tarot style

Brainless Anders scribbling for #januanders turned into a doodly card thing because I have been reminded again that I really love the tarot style even if I can’t actually do it the way I’d like. xD Maybe one day I’ll clean it, but most likely I won’t bahaha.

Green fingers to signify herbs and healing and his work and the growing and nurturing part of it. There was a whole little thought circling in my head while painting this, but it slipped away from my fingers now. Something like ‘Some days Hawke would doodle onto the back of his hand, the tip of the quill scratching at his skin - a flower around each freckle. To remind him.’


A padjal white mage tarot style card for my FFXIV fanart project. This is my favorite job to play.

We can’t play Padjal Hyurs but I thought it would be interesting to draw one since they are children of the forest in the lore. I still haven’t tightened up it up completely yet but i just wanted to share + process. It’ll take some time but I plan on doing more! :)

I finally received my desirable Deviant Moon Tarot book. I have no words to describe how wonderful it is! 😍 btw tarot deck itself is my ultimate favorite! ❤

June 2016 © Aderhine photography

Tarot style commission completed for Jetblackbird of her heartbroken Lavellan in theme “Queen of Swords”!

Hope you enjoy, this one took a bit longer since I trapped myself with the arm positioning - but now I am satisfied with it. :>

Enjoy! :>