Complacency Must Die at the hands of Whirlwinds and Thunderbolts

In ritual there is great power…

Every Sunday after servicing my ancestors and spirits, I consult the oracle for the energy of the week. I do this not only for myself, but for anyone who may cross my path. As we know, the universe is reciprical. Those we come into contact with reflect some aspect of our being. So in my weekly consultation, it is my intention to extend a message that will resonate with all.

XVI Deluge (The Tower) March 10-17 

For many of us change can be the most difficult to embrace, but is the most necessary, reoccurring part of life’s cycle. Natural is the metamorphosis into our higher self. Along the journey of ascension, there will be many deaths. Through this, we are defining our selves by chipping away everything we are not, in order to reveal who we are. Depending on your angle of view, change can be met with a graceful dance, like butterflies on winds OR can be met like a resisting army, in defense of what holds us chained to the ground.

Seek a higher vision, SACRIFICE IS TO MAKE SACRED.

Our complacency is the worst enemy to elevation. Fear of the unknown. Uncertainty of what waits us on the other side of our situation. Fear is stagnation and has no place in the presence of the living. The journey is never-endingly progressive. In a personal recession, a failure to heed our spirit’s call to the quest; our higher self and spirits band together to do what we refuse. We become the vehicle as they aggressively take the wheel and drive us to the doorway of our turning point. Destroying everything that must go.


All that we thought was, is no more; our ‘realities’ become null and void and truth is made born. Suddenly the outer world reflects the inner. You have been blinded by darkness of the thunderbolt. In one swift move the storm has destroyed illusions that bind you to darkness, lighting the epiphanies of revelation. External and Internal earthquakes destroy ALL and there you stand at ground zero. The only thing that is left rooted is the true and living.

The vantage point is different here.

This is the view of the twilight zone; doorway to rebirth. The soil is fertile over there. Its time for creation. No longer shall we cling to the dust and debris of who we once were. Rebirth and Transformation require the wombs WATER where we are made CLEAN. “To resist the water is to cling to dust.” The womb and the tomb are one in the same. Embrace the death of what you are not and find the key to immortality.

Contemplations and General Meaning:

The energy of change. Oya & Shango. Destruction to bring balance. Inevitable grand change brought on by the spirit. A call to action that brings progress and most of all revelations and new perspective. This can be gentle if embraced, with no resistance. Assume the witness posture, allow yourself to get a THIRD eye view of the situation aiding in digestion of deeper the message. Creative energies heightened. In solitude there is great clarity. Revelations.

Be Encouraged. Be Blessed.


©2013 Omi Kongo

Waning moon spread

For the waning moon week… the waning moon spread.

RELEASE / 10 of cups, reversed
False hope, false happiness, false feeling of security… Maybe you bet on the wrong horse, maybe he/she isn’t that attractive anymore. In any case, this has to go. Don’t hang onto dead things.

REORGANIZE/ 8 of swords
The way things are, you’re stuck. Another aspect of the dissatisfaction initiated by the 10 cups. Like the proverbial hamster in its wheel, you’re not going anywhere. Our behaviors are like engine, carefully constructed, prone to jam. Lay the pieces before your and ponder a new way to assemble them.

Rest & Nurture / king of swords, reversed
Right now, the balance and peace of mind you’re craving are eluding you. The next cycle hold be about regaining them, and this start with strategy and a sharp mind.