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Over the coming weeks we’ll be dropping teasers of each of the pieces along with some information about the cosmic elements, myth, and metaphors of each! The opening reception will be OCTOBER 30th from 7 - 10pm in Minneapolis! Please stop by to see the fiber-optic installation — as we recreate the night sky!

Artists include: A. Sparrow, Adrian Majkrzak, Alex Dos Diaz, Allegra Lockstadt, Alex Reynolds, Alexxander Dovelin, Alison George, Alyssa Nassner, Amanda Christensen, Ameorry Luo, Andrew Kolb, Angela An, Angela Rizza, Annejulie Painchaud, Katy Farina, Barbara Guttman, Boya Sun, Brenna Lindblad, Bridget Underwood, Cai Vail, Camille Chew, Cari Corene, Caroline Jamhour, Catherine Ho, Cathy Kwan, Charlotte Gomez, Chie Boyd, Claire Hummel, Corinne Reid, Daniel Shaffer, Emily Cheeseman, Emily Walus, Emory Allen, Andres Guzman, Bill Rebholz, Florian Pichon, Grace Kim, James Lavella, Jana Heidersdorf, Jared Tuttle, Jay Barnham, Jen Bartel, Jenny Zych, Jessica Roux, Jimmy Malone, Justine Lee Hirten, Joe Lillington, Joey McCormick, JONGMEE, Jorge De la Paz, Chris Hajny, Junyi Wu, Justin Oaksford, Kaeti Vandorn, Kate O'Hara, Francesca Buchko, Kelly Wagner, Kelsey Borch, Kim Sokol, Lara Paulussen, Lauren Duda, Lily Padula, Lindsay Nohl, Lisa Perrin, Liz Parlett, Lynn Wang, Marie and Maddie Matthews, Mariel Hester, Marta Szudyga, Matt Rockefeller, Melissa Somerville, Michael Okey, Monica Esquivel, Natalia Pierandrei, Nicole Gustafsson, Nicole Miles, Philippe Poirier, Phoenix Chan, Rodrigo Avilés, Rovina Cai, Sam Schechter, Sander B, Sarah Webb, Tim Liljefors, Shannon May, Shanti Rittgers, Shirley Chan, Cathryn Virginia, Sloane Kim, SOLJEE HANA LEE, Sonia Liao, Sophie Blackhall-Cain, Stephen Wood, Susie Ghahremani, Taryn Gee, Teagan White, Trung Nguyen, Xanthe Bouma, Yoshi Yoshitani, and Zoe Keller.

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Preview of my piece for COSMOS’ Tarot & Oracle


78 Gilded Tarot Cards, 22 Gilded Oracle Cards, 150 Page Guide Book.

The COSMOS Tarot & Oracle Deck comes in a gilded rigid-board box and is 10.5" wide x 5.5" tall 1.25" deep.
Featuring the work of 100 international artists.

$35 + shipping, through paypal

Pre-orders get a 5″ x 9″ print along with the box set!

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Pre-order ends SEPT 9th

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Ace Attorney social links!
Complete rip off of this brilliant post: http://5hirogane.tumblr.com/post/110323152011/what-if-you-could-make-social-links-in-ace

Most of the characters fit well under several different arcana, so I wanted to make a list of my own.

Additional cards with Judgement and The World:

This post is long as heck and I’m not even sorry.


0. The Fool

“Don’t be afraid to take a big step. You can’t cross a chasm in two small jumps.” — David Lloyd George

(all decks referenced above in image captions) 

The Fool’s Journey

The first of the Major Arcana, the Fool is really only as foolish as you want them to be. When the Majors are considered a story, the Fool is the protagonist, making their way up through the cycle of life as their knowledge, wisdom and experience grows - here, they are pictured at the start of the journey, unsure what awaits them and not fully prepared, but starting to go anyway. The Fool is a card that symbolizes new beginnings and the start of new practices. There is much wisdom and creativity to be found by embracing being new and uninfluenced in something - things seem more big and beautiful, inspiration can come from wild places, and there may be less fear due to lack of knowledge of what to fear. The Fool owns very little and therefore has little to lose - they are courageous and even sometimes unintentionally reckless. 

The trouble with being the Fool is that too much naivety and trust can lead you astray, and not recognizing that a lack of knowledge can take you down a dangerous path. Some Fools play the fool in public and yet never miss a beat - other, more terrifying fools are wisdomless creatures who have no idea that they know nothing and act as if they are smart. A reversal could indicate a pied piper sort of individual in your midst, a willful ignorance of what’s coming next, or simply that you’re being too hard on yourself for not knowing more than you do. Effectively, the Fool revolves around a Journey, be it a life’s journey, academic, spiritual or anything else, and it can represent the positive and negative aspects of being made entirely of potential energy. 

There is theoretically a part of everyone in each Major Arcana card, but everyone is at one point, without a doubt, the Fool. 

The Fool’s Design

The Rider-Waite fool is a young man looking out off of a cliff, theoretically surveying what is to come - that is, until you notice his eyes are to the sky, not fully absorbing and planning what is ahead. He is often pictured throughout variant decks with his cliff, his stick and his dog, either observing from a great height or taking his first step. Some decks literally depict jokers or medieval-style fools, playing up the aspect of someone who does not take life seriously. Many others simply depict a young individual dressed like a traveler. From my research, many decks, even ones that wildly differ in meanings from other, tend to take this traditional approach to the fool if they feature human or humanoid based art. 

The Fool is often seen with their dog or with birds or some variety of animal companion, indicating they are not alone and are supported by loyal friends - even from the beginning the Fool has developed a following. Some Fools appear excited and joyful to be taking their journey, while other Fools are somber or even distressed about being pushed forward - this aspect is a personal interpretation of whether a new start is joyous or stressful. Some designs even depict a completely blank face - movement is movement, and like it or not, it’s coming. 

Symbols and Ideas associated with the Fool: 

  • Dogs
  • The Sign Scorpio
  • The planet Uranus
  • The air element
  • Morning
  • Yellow
  • White
  • Cliffs and paths
  • Jesters/Clowns
  • Stepping forward
  • Seeds
  • Foundations
  • Children

Keywords for The Fool: 

  • Beginning
  • Student
  • Lack of knowledge 
  • Naivety 
  • Freedom
  • Joy
  • Journey
  • Adventure
  • Traveling
  • Potential 
  • Enlightenment
  • Newness
  • Youth
  • Exploration

Ask Yourself: 

  • Would your fool be scared or excited? Are they paying attention or are they distracted?
  • What’s something you associate with being new?
  • What’s a time in your life that you were the Fool? What’s one of the toughest journeys you’ve ever been on?

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For princess-of-pentacles’s DIY Tarot Challenge, I decided to do an oracle deck based on the Dark Tower book series. I did some loose structuring, which you can see the notes in the background for. But really, I’m just intuitively drawing the cards. This first card is The Gunslinger. I’m still working on it and will show progress shots when I’m done. It’s done with art markers on blank tarot card stock.


1: The Magician 

“Imagination is the beginning of creation. You imagine what you desire, you will what you imagine and at last you create what you will.” - George Bernard Shaw

(all decks referenced above in image captions)

The Magician’s Power

Meet the graduated Fool - this is the Fool who has taken their first step, and another, and another until they eventually have gleaned a grasp on what’s going on and where they are going. The Magician is able to process what they have learned and create on their own instead of just regurgitating information to others. They aren’t necessarily a famed master of their craft, but they are competent and functional, and they can certainly impress others. What their big shtick is is making something out of nothing - they can come up with great ideas, and they’re excellent at making things look easy. This card often can represent a new idea or an epiphany - liken it to a prediction of a bolt from the blue. 

Similar to a fallacy of the Fool’s, however, the Magician can sometimes greatly overestimate themselves. Armed with newfound knowledge and a euphoria for being able to form opinions about it, a Magician can sometimes turn into that guy from your college who took one Intro Philosophy course for his liberal arts requirement and now thinks he knows everything. Magicians can also be con-men, using their intelligence to manipulate others as much as they manipulate their tools. They may additionally fall into the trap of mistaking their practical experience for know-all wisdom. 

If the Fool is potential energy, the Magician is kinetic energy - ideas in motion, not yet at full velocity or at rest, but self-generating. Whether it’s magic, science or both that they do, they do it well. 

The Magician’s Design

The Magician is a card with quite a bit of variance, given that it often has a strong setting - some sort of workshop or workplace with an aesthetic that varies strongly from card to card. Out of everything in the image, however, there are two key symbols that are often included - the infinity symbol, and the four instruments of the minor arcana (cups, wands, swords and pentacles). The infinity symbol signifies the continuous ability to learn and come up with ideas, and the four instruments represent the four elements and a mastery and potential for each. 

Beyond that, the magician can seriously vary. Some artists like to go the more modern route of a stage magician, complete with tails and top hat, to really conjure up the image of a showman who can control a crowd. These often appear to be performing and operating for others. Others are more alchemist or shaman (which the card is sometimes renamed, like in the Wildwood Tarot above). This style employs a more serious, mystical approach (they are often very focused on their work) and implies that the Magician works primarily for themselves and their own pursuit. In demeanor, both styles of magicians tend to look like they know what the heck they’re doing. 

Symbols and Ideas associated with the Magician:

  • Lizards
  • Baboons
  • Rabbits
  • Roses and lilies 
  • The Sign Gemini
  • The planet Mercury
  • The air element
  • Red
  • Infinity Symbols
  • Tools and Supplies

Keywords for The Magician:

  • Ideas
  • Magic
  • Science
  • Manifestation
  • Trickery
  • Illusion
  • Motion
  • Smarts
  • Mastery
  • Understanding
  • Willpower
  • Skill
  • Learning by doing 

Ask Yourself:

  • Is your magician a showman or a craftsman? Would they be inclined to trick others?
  • What’s a craft you have some mastery over?
  • What’s something you wish came easily to you? What does that have to do with the Magician?

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The Major Arcana as a visual description of the journey of initiation.

Since this describes a process that occurs on many different levels at once, you can see that some cards or stages reference each other e.g.

  1. The Magician, the Empress and the Devil all giving the gesture of “As Above, So Below”.
  2. The letters TORA (TARO) on the scroll of the High Priestess and on the Wheel of Fortune (c.f. the “Sator Square”).
  3. The arrangement of the figures in “The Lovers” (in the Garden of Eden) and those in “The Devil”.
  4. The “Four Living Creatures” or Tetramorph at the corners of the “Wheel of Fortune” and “The World”.
  5. The twin towers in the background of the “Death” card and those on the Moon card.
  6. The Angel in the “Lovers” card and the Archangel Gabriel on Judgment Day, raising people up out of linear time into Eternity, outside the circles of time.

For more on the tarot and other topics, please visit “Noise vs. Signal”.


“I pull the world card in almost every reading I ever do for myself. And never just anywhere, usually in a spot that really hits home. It has even, sometimes, brought me to tears. Well, one night, I had a dream that I was standing in the middle of an empty road in the middle of nowhere. There was a girl standing, not too far from me, with her back turned. She had the world tattooed on the back of her neck, and it almost looked as if it were glowing. When I went to ask her about it, she turned around. She was me. It startled me so much that I woke up immediately. I believe dreams are powerful. I took it as a sign. Maybe from my subconscious? That I’m on the right track? Or that I have the energy of "the world” inside me? I told my boyfriend, who tattooed it on me, and he loved it. So next time we saw each other, (long distance relationship) he tattooed it for me. So yea, there’s my story :)

I absolutely love this deck you designed. The positive energy that it radiates is undeniable. I had no idea, when I purchased it, the effect it would have on me or that I would connect with it the way I did.

Thank you, truly.“
Instagram: @missallisonjuliet ~ tattooed by @nssfineart