tarot card design

Somewhere in the world, a witch is organizing her crystals into a powerful grid. Somewhere, a witch is reading her hand designed tarot cards. Somewhere, a witch is changing his altar to reflect his growth. Somewhere, a witch is opening a box that contains a new beautiful leather book that will become her grimoire.

Meanwhile, my cat just ate one of my salt dough runes I had sitting out to dry.

The Magician -  I

I have been wanting to design a Tarot deck for a long time. I have set myself the target of approx. 1 year to get all 22 of the Major Arcana down with my current commission load. I am not going to do them in order, instead I’m going to let inspiration and vibe guide each choice of card, I think this will help me stay motivated and keep a natural flow of progression.

I’m also sure that in a year i’ll probably want to brush up the first few XD

For more cards, check my fire emblem tarot tag.

I spent some time deliberating whether Iago or Leo should be represented on the Magician card. I ended up going with Iago, partially because I think Leo fits better for a different card down the line.
I wanted the four suits (representative of the four elements) to be present (cups at his left shoulder, swords at his right, coins at his armor clasps), but instead of the wand representing clubs, I used an open tome since those are used to channel magic instead in FE universe. So I guess the tome is a club/wand? Hm.
And heck, if anyone has tarot advice for me, I’m all ears.