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dear yansim fandom,


i’ve heard from a close friend of mine that taro is actually being degraded in the fandom and that makes me so !!! aagh !! (i’m not really good with words so please bear with what i have to say!)

as you all know, taro yamada is literally my favorite character in the game, and seeing hate of him just displeases me very much! especially when budoyano became a thing. now, please don’t misunderstand. In general, I’m chill and relaxed with the ship. you’re allowed to ship whatever you want, and whoever you want. however, it’s kind of taking too far to degrade taro just because he’s the main obsession of ayano in the game!

i’ve heard that taro is directed as that “love triangle/third guy/plot device” in the ship and honestly ??? i’m disgusted, in general. this treatment is horrible to a character who has minor and not-so much character development, simply because of ayano’s infatuation towards him.

i’ve seen only a few hate from here and there (hence i dont follow the yandere simulator tag/budoyano tag much) but if it’s not too much, please don’t throw shade at senpai and make him a douchebag!! because!! he!! is !!! NOT!!!!!! sure, his reactions toward ayano is mostly negative, but that’s because the GAME IS STILL A DEBUG. IT’S NOT YET FINISHED, so we still don’t see the reason why characters in the game act like that way.

i hope everyone understands,,, !! i’m sorry for the comossion but i had to get this off my chest

bad doodles after cut

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out of curiousity, I wanted to know reptiblr’s opinion on something. I want to eventually breed my male bp Apollo, who is a bumblebee morph, to Kaa, who is a normal morph. I know there’s a lot of debate on the ethics of breeding spider morphs, but since we’re breeding down and not trying to get anything “fancier” than a bumblebee, is it safer? Apollo does have some wobble, but it’s REALLY slight and only comes out when he scopes. Even then, he is only 3 months old and has little muscle yet (the store we got him from only fed him every 2 weeks!). Thoughts?

EDIT : Thanks to some awesome advice and insight I received (and some not so awesome), I won’t be breeding Apollo, or Kaa for that matter, due to his morph and a lack of information on the genetic history of the two. I realize now that there are some possible consequences I hadn’t considered, some of which I’ve seen played out in the snakes at the store I work at, and that I’m too new to start breeding. Fun to think about though! Someday when I have more space and a breeding pair from somewhere that’s reputable. Thanks again, especially to @snasks and @poikilomatters for being civil to a newbie and educating me!

“I love Inkyu, but sometimes she can be a real handful.” “I know what you mean, Sakyu-chan.”

“What do you think they’re talking about, Hanako?” “WHAT IF ONII-CHAN HAS A GIRLFRIEND?!” 

Sakyu and Taro talking about how hard it is to handle their younger siblings while Inkyu and Hanako spy in uniform 6 for anon!

I think this could be a fun DLC week. Sakyu and Taro/Taeko are seen talking about their younger sister by Yan-chan/Yan-kun, Yan misunderstands and thinks that Sakyu is a rival. But at the end of the week, if Sakyu survives, it is revealed that they are just friends and were talking about Inkyu and Hanako. Sounds fun, doesn’t it? Could someone please make a mod of that? - Mod Saki


✽ Special Thanks ✽

  • For MOVE whose tweet reminds me that their past CODE name [HANAKO] & [TARO] existed, again today.
  • And SKELLY who literally said “ WHEN THEY GET OLD THEY CHANGE THEIR NAMES TO THEIR GRAMPS NAMES” & makes me things about all of these.
lil short drabble thing

“Ayano Aishi! You have caused too many casualties in my school and shall face comeuppance!” The black haired girl looked at Megami. “Your talking to me?” “Yes you fucking idiot!” “But I haven’t done any harm!” The girl did one of her dramatic hair flips and scoffed. “How about the nine missing girls?!” Ayano gestures to the six girls cuddling her. “So as you can see, they aren’t missing. They’ve skipped class for cuddles, but they’ve been in school dummy.” “B-but how!?” Ayano rolled her eyes. “You see I wanted Taro. But after talking to Osana for a bit we ended up dating. And then I ended up dating Amai. And by the time I started a relationship with Kizana, I realized that I wanted a huge poly ship to make everyone happy, where we could all just date Taro and each other.” Megami was stunned. “But what about the other three?” “Hanako and I had a long hard discussion of why you shouldn’t lie about your age to hang out in your brother’s high school and I helped her get enrolled into a nice middle school where she can make friends her own age. I gave Mida love advice and she’s patching things up with her husband and no longer wants to date minors. Muja just needed help to get in the right direction and is going back to college to become a lawyer.”

Megami was twitching. “B-but y-you! You’re evil! Like your family!” “Why the fuck would my family be evil? That’s a little tale that came about durring 1989, and yet people still believe it. Like my mom didn’t kill anyone, she witnessed some ditz electrocuting herself in a bathroom.” “But I’m supposed to get the guy and defeat you!” Ayano pulled Megami in a hug. “But I called you here because I want you to join our harem. We’re so lonely.” The student council president sighed. “Fuck your making me feel gay.”

And then everyone fucked the end.

that was wild from start to finish

inuwritercor-976  asked:

Hi! Just puttin this in ask form! And a little extra since I'm curious ^^; What r the eight little troublemakers like when they're older? Also curious, where do u think their strengths and weaknesses are?

I’ll go in order depending on their ages (who was built first, second, third…), mostly based around @ramblingcoyote‘s DEADLY EIGHT idea for the Mafia/Gangster!AU


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one the list of things not to do to revolt against spammers this is probably number one

the first and last parts were okay and the shippers were probably happy

the middle is terrible, you dont know these people and your saying there “immature brats who have no friends (stupid fucking japanese emoticon)” people like this are making others think your fandom is shit, you need to not.

oh and shes also extremely rude and says almost everything with a fucking  japanese emoticon at the end.