The meaning behind Solas tarot cards: 
1) The Hermit:  wisdom, intelligence, isolation, introspection, solitude, wandering the night with the light of knowledge. 
2) The Fool: unconcern, exuberance, joy, excitement, forgetting the danger, walking on the precipice of a cliff, losing the path.
3) The Tower: destruction, pain, desperation, massive change, faulty premises, chaos, death, disaster.

Did anyone do anything tonight for the moons eclipse?

Personally, i went and set my stones out and put water to charge. Then i sat and basked in the moons beams and closed my eyes, asking the moon goddess to bring me and my loved ones the calm and gentleness that she always brings me

Zodiac Past Life's Based on the Signs

Aries: Wisdom - You have tremendous wisdom and knowledge from prior lifetimes that seek to resurface now. You’ve learned important lessons and information that will serve you and others if it’s awakened now. This can indicate that you need to return to school, or seek additional education of some sort. This may even be a sign that you’re changing your career path. Your reemerging knowledge is guiding you toward work that is more meaningful.

Taurus: Lessons and Blessings - You’ve learned important lessons, which are bringing blessings to your present lifetime. Congrats! You mastered how to turn painful events and memories into growth experiences. You can apply the same strength to every area of your life.

Gemini: Orphan - You’ve had one or more past lives as an orphan. This is a creating a current-life abandonment fear for you. In those lives–where you didn’t have your mother or father’s protection, love, or support– you developed great strength and inner reliance, which continues to help you in this life.

Cancer: Spouse - Perhaps your current your current spouse is someone with whom you shared a romance or relationship before. If you’re single at present, your future spouse is likely from your past lifetimes.

Leo: Love Life - Your love life has been affected by one or more previous lifetimes. Most likely, you had a painful experience back then that has caused you to be overly cautious. In such cases, working on yourself can help you reopen your beautiful, loving heart. In that way, you can love and be loved again.

Virgo: Phobias - Often, consciously remembering the past-life source of your anxieties is enough to release their grip on you. You have underlying fears and phobias and these are energy blocks, which are slowing or prohibiting the results you desire. Phobias have to do with the impulse to have complete mastery over situations that are out of your control.

Libra: Mother - Your mother in this life was with you in other lifetimes. This is a common occurrence. If you enjoy a healthy and loving relationship with your mother in this lifetime, you were probably drawn together again because of your fondness for one another. However, if your relationship is challenging, this indicates a need to balance the karma through your forgiveness.

Scorpio: Greco-Roman - You’ve had a past life in Greece or Rome. You may have noticed your drawn to Greco-Roman architecture, culture, and spirituality. During your life Greco-Roman lifetime, you had experiences and relationships that formed the basis for your present-life situation.

Sagittarius: Asia - You’ve had a past life in Asia that’s influencing your current situation. you learned group harmony and the sacrificing of individuality in the Asian culture, but the lessons of that lifetime need to be balanced with your current life’s culture. In your past life you have a habit of suppressing your emotions and opinions in that lifetime. However, in this life you need to express those emotions for growth.

Capricorn: Biblical - You were a follower of Jesus or Moses or you lived in the Holy Land. You may have also lived alongside other famous biblical figures. As a result, traditional religions interpretations of the bible stories don’t ring true to you. You know in your heart and soul what really happened. as such, you tend to follow your own religious and spiritual path.

Aquarius: Forgiveness - You may not be consciously aware that you’ve been holding on to resentment. Your anger may show up in subtle ways such as high blood pressure, addictions, insomnia, or moodiness. Forgiveness isn’t justifying others actions but forgiveness is a statement of self-empowerment.

Pisces: Food and Hunger - You didn’t have enough to eat in your past lives, causing you to overeat and hoard food in this carnation. You may have weight or eating issues because you associate eating with fear instead of hunger. You harbor insecurities about whether there will be enough food in the future, so you may stock-portions, and make sure to eat everything on the plate “just in case” there won’t be enough food in the future.



Hi fellow witches & tarot enthusiasts - I have a new video out where I review the unique cyber-punk, neo-futurist deck called the Neon Moon Tarot.  I’d love to hear what your thoughts are of this deck in the comments!

Many blessings,

Full Moon Tarot

DM/ask me for a full moon 3 card pull:

1) What must be revealed

2) What must be released

3) What to focus energy into

Be sure to send me some tidbits to connect you to my deck, and leave an offering to the universe🌕

I put my altar together last night after getting everything charges and then that window is NE facing, so the altar itself was bathed in moonlight. So much energy coming off this thing and I love it. 

I also made three devotional jars to Persephone, Demeter, and Hecate respectively and put them right in the front. If anyone  knows of any place that sells small statuetts of these goddesses please let me know!

Become a beacon. Keep that flame alive The future is within you It burns bright in your heart. Raise your love hold it high let it shine for miles and miles. You are not alone.

I was inspired by Florence Welch’s Useless Magic - but when isn’t she inspiring, particularly to the spirit? I created a tarot spread from this page but in ways I feel it is a different kind of spread. Each card does not mean one particular thing but takes on a lyric. That lyric then inspired the reading.

In a way I feel this allows for more freedom and I was in a loose, dance with the wind in the sun, kind of mood.

Feel free to use it - and don’t forget to give credit.