The second submission for the princess-of-pentacles DIY Tarot Challenge! Ahahahaha, I’m so embarrassed! What can I say? I can’t draw, but I think at least the feeling I was going for came through!

1 - The Magician

For The Magician, I wanted to go for something less inspiring and creative and more menacing and uncertain. Traditionally, The Magician is a card of inspiration and opportunity. It’s a glorious beginning with the world at your fingertips. Instead of opportunities, I went with the concept of choices. Here is someone who holds all the knowledge you need for your survival, but you must choose only one path– and know that with that choice come disadvantages as well. 

The four cards represent the four suits, Cups - Emotions and Virtue. Wands - Creativity and Spirituality.  Pentacles - Material Goods. Swords - Logic and Physical Power. With path will you choose?

The inspiration for The Magician himself is the Happy Mask Salesman. When you think of the him and his place as a traditional archetype, the Magician, to me, is the wise and magical being who coerces you into your journey. But instead of the benevolent Gandalf, I chose a more mysterious and menacing inspiration. With every advantage you are given, there comes a price. 

I feel like wherever I go online the same dozen tarot decks keep popping up, like there are just certain decks that are “in” and “trendy.” I’m not exempt from this, of course, I have picked up a few of those decks that I was drawn to, but I still think we could do with a bit more diversity. I want to hear about that out of print deck you found at a thrift store, or the deck your grandma gave you when you were first starting out, what about the super-obscure super-indie decks or the deck you designed yourself? There’s so much more out there.

#7ostarotchallenge day2: how can I better balance my life? Date: sep 2nd Deck: #shadowscapestarot Card: Six of swords It seems to me that this card is about trust, to stop worrying that much and having faith in life. I can’t control everything, I can’t avoid all the obstacles on my path, but with faith, I could go further than if I continue doubting everything. Difficulties will seem smaller, stress will be lower, if only I rest and trust the World. Sometimes abandonni'g yourself has more effect than fighting the flow…


Here’s the September Daily Draw!

Please remember:
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