tarowtalks  asked:

4, 8, 10! :)

Aaagh I love you. 

4: Favorite novelist?: Hands down J.D. Salinger!

8: Favorite poet?: Sylvia Plath. I’m predictable lol.

10: Favorite opening line in a novel?: This is SUPER freaking difficult. I don’t actually like most opening lines lol. I think my favorite is actually from an out of print Audrey Erskine Lindop novel called I Start Counting. I read it obsessively from about 2nd to 6th grade. First paragraph still makes me feel all nostalgic and shivery: 

“It reminds me of Collins Wood in here. I don’t know why. This is a mansion compared to Number 3 and it isn’t even the same shape. Something in the atmosphere, I suppose, and the way the floors dip away in these old places. Or perhaps it’s just because it’s in the country and you get the smell of a clean wind blowing through trees.” 

Thank you, Tarow! xxx