a tarot spread for busy motherfuckers

Draw three cards before your morning commute.

1. How the day will go.
2. Where you’ll find the energy to get all your shit done today.
3. How to relax or destress when the day is done.

Now snap a quick picture of the spread while thinking about what the first card means for your day. On the commute think about the second card and plan how to imbue that card’s energy into your actions. On your break at work, between classes, anywhere you can find a minute halfway through your day look back at the picture of your spread and start planning how you’ll use the third card’s advice to destress. Bam, the perfect tarot reading for a hectic day, broken into three different five minute or less increments.

Etiquette When Receiving Free Divination Readings

Free readings are one of the best parts of being in the witchy community. A diviner gets to hone their skills, and you get an answer from the universe on that little problem of yours. That being said, there is some basic etiquette involved, and having offered and received free readings many times myself, I figured it couldn’t hurt to make a little PSA. So here is a step-by-step on How To Not Piss Off Your Diviner ^_^

1) Preface by saying “If you are still doing free readings”. This gives the diviner the option to deny your request because they received more than expected, or you sent your message after they closed. 

2) Don’t tell them your life story, and asking for a general reading is fine! If your boyfriend Tim told his friend that he was worried about you talking to Steve but you were just asking about homework and it seems like Tim doesn’t want to make this work–Stop. “What can I do to improve my relationship?” is just fine.

Example Request: Hello! If you are still doing free readings, I would like one please. I’m up for a promotion at work, what can I do to make my skills shine? Thank you for your time!

3) Give them time. Divining is draining, it can take days to shuffle through a stack of asks, and tbh sometimes we don’t get to every single one. Life happens. If you need a prompt reading, consider paying for one. 

4) Give feedback. Let your diviner know if their reading helped you, or if it seemed to be a little off the mark. 

Example Feedback: Thanks so much for the reading! I think I know what the cards were talking about, I’ve been fighting with my Dad lately. I suppose I’ll have to try and talk to him. Thanks again!

5) Consider a tip, or becoming a repeat customer. Many who do free readings will gladly accept tips, and some read professionally as well. If you think their reading was good(meaning skilled, not necessarily good news), maybe go back to them next time you need some help and pay them for a more in-depth reading. 

6) Say please and thank you! They are giving their time a services to you, free of charge. Respect the craft and respect your diviner.


“The King of Cups, like all the court cards in the suit of Cups, represents emotion, creativity, and the unconscious. The King of Cups reversed is incredibly emotionally controlling and manipulative. This is someone who is toxic, moody, sulky and withdrawn from others, particularly if things do not go his way. He can be vindictive and vengeful and has a talent at being able to punish others through emotional manipulation.” -Biddy Tarot

Another Wildstar Tarot commission for @fredrickdavis, this time of Marcus the Moody (Also known as His Majesty, the Cassian King of Hair.)

anonymous asked:

Is it possible for a tarot deck to have an attitude? (Or give answers based on it's own opinion?) I had a pretty snarky pendulum once, but lately it feels like my cards are giving me some lip.

Oh absolutely! I don’t know if I have a deck that doesn’t give me lip sometimes. It happens, just remember to listen to the messages because they can still be important. :)

A Sixth World Tarot Anthology Development…

“Dragonbound,” by Aaron Rosenberg

 This card’s description states that it’s all about restraints, but particularly those that are self-imposed, preventing growth and personal discovery. I thought that was interesting, especially the idea that it was something you did to yourself and that probably only you could undo. It gave me an immediate mental image of the card name and meaning merged together into a dragon that had somehow bound itself, which got me wondering why a dragon would think that was a good idea and what it was worried about, and that’s what led to this story.


You can find Aaron at his website and Twitter.



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I keep seeing blue herons this week. Blue heron sends a message of patience and striking as soon as opportunity comes your way. This woodpecker feather came to me this week sending me the message of opportunity knocking at my door soon. The Tarot advised me this morning that a message is soon coming my way speaking of a new opportunity and venture and to jump in and charge ahead. I’m ready, Universe! Is opportunity knocking at your door? Keep a piece of carnelian and golden quartz with you if you are embarking on a new venture.💥🔥💥 (The Linestrider Tarot, Animal Spirit Deck)

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#Tarot #Meditation // Hermit + Congo: Gran Bois + Ayizan + Legba La Flambeau

The Hermit travels deep within himself to discover what he is truly made of. With his focus placed on his essence, he gives no energy to petty trivial matters, only perceiving the larger picture and how he fits into it. When this card is revealed it illuminates our quest for understanding and deeper meaning in our lives. No one can define your world, except yourself. Accept this challenge & role in your life; it can be a big burden for those that fear their own emotions and the act of making a mistake but all mistakes lead to greater clarity & self-awareness. The Hermit dives into the study of metaphysical pursuits to understand the seen & unseen worlds - and perhaps gain a greater definition of his personal experiences. You may feel inclined to experiment & research topics that are of the occult or philosophical nature. You are transitioning from one level to the next, so these concepts help you gain a better grasp of where you are going and the nature of your spirit. Selfishness is a gift you can grant yourself so that you can best explore your hidden talents & subconscious world. You can emerge back into society when you truly have a grasp of who you are & can maintain the vibration of your truth without wavering or doubting that. Congo: Gran Bois speaks of nature spirits and how life naturally gravitates towards the good if you do not resist it. All that is transpiring is unfolding for your highest favor. Honor the elemental sources, engage in nature - the forest, the beach, the dirt, the sun & water. Use these spirits to cleanse you and remind you how to integrate with their essences to teach you that nature isn’t meant to be controlled, one must flow with what is. Mama Ayizan teaches us about the initiation of life & how to find the purity in what is given to us. Your initiation is to turn water into wine, to have the Midas touch and transform lower consciousness into higher vibrations. You are to gain a new vision of the world…(Read more in our #Spirit #Blog)

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