tarot sales info!

it’s been about half a year since i updated this, so i decided to make a new post. my name is courtney, and i’m unemployed college student saving to go to France next year. i absolutely adore doing tarot and making a little money from something i love. this is my old blog and what some people have said about my readings. here are my prices that i charge for divination readings!

palm reading: $10. it comes with an examination of your three major lines and one extra one that i notice. 500-1000 words

past, present, and future tarot reading: $10. a brief description of your current past, present, and future in general. commonly, people ask to know about their career or love life!

detailed, general life reading: $15. this is a bigger spread and can provide you with more insight. 

past life reading: $20. a detailed past life reading! these are always super fun to do, and i find some different aspects every time :)

crush reading: $5. usually a one or two card reading. super quick but still gives you a little clarity.

something else?? just ask, and we can figure out a price together.

for each tarot reading, i’ll post a photoset of your spread and IM or email you what i find. please reblog this if you can but don’t delete this caption! thanks a lot guys!!

Daily Tarot February 12, 2016 (Friday)

Today’s card is the five of swords. The number five is all about change and unpredictability. This card can also indicate some sort of argument or someone being irrational. The chakra focus is the third eye chakra. I feel like it is important for us to follow our intution today. We know the way out of this storm. I feel like it is important to keep our head up and to stay strong even when it seems like things are hectic. This storm shall pass, keep going. It just seems like things seem hectic and busy for some of you out there. Try to get things done one step at a time.
much love and many blessings to you all:)
Check out Marigold Tarot on Youtube :)

“A single wand stands up tall, ablaze with light. The others fall away in shadow. Such is the story of the seven of wands. You’ll not find any strength or support from others, only yourself. Time to be truly courageous & stand up for your beliefs. You may feel overwhelmed with caution & fear, but your internal fire will guide the way.” 🔥 Today’s tarot reading with my deck from @the_wild_unknown struck such a chord with me. Although I do gain strength from the people in my life, certain things must be faced alone. Through jewelry I’ve found my internal fire, and for that I am eternally grateful. All of the pieces shown here will be available in my next shop update on the 15th at 8pm est, along with more to be previewed in the coming days.


I’m excited to announce that I’ve finally got my tarot Kickstarter up and running!

As you can see, the deck is complete, I just need a little help covering printing costs. I hope to have a print run of at least 50 decks, and sell them as the first item in my etsy store when I open.

Check out the Kickstarter page to see all the rewards, including a copy of the deck, prints of the cards, and even commissions!

Any donation will help, but if you don’t have money to spare, please consider sharing this project with people you think would enjoy it!