…a city of tarps and latrines and wood smoke and babies crying.

There were always babies crying.

I knew they had problems,

but I didn’t think they were mine to solve. I thought there were stronger or smarter people there than me.

Who the hell am I, right? So I did nothing.

And there was  fight

And a fire.

And I lost my wife.

And after three days of running no food and no sleep, of horror and terror…

I lost my little girl. 

Right in front of me.

Because I didn’t do something. Because I waited…

Obviously this speech could apply to a lot of things. The “little girl” could be Judith, as she had a death fake out in S4, although that was a major foreshadow/parallel of Beth.

The fight and the fire could refer to not only the prison, but Terminus, and even Alexandria in 6x09.

So interpret it how you will. These were the first things that came to my mind. My point with this is that in 7b, they were kind of reviewing a lot of what’s happened in previous seasons for us. They did this many ways. Richard’s speech was merely one of them.


tarp city municipal anthem

Come on down to our Tarp City / No other campsite quite so pretty

Rain comes down but we’ll be fine / build a tent from tarps and twine: TARP CITY

We go hiking through the mire / takes two hours to start a fire

On the hike Zack’s out of breath / it’s okay, he’s hype for death


In the woods and far from home / how did cavemen charge their phones?

Two days in, we’re doing well / stop on by for noodle hell


Scream at hate orb with the birds / site d20 for huge nerds

Board game patience wearing thin / zack pays “zipline” but does not win


Cut the melon with precise incision / air mattress only with competent supervision

Melon shots and getting drunk / at the lake, Sam Smith can’t dunk


Late-night tales of monster wrath / zack will stop and check the math

Spooky stories Sam Hall hates / (4 pairs of eyes, total of 8)


Campers try to fight as worms / mothman is source of concern

Seems that ‘Sack’ will go to hell / some ghosts need to learn to spell


If your jokes are really lame / you’ll be sent to the Tent of Shame

Tarot cards at every hour / bill will die, he’s drawn the tower


each person gets 15 hot dogs / firewood jesus gives us logs

Sam keeps rhyming, you can’t stop her / mad max AU on the harbour hopper


On guitar Ace plays the chords / we’re told “get eggd” by ouijia board

A pleasant weekend ‘midst the trees / Sam Smith named each of the bees


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