Bavarian Café... Now An Authorized Dealer of BMW Parts & Tarrozzi Clipons, Rearsets...

Friends, I have recently established a dealer account with a BMW OEM/Aftermarket parts manufacturer out of Germany and Tarrozi, Franco & Pablo (Clip-ons, Rearsets, Fork braces etc) out of Italy. The web-store will be a slow transition onto the site here. Not many items will be on hand in the beginning, but will be on a special-order basis.

Like many of you, when I first started rebuilding my vintage BMW into a café (or your vintage motorcycle) I would constantly search the net for BMW café racer related sites for reference and always had a difficult time finding information and building rapport with the builders. Hopefully this site can change that. My goal is to carry quality built parts and to inform & service those with patience in their vintage BMW builds.