taro milk tea boba

'cause i just need the time and place to come through (phichit)

Yuuri knows a genuine Phichit smile from a fake one.

He has the privilege of seeing both sides of Phichit. Sure, there’s his public social-media-loving persona that he shows off to the entire world. But Yuuri is proud that he knows Phichit, the boy who loved hamsters so much, he snuck them into their dorm back in Detroit despite the “No Pets” policy. The boy who loves taro milk tea boba and loves his fried chicken spicy.

He knows Phichit, the boy from Thailand who, before coming to America, juggled both work and practice to afford his skating equipment, help out his family, and become the pride of Thailand.

He knows Phichit, his best friend who has the tendency to smile despite his sadness.

So when Yuuri, after having performed his exhibition skate with Viktor, opens his Snapchat and finds a series of Snapchats of Phichit throughout the end of the Grand Prix Final, he knows something is wrong. From the way his smile is forced to how he types his appreciation for the support from his fans (Phichit never uses single punctuation, his bright, bubbly personality loves using multiple punctuations), he knows that the loss is beating him up inside.

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there is a cabinet in chowder and lardo’s shared bathroom full of their favorite snacks from their childhood.

they’ll share pocky and chips when lardo works on her art or when chowder’s busy writing a paper. they’ll wipe off the chocolate from the yan yan and get their fingers all sticky. but it’s worth it because the chocolate is damn delicious

wrappers are everywhere. hello panda and koala bites foil wrappers litter the floors and overflow trash bins. empty bags of shrimp chips are left crumpled at the edges of desks and shelves. they never get around to cleaning it up. they never do 

lardo complains about the bin bin rice crackers leaving crumbs everywhere and chowder ends up throwing a half-eaten chocopie at her, leaving even more crumbs everywhere. (lardo wonders if she can use these crumbs in an art piece about cultural identity)

lardo prefers either mogu mogu or the unsweetened jasmine green tea that they sell in japanese stores. chowder loves milky drinks, like milo or calpico

chowder and lardo find a way to make lychee jelly shots and the classic yakult-soju-sprite cocktail. it is the highlight of the party and ransom and holster are begging them to make it again for the next kegster

when life gets a little too rough around the edges, when school gets too stressful or things get too overwhelming, they drive out to boston for comfort food that reminds them of home, pho for lardo, wonton noodle soup for chowder, or even soondubu at their favorite korean restaurant.

they’ll get boba at a cute place, lardo with taro milk tea and chowder with lavender milk tea and sit at the couches while they share popcorn chicken at the highest spice level. sometimes they’ll say nothing or they’ll talk the whole night away until the store is closing and bitty’s texting them asking where they are

the haus has never felt more like a home away from home until now