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What’s included

  • (1) The Easiest Way To Learn Tarot Ever Book by Dusty White
  • (1) 365 Tarot Spreads Book by Sasha Graham
  • (1) Classic Tarot Spreads Book by Sandor Konraad
  • (1) Tarot Spreads Book by Barbara Moore
  • (1) Black Reading Cloth
  • (1) Package of 50 Misc Incense Sticks
  • (1) Star, Moon, and Sun Necklace
  • (1) Blank Rune Necklace
  • (1) Package of 40 Dragons Blood Incense Cones
  • (1) Rose Quartz Crystal
  • (1) Clear Quartz Crystal
  • (1) Amethyst Pendulum
  • (1) Package of Celestial Charms
  • (1) Black Incense Burner
  • (1) 2 Pack of star tea light/candle holders
  • (1) Konxari Cards Deck
  • (1) Kuan Yin Oracle Deck
  • (1) Fairy Tale Fortune Cards Deck
  • (1) Goddess and Sirens Deck
  • (1) Gods and Titans Deck
  • (1) The Wild Unknown Tarot Deck
  • (1) 2 Pack of Playing Cards
  • (1) Package of Fortune Tellers
  • (1) Package of Dice
  • (1) Blank Hard Cover Journal
  • (1) Loteria Cards Set
  • (1) The Classic Tarot Kit
  • (1) Lenormand Fortune Telling Kit
  • (1) Tarot To Go Kit
  • (1) Runes Kit
  • (1) The Answers Deck Kit
  • (1) Custom Reading from ArcaneMysteries Storenvy
  • (1) $25.00 Amazon Online Gift Card
  • Hand Written Letter (Not Shown)
  • OPTIONAL: Custom Logo Design and Header Image for your Tumblr and online shop.

Since the release of the Tokyo Ghoul Trump set that Ishida illustrated I’m sure a lot of people are desperately trying to get their hands on a set however it’s important to remember than producing your own cards from scans that people upload is incredibly disrespectful to Ishida-sensei, who worked so hard on these illustrations for the raffle winners.

I know it’s really tempting to get a trump set of your own but if Ishida wanted it to be sold he would have put it on the market and for all we know it could possibly still happen, or maybe he could do a rerelease/another raffle. If Ishida did ever decide to sell these and there were already (most likely) cheaper copies going around it would be a big loss for him. The illustrations he did are his work and he has the right to distribute them as little or as much as he wants.

By scanning and producing your own sets of tarots you’re stealing his work (the irl equivalent of reposting). Even getting scans and pictures of the cards is already such a blessing but the physical production and distribution of his work is copyright infringement, so please don’t support these bootlegs if you happen to see them! You wouldn’t sell prints of another artists work without them explicitly telling you they allow it so please do the same for professional artists as well.


Paperwick’s Sleepy Dragon Age Artstyle Guide

Just a quick style guide I whipped together in the last few hours. It’s in response to an anon from several days ago, I hope this helps! (And a sneak peak into the next card I’m working on for my personal deck.)

Process gif for my Solas Tarot

Gold-leaf tutorial

Tool set I use for these cards

Planning your Dragon Age tarot card

Tarot Card for the Day July 6

Card for the Day: The Hanged Man - Be patient.  This is not the time to push. Things are on hold right now and for good reason. Give it time. See how things shake out. You may have a different perspective in a bit. Today may also require a sacrifice of some sort.  You may have to give something up in order to achieve a goal.  

Are Ouija boards divination tools?

According to idiots, there are a LOT of reasons to not fuck with Ouija boards. One of them is that it is a sacred religious tool for Wiccans and other pagans used for divination, and to mess around with it is disrespecting their religion.

This could not be further from the truth.

Let’s take a look back in history and see if Ouija boards and modern paganism meet.

-Neopaganism as we know it today started after the Renaissance in a time period called the Enlightenment. This was when modern science was just getting its bearings, and it’s when white people were suddenly like, “Hey, we don’t HAVE to follow Christianity,” and started making their own little religious sects based off of classical pagan beliefs and practices. Some of these orders are still around today, while most of them turned into wacky sex magick and eventually dissolved. But these white guys basically paved the way for renewed interest in old beliefs and cultures (everyone else in the world had retained their own cultures and probably thought neopagans were morons or something).

-The spiritualist movement started up in the mid-1800s when white people (again) realized that they could devise methods of talking to dead people, such as seances and hypnotism. A lot of people made money off of faking spiritual communication, but every once in a while someone would get it right. It became a huge trend, and in the 1890s Ouija boards were patented so that anyone could have a seance in their house, particularly at parties.

-Wicca was created in the 1950s by Gerald Gardner, who wanted to take a lot of common neopagan aspects and put them into one belief. He mostly borrowed from the Celtic/Druid traditions, which involve eight festivals, altars for personal worship, and lots of blessings and traditions based on ancient gods and goddesses. 

-Ouija boards remained a popular board game until the 1970s when The Exorcist was released in theaters, and the world went into a panic thinking that Ouija boards could summon demons and get you possessed. The stigma has lasted to this day.

Ouija boards have never been a part of Neopagan or Wiccan history, ever. There is no ritual that includes them. They were not used by the white dudes of the Enlightenment, they were not used by Gerald Gardner, they are not mentioned in any great Neopagan text, such as books by Scott Cunningham or Margot Adler. They were created as a board game, and they are still sold as board games.

Also, on the same vein, being able to play a Ouija board does not make you a psychic or a medium. Psychics use their own ability to read minds and predict their future. Mediums use their own ability to see and communicate with the dead. They do not need a Ouija board to do so. If you meet someone who will tell you your fortune and only uses a Ouija board, run.

Ouija boards are not meant to be taken seriously. They’re a game, after all. There are lots of other methods of fortune telling that are serious, and do have deep backgrounds in different cultures.

Tarot cards are the best known forms of fortune telling today. They consist of four suits and 22 Major Arcana cards, that after shuffled and spread can tell your fortune. The earliest form of Tarot came from Egypt into Europe, where they became all the rage in fifteenth century Italy, where noble families would have their own decks commissioned. They were used then to play card games (and it’s where we get our modern day playing card suits from), but as the Renaissance caught on and people started realizing that fortune telling and spirit communication wasn’t evil, they started being crafted as fortune telling cards. I have a classic Rider-Waite deck, which still has Italian influences on the artwork and in the Roman numerals on each card.

Oracle cards or angel cards are a bit more out there compared to the Tarot. The cards just have pictures on them, and you look at each picture and determine its meaning. They were created by French fortune tellers (one of whom was imprisoned by Napoleon when his divorce from Josephine was predicted). I used to have an Oracle deck that featured trees (me being a Druid and all) but I gave it away since I never really used it as much as the Tarot.

Runes are a great form of fortune telling if you’re into shamanism, as they date back waaaay long ago. Lots of ancient German, Scandinavian, and Anglo-Saxon cultures had runes, which is kind of like an ancient alphabet. Runes are carved into stones or pieces of wood, and however you draw them out of a bag determines your fortune.

Dowsing rods and pendulums were originally used to find water or gold, but quickly became a form of fortune telling. Dowsing rods are two bent metal rods; you hold the bent part in your hands, and however the rods move tells you what you need to know. And I have a video explaining pendulum dowsing here.

Every culture has fortune telling methods, these are just the ones I’m most familiar with. Look up your culture and see how your ancestors tried to predict the future. Try them out, even. But remember that when you’re playing the Ouija board:

1) It’s not some sacred tradition or rite.

2) It has nothing to do with Neopaganism or Wicca.

3) It’s a board game. Always has been, always will be.

4) It does not make you an all powerful psychic medium.

If you have any questions about Ouija boards or any pagan stuff in general, shoot me an ask.

Its never been about the money with me, or status or praise or the amount of “followers” I can obtain.

It is always about doing good, spreading love and being an innovator in a field where there is too much comfort for things to stay the same.

I know this next launch will ruffle some feathers, be an overjoyed gift to others, and will of course be open to critique, much like everything else I do.

As I mentioned from day one…

My mission has always been to provide PREMIUM affordable and universal access to time-honored divination systems, through Spiritual Oracle/Tarot readings.

Someone’s budget or financial situation should not mean that they should not  be able to  have access to the best divinatory experiences possible.

Change is HERE.

WTNV Tarot

6 OF SWORDS - The University of What It Is

“Journeys for recreation, but more likely the Six of Swords metaphorically suggests traveling away from previous confrontation and turmoil. The journey will take the subject to a place of greater harmony on the far shore. What is left behind is also significant… this card suggests moving on from naive or erroneous ideas toward a state of clearer understanding, improved communications and greater knowledge. Traditionally, expedience, passage, travel, voyage.”

While Carnival is the episode that is the catalyst for Cecil to start rethinking his views on Night Vale, The University of What It Is is the episode in which he has the revelation.  It is then he begins his current arc of re-evaluating his town and his worldviews.

Click Here for the Masterpost of completed WTNV Tarot Cards so far!

thefailureartist asked:

First of all, thanks for all the tutorials on tarot cards, they're really helpful (& I love your art omg) I was wondering what size you usually do the tarot cards in? Thanks! > u<

Thank you! My cards are 2050x3350, which are 6.833in by 11.167in (300dpi). That makes them large enough to be printable but keeps the original DA card ratio. You can certainly make them larger or smaller, just scale those numbers down in the photoshop “image size” option. To be absolutely honest, I think the official DA cards were done at about half that size. 


Hint: it’s me!

Unfortunately my fancier decks are packed away at the moment, but my most reliable deck is with me and I’m more than willing to take on some work right now!  I’m in the process of booting out my frankly destructive roommate and could really use the funds.

Paypal link is at the bottom of my page, just make sure when you send money you’re not requesting shipping, and please include a note with your tumblr URL.  Also, please keep your submit box open so I can give you your reading!

If you can’t afford a reading right now, please signal boost, and keep me in mind for the future (har har).