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A woman in blue, seated between dark and light, a card of intuition, mystery… etc. Azura seemed perfect!
I’m trying to be mindful of card meanings and interpretations, but I fully admit to not being a tarot master. If there’s a Fire Emblem fan out there who knows tarot well and wouldn’t mind looking over my character choices for cards (already listed out), I’d very happily draw you a sketch for your time/thoughts! An art trade, if you will. :P

The amount of times that I pull “The World” is insane… 🌎

The World is one of the cards of the major arcana.
Upright, it stands for completion, integration, accomplishment, fulfillment, and travel.
Reversed, it stands for lack of completion of lack of closure.

I have pulled this card both upright and reversed in the past. Since I’ve pulled it again, with pulling The Moon yesterday, I’m beginning to think one portion of my life has ended and I’m beginning anew. I have completed a section and am beginning anew. With my wedding this September, the 25th year of my life reaching completion this October, my acknowledgement of what I want to do career wise, I think my time of the unknown is behind me. Obviously there will always be hardships and new things to learn, but this year is a big one of completion for me.


Yes! New challenge! For 8 days, you will create your very own new tarot cards. The idea of this project is to challenge the reader’s perception of just what a tarot card is and what goes into making one. This project is PERFECT for those who do tarot journaling as it involves a lot of writing and thought.


  1. On Day 1, choose a theme for a tarot deck. Mermaids, wizards, Steven Universe… anything you want! Tell us all about it. This is your planning and research day to gather any needed art reference, symbolism or history knowledge. The real challenge starts tomorrow. (If you are eager you can start the challenge on Day 1) 
  2.  On Day 2, Create an original tarot card concept for a Major Arcana and post it! Now i’m not talking about your own interpretation of cards like The Lovers or The Tower; create one that doesn’t exist! Describe what this card would look like, what it would mean, any symbolism… and draw it if you are artistic! If not, don’t worry about it. You can include your mindmapping, early drafts, thoughts on the process… anything you would like.  
  3. Do this everyday until you have created 7 cards. You are essentially creating your own small version of the major arcana!
  4. On Day 8, create a fake reading to demonstrate how your cards would work in a real life situation. Use whichever cards you like that you have created to explain the outcome of this reading! And you are done!


DAY 1: Choose tarot deck theme. Collect research on said theme and tell us what you like about it. (Proceed to Day 2 if you are impatient) 

DAY 2 - 8: Create an original tarot card for the Major Arcana. Either draw or describe it.

Day 8: Create a fake reading to demonstrate how the cards work in a real life situation.


  • Please tag all of your posts as #MysteryTarotChallenge so I can see and reblog them!
  • after a while I will select a “Winner” of the challenge. I haven’t got any rewards to give you (Yet?), but you will recieve promos and love from me! You can absolutely still do the challenge for fun after this point.
  • Again, you do not have to be an artist to do this. You can either just describe what your card would look like, or do a very rough sketch. The points are in the delivery ;)

Good luck and get planning!

I'm going to tell everyone something that's not important

This is the least serious thing I’ve ever done…Don’t be offended, please. I want people to see this and laugh. People need to laugh at themselves every once in a while.

Lots and lots of love on this blog. That’s it.

…Spreads……words……arcane….non hate stuff…..GIVEAWAY!…….tarot

( sorry bro you hardly exist on my dash. So when I see you, I have savor it because I know it will be a long time until I see you again)

Witchcraft is only allowed in the rain. No exceptions. No rainy, no witchy.

Bree will only walk on land. I asked her to walk on water and she said no.

Artificial magic is forbidden. only accept natural things. Like magic. don’t like artificial juice either.

This person is wind. And they vex things. Vex is the new hex.

Recreating witchcraft ,one day at a time. They made a tv show. Parks and recreational witchcraft. I recommend it.


The punkery is epic. The greenery is good. The witchery is better.

Has looked at a ouija board. Might’ve been in a movie. Spirits.

This person is a book. With curse words. You thought they casted curses? No, just saying curse words like fuck in every sentence in the book. Thus cursebook.

It’s a riot. Caused by herbs. Be afraid.

Mom is wearing a red cap. She doesn’t take it off.

Witchcraft is for business and money.

Doesn’t know how to life anymore. Kinda lost. Can only witch during the day. Little random.

I think @violetwitchcraft Mystery Tarot Challenge is amazing. Thought I’d take a hand at creating my very own card with some of the stock photography I have purchased over the years. I call this card The Violet Witch. Her intuitive power comes from crystals and amazing hair. Her hair is so big because of all the secrets she holds. She is the younger sister of The High Priestess card within the standard Tarot but don’t let this little witch fool you, she is just as powerful and holds just as much knowledge as her older sis, plus her crystal collection is to die for.  

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Photo Manipulation and Card Design Copyright: Ivan Ambrose
Paid Stock Photography Credit: Vavaeria

The Seeker card for @violetwitchcraft​‘s Tarot Mystery Challenge.
The Seeker is the younger sibling of the Fool card in the standard deck of Tarot. They keep a knapsack filled with candy bars, bungee cords, and cards. The Seeker is an adventurer, risk taker and thrill seeker. The Seeker loves to test their limits all in the vain of “Look what I can do”. They are on this endless journey of self discovery and freedom of expression and there is no slowing down for this card. 

Post Notes:
Please do not remove the captions.
Photo Manipulation and Card Design Copyright: Ivan Ambrose
Paid Stock Photography Credit: Vavaeria