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Simple Summer Solstice Ideas

• Go outside and breathe
• Meditate outside with sounds of summer
• Buy or pick berries or flowers and use them in a spell
• Dance
• Make a friendship bracelet with intentions for yourself or someone else
• Lemonade
• Evaluate what’s changing for you at this turn of season and draw tarot on it
• Find a pretty rock outside that’s been soaking up the sun for a spell

Happy Summer Solstice! ⚘⚘⚘

i wanna have a wicca shop and sell beautiful crystals and tarot card and protection bracelets and flowers and herbs and cool nu goth cloth and when you come to my shop everything smells nice and little bells ring when you open the door and dark purple walls with pretty lamps and argh i want that so bad


hi! i’m bonnie & i would love a promo of my etsy shop!

i’m a twenty year old mentally ill & trans college student. i live with my girlfriend, who is also mentally ill & trans. we both go to school full time & can only work 6-10 hours a week, and we have bills to pay. i would love to be able to sell my jewelry again to give us a little help! every bracelet helps us buy groceries, pay electric/rent/water bills & get our prescriptions. 

if sales get better, i’d also love to sell tarot readings and custom bracelets! i offer a few of these through ko-fi, but i will gladly sell through etsy if it gets enough attention. check out my other witchcraft sales here!

signal boosts are appreciated 💕

Good morning, seedlings!🌾
I had a bunch of business plans for today but I’ll probably wind up curled up on the couch next the window all day. The pain’s pretty shit today but that’s okay staying in means enjoying the sound of rain, painting tarot bags, and beading bracelets for orders.

How is your Monday going? 💛Feel free to stop by in my inbox today I’ll be more on top of answering asks granted they’re not super complicated. Sending you all love!

hp female defense squad march challenge: female friendships

Lavender Brown & Parvati Patil

New things going up in the shop everyone!

So I’ve hit a slump in money’s and that is not good for an up and coming fashion designer! I need some money so if everyone can please look around my shop! I’ll be posting much more products and services. Would everyone be interested in pentacle wreaths? Spell and witch bottles? And of course more tarot! Bracelets and necklaces are also available and raw stones~

Please take a look and anything can help!
Every order comes free with a small raw amethyst/citrine and a clear Quartz!
My store is

Thank you everyone~

Femme Fatale New Album, ARCANA, will be released on december 24 (Christmas Eve) in two editions (Regular and Limited). Limited editión will have a Photobook, bracelet, tarot cards and will be packed on a special box (Size: B5)!
There’s no info about tracklist, but ARCANA will include 22 songs! (6 Instrumentals,14 NEW songs and 2 more!)

Source: Kaya and Femme Fatale official accounts.