Shop: Taro Taro Dessert and Tea House

Drink: Taro Milk Tea

Add-ons: Egg Pudding

Sweetness/Ice: 50% sweetness

Reviews: This is their most popular and recommended drink. I was hesitant to get it in the beginning because they use powder for their milk tea. However, I gave it a go because they even use Taro as their store name, so it should count as something right? I was so confused when I got this drink, because as you can see form the photo, the bottom (what I initially thought was my egg pudding) turns out to be very sticky, and apparently it’s real taro paste! It was definitely a surprise, and a good one. It’s very rich in taro flavor. The real taro extract gave this drink creamier consistency. I loved it! The only thing, perhaps, it gets too sweet once you’re almost done with it. But overall, definitely worth making its name as the store name!