Come mi hai visto tu non mi ha mai visto nessuna, non mi ha ascoltato nessuna, non mi ha incontrato nessuna, non mi ha cambiato nessuna, non mi conforta nessuna, non mi desidera alcuna, che non sia la luna
—  Tre Allegri Ragazzi Morti 

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give us your actual top five hzt quotes? :3c




2. ‘It’s ok for someone as perfect as me to have a weakness. If I’m too perfect how can other people be like me? It’s impossible. But with a flaw like this they will be able to compete with me. I sound so narcissistic. I know I’m narcissistic, that’s me’

1. (after a fan asked him to write good wishes for her friend’s relationship) I won’t write it. Why even date? (girl: it was boring for her in Canada..) Why date someone from Canada? Look at me, do I date? No. Lets break up quickly

notable mentions:
- pcy saying his height makes dancing well difficult and Tao just lmao not for me
- the mc asking if tao is feeling better after he was sick and Tao rambling about poop even with the mc saying haha no you don’t have to talk about that and Tao just yes I do it was awful
- basically the whole of tarm
- jackie chan: I trust in you   tao: then I’ll surely disappoint you I’m sorry
- ‘Dating and girls have become so strange to me’
- ‘hope your boyfriend can understand, love and treasure you like I do. If not I’ll beat him’ 
- q: show us your muscles  tao: I don’t have any
- ‘I think torturing each other is better’
- ‘I know I’m beautiful, I know I’m cute, I know I’m handsome’ 
- getting carried away with his wake up call meme and threatening to beat people to death
- 'I want to be punished every day or my body won’t be satisfied’
-  the two ways up a hill in the snow talk about how he got the high rankings and levelled up with his own bare hands when he was being interviewed about fashion

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Menneskekroppen - The human body

(en) Kropp - Body
(en) Kroppsdel - Body part
(en/ei) Hud - Skin
(en) Muskel - Muscle
(en) Nerve - Nerve
(en/ei) Sen/Sene - Tendon
(en) Nakke - Neck
(en) Hals - Throat
(en/ei) Skulder - Shoulder
(et) Bryst - Chest (or Breast)
(en) Mage - Abdomen
(en) Rygg - Back
(en) Albue - Elbow
(en) Arm - Arm
(en/ei) Hånd - Hand
(et) Håndledd - Wrist
(en) Knoke - Knuckle
(en) Finger - Finger
Lillefinger - Little finger
Ringfinger - Ring finger
Langfinger - Middle finger (lit. “Long finger”)
Pekefinger - Index finger (lit. “Pointing finger”)
(en) Tommel - Thumb
(en) Negl - Nail
(en) Bak - Behind
(en/ei) Rumpe - Butt
(en) Rumpeball - Buttock
(et) Kjønnsorgan - Genitals
(et) Ben/Bein - Leg
(et) Lår - Thigh
(et) Kne - Knee
(en) Ankel - Ankle
(en) Legg - Shin
(en) Hæl - Heel
(en) Tå - Toe
Storetå - Big toe
Lilletå - Little toe
(en) Fot - Foot

Hodet - The Head

(et) Hode - Head
(et) Ansikt - Face
(en/ei) Panne - Forehead  
(et) Øre - Ear
(et) Øye - Eye
(en/ei) Nese - Nose
(en) Munn - Mouth
(en/ei) Tunge - Tongue
(en/ei) Tann - Tooth
(en) Kjeve - Jaw
(en/ei) Hake - Chin

Indre organer, kjertler, osv. - Internal organs, glands, etc.

(et) Organ - Organ
(en) Hjerne - Brain
(et) Hjerte - Heart
(et) Hjertekammer - Ventricle
(en/ei) Blodåre - Blood vessel
(en/ei) Pulsåre - Artery
(en/ei) Lunge - Lung
(en/ei) Lever - Liver
(en/ei) Nyre - Kidney
(et) Spiserør - Esophagus/Food pipe
(en) Magesekk - Stomach
(en) Tarm - Intestine
(en) Tynntarm - Small intestine
(en) Tykktarm - Large intestine
(en) Endetarm - Rectum
(en) Spyttkjertel - Salivary gland
(en/ei) Galleblære - Gallbladder
(en) Bukspyttkjertel - Pancreas
(en/ei) Blære - Bladder
Urinveiene - Urinary tract

Skjelettet - The skeleton

(et) Skjelett - Skeleton
(et) Ben/Bein - Bone
(et) Ledd - Joint
(en/ei) Ryggrad - Spine
(en) Ryggmarg - Spinal cord
(en) (Hode)skalle - Skull
(et) Kragebein - Clavicle 
(et) Bekken - Pelvis
(et) Lårben - Femur
(et) Brystbein - Sternum
(en/ei) Brystkasse - Rib cage
(et) Ribbein - Rib

Kroppsvæsker - Body fluids

Fostervann - Amniotic fluid
Galle - Bile/gall 
Magesyre - Gastric acid
Morsmelk - Breast milk (lit. “Mother’s milk”)
Avføring - Feces  
Puss/Verk - Pus
Snørr - Snot 
Spytt - Spit/Saliva
Svette - Sweat
Tårer - Tears   
Urin - Urine
Ørevoks - Earwax 

Systemer - Systems

(et) System - System
Fordøyelsessystemet - The digestive system
Lymfesystemet - The lymphatic system
Muskelsystemet - The muscular system
Nervesystemet - The nervous system
Ekskresjonssystemet - The excretory system
Sirkulasjonssystemet - The circulatory system
Respirasjonssystemet - The respiratory system
Immunsystemet - The immune system