tarnish by acid

Til the End Draws Near- Part II

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Oliver felt foggy as he woke from the blow to his head. He wasn’t sure if he was still dreaming or not. All that surrounded him was dark. If it was a nightmare, he hoped it would end soon.

He fumbled for the light next to his hand. He lit it up, bouncing the beam back over to the bed. No Felicity.

Eyes squeezed shut, count to ten. Breathe. Open.

The Nightmare should be ended. All visions of Lian Yu, of Russia, of Darhk, Ra’s, Tommy, his mother, all have ejected him from the simple ritual. Years have made him a pro at escaping them.

His eyes opened again to the darkness. Felicity was really gone.

He touched the back of his head and felt moist blood, pain throbbing from the wound. Real.

He pushed his fingers against his left chest, inciting the burn. Real.

“Felicity!” His own voice resounded to the silent walls. Real.

The lair was still in lockdown, that much he could tell. That meant that whoever took Felicity couldn’t have gone far. Much time hadn’t passed since the wound was still fresh on his head.

Minutes maybe.

Oliver ran to the bed, using the flashlight the best he could to check for any sign of passage. Nothing was revealed in the folds of the blanket. The light no longer needed, in fact it became a liability, he threw it on the bed, cloaking himself in the darkness.

Years of stalking prey in pitch night had him attuning to other senses; his ears, and sense of movement. Oliver slowed his breathing, tightened his muscles and listened.

Above the stillness, he heard a sharp whimper of pain that was quickly muffled.


Oliver ran back to the stairs, quiet on the balls of his feet.He had to be as careful as possible. This was Felicity’s life in jeopardy here, and only necessary risk should be taken. If he let his hand slip too soon, it might just mean her life.

Just as he reached the top door, however, he heard the humming of the ventilation system as it came back online. Somehow, whoever had Felicity had been able to reboot the lair.

Oliver had at most a minute before they would gone and almost impossible to track without his hacker.

The door swung open to reveal a sight that Oliver never in his wildest nightmares would’ve ever imagined.

Felicity’s workstation was trashed. Every monitor was shattered on the floor.All keyboards had keys missing. Wires were ripped apart. Tables over turned.

Oliver surveyed the rest of the lair. Glass cases with suits were broken as well, guns tossed over the place, arrows snapped in half. Felicity’s chair had been thrown  at the elevator, denting the doors as well as crushing all plastic and metal parts of the contraption.

The salmon ladder in the corner was nicked and tarnished, acid running down the rungs to pool on the floor. Electricity sparked everywhere.

The entire lair was destroyed.

But no sign of Felicity.

The only place left to look was the garage.

Oliver made a quick pit stop to his suit, his quiver and bow thankfully still intact. He padded to the garage, nocking an arrow when he saw a figure.

Pitching his voice deep and intimidating, figuratively drawing the mantle of the Green Arrow over himself, he tapped into the murky instincts cultivated inside him.

“Don’t move.” He intoned, causing the figure in front of him to jump. As they turned around, Oliver recognized the very way the person moved. He’d trained that fluidity himself. A whipping braid and a bow at her side.

Evelyn Sharp smirked at him. “Too late, murderer. She’s gone. They have her and there’s no way you can save her. They have a special… let’s say… process for traitors like her.”

“Evelyn… please.” He tried to appeal to her, to girl he’d once taken in under his wing.

“You don’t give up do you? When are you gonna get it through your thick skull  that I hate you! You are a hypocrite. I wanted justice for my parents, the people you left in that hell hole. It’s your fault my parents are dead.” She spat at him.

“You don’t understand–”

“I understand perfectly. Only I was able to escape, no thanks to you. And furthermore, when I wanted revenge, when I wanted to kill the person who had taken all I had left from me, you told me that I shouldn’t. A man who killed for the sport of it, lied to me, and snatched payback from my fingers.” Oliver flinsched. She was right. He still didn’t regret stopping her that night, but he didn’t know how to make her see that he had changed.

“I can never get that back.” She continued. “So I dedicated on the next best thing. Taking down you.”

“I don’t want to hurt you.” He tightened his arm, pulling the string further back.

“You can’t! But me? I’m with Adrian on this. Death is too good for you. Suffering is what you deserve.”

Quick as lightning, she revealed a knife, slashing down on the motorcycle tires. Oliver shot and got her in the arm, but she just cut the other tire.

“Now attempt to find your precious Overwatch. It will be great fun watching you fail.”

She turned heel, and fled, following the tire tracks down the street. Felicity was in pain and missing, most likely at the hands of his enemies, and he had no idea where to start.


Bellamy x Reader

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Part 5-

The next morning, Octavia called you to help hunt. The two of you grabbed spears and headed for the woods. “Where do you think you guys are going? It’s not safe,” Bellamy said stopping you. “We can handle ourselves,” Octavia shot back. Someone called her from the distance. “Go on without me,” she said to you. You proceeded into the woods, Bellamy promptly following behind. You spun around, “Bellamy I don’t exactly know what we are, but whatever it is it doesn’t make me less capable of myself,” you said to him. “(Y/N) I want to talk to you. You know about the other night,” he said shyly. Your expression softened.“ He looked into your eyes as he spoke,
"That happened sooner than I expected.”
“I like spontaneity,” you replied.
“I guess when I knew that you already knew what I was thinking subconsciously, I might as well come out with the rest,”
You interlaced your fingers with his.
“Bellamy, I know you don’t like to express your feelings. But it doesn’t make you weaker.” You brushed a curl from his face.
An arrow shot through the air and whizzed directly in the space between you and Bellamy, hitting the tree behind you two. You turned to see a grounder loaded with a spear in hand. As he ran towards Bellamy, you quickly grabbed the arrow from the tree and stabbed the grounder in the neck. “He’s still alive,” Bellamy said. The two of you were now surrounded by grounders. You felt something hard hit the back of your head and Bellamy’s face was the last thing you saw.
You woke up to find you and Bellamy tied back to back in a cave. You spit out your gag. “Bellamy are you ok?”
“Mhm,” you heard him grumble. You were smaller then him and started to wriggle out of the noose. After fifteen minutes you were both free. Without speaking you walked over to a chest and opened it. You began taking off Bellamy’s clothes. “(Y/N) I don’t think now is a good time for sex,” he said. “Shut up for a minute.”
You threw some grounder clothes on him and put some on yourself. He looked confused. “We need to blend in,” you said calmly. You arranged your hair in braids similar to those you had seen when you were captured. As you started painting Bellamy’s face with war paint, you winced as the scent brought the memories of being tortured. When you finished you glanced at Bellamy, “You look pretty cute as a grounder,” you said as he blushed beneath the war paint. You both grabbed spears and headed out as nonchalantly as possible. You made it out into the clearing and then heard indistinguishable shouts from behind. Three grounders approached you and Bellamy. You killed two of them but the third stabbed you in the leg. Just then Bellamy took his spear and plunged it into the grounder’s neck. Blood spewed out of your thigh. “Bellamy, you have to leave.”
“I’m not going anywhere without you,”
“I’m gonna slow you down”
“I’m in no hurry,”
You held onto him as a crutch while you both slowly proceeded towards camp.
“GROUNDERS!” someone screamed.
You and Bellamy put your hands up and everyone lowered their guns. Finn and Raven ran to you two. “Holy fuck,” Finn said. You explained what happened quickly. “Oh and where’s Clarke because I kinda have a knife in my thigh.”
Bellamy stayed at your side whole time. “You were a fucking badass out there,” he said. You laughed and ran your fingers over your thigh wound. “I kinda liked the grounder look on you, Blake,” you said jokingly. You had both washed the makeup off and were dressed in your regular clothing. He held your hand and kissed your forehead. “I have to go but I’ll be back as soon as possible,” he said as he exited the dropship.
Bellamy approached Octavia and a boy named Atom. “Did you end up getting any food?” Bellamy asked. “No but we saw some bushes that had nuts and berries that Monty said were edible,” replied Octavia. The three of them headed towards the woods. After about an hour of walking, a sharp unnatural bell like sound ripped in the air. They noticed up ahead an odd colored fog was approaching them quickly. The three started to run as quickly as possible. “Quick in here!” Octavia shouted opening what appeared to formally be a sewer. Bellamy and Octavia got in but Atom tripped as he approached. It was too late, the fog consumed him and the Blakes had to shut the door.
After the fog had passed, Octavia and Bellamy emerged from the hole to see Atom lying on the floor in agony. His skin was tarnished and bloody. Acidic liquids streamed out from his pores. “Kill me,” he wailed. “Put me out of this misery and kill me.” Bellamy looked to Octavia. “No Bell don’t. We can fix him. Can’t we?”
He pulled a knife from his holster, “Octavia, there’s no way we can help. He’s suffering.” Atom cried out in pain and Octavia turned away and cried as Bellamy put him to an endless sleep.
When Bellamy and Octavia returned, everybody bombarded them with questions of Atom’s whereabouts. “He died. An acidic fog,” Bellamy said softly. A girl with tan skin and long blonde hair that cascaded down her back slumped to her knees and buried her face in her hands. “NO,” she screamed. Two others carried her into a tent as she cried uncontrollably.
Later that night, the girl came into Bellamy’s tent. “I’m sorry, but who are you?” Bellamy asked. “I was Atom’s girlfriend,” she scowled. “I’m so sorry,” he replied sympathetically. “I know that fog didn’t kill him,” she said. “It probably hurt him, but I’m positive it didn’t kill him.” Bellamy couldn’t meet her eyes. “IT WAS JUST YOU, HIM, AND OCTAVIA! SHE COULD NEVER KILL SOMEONE LIKE THAT! CLARKE COULD HAVE SAVED HIM IF YOU GAVE HET THE CHANCE! YOU! YOU’RE A MONSTER,” she screamed. “He was in pain. There was nothing anybody could have done. Did you really want Atom to be suffering when his death was inevitable?” Bellamy said. “You don’t understand the pain of losing your love. I’m going to show you,” she whispered with a devilish look. Before he knew what was happening, she planted her lips against his. He pulled away as fast as he could, but it was too late. You were standing in the opening of the tent with tears in your eyes.

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