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Heart on my sleeve//Tarlie

Tia didn’t really think she’d be as excited as she was, It was just Charlie. One of the boys shed grown up around, but she couldn’t keep back the excited butterflies in her stomach. After several opinions she’d gone for her black dress..before changing it for the pink dress shortly afterwards. She walked down the stairs, her curls bouncing and rushing into the front room listening to her father speak to her. “be home by 11, keep your phone on…” her father continued to tell her rules although she was only half listening. Her dad had been protective since she’d tried to kill herself and she’d only got home late last night, where there had been some tears.

In the end she gave her dad a kiss on the cheek and left the house, knowing Charlie was picking her up but not wanting to expose him to her over protective father just yet.

Family Dinner---->Tarlie/The Efrons

Tia was a little stressed, she’s spent all day tidying after coming home to find the boys had thrown a party. She had been pissed to begin with but she was bad at being angry at the kids and it usually faded after a few hours; and they knew it. She was cooking dinner, hoping the boys wouldn’t suddenly decide they’d be going out for dinner. 

She had her music up and a glass of red wine in her hand, her blonde curls tied up. She saw JJ walk past the kitchen door, shaking his head at his mother but also singing along to the song. When she heard the door she yelled loudly for someone to get it but got no reply from any of the men in the house. “Damn Efron’s” She cursed under her breathe, wiping her hands clean and heading to the door. “Charlie! The door? No? Fine, i’ll get it.” she sighed and checked her reflection in the mirror to avoid any embarrassing moments before she opened the door. Her grin widening as she saw the girl on the other side. “Snow!” The dark haired girl stood on the other side grinning at her step mother and throwing her arms around her. “Charlie! Get your little ass down here now! It’s your daughter!” Tia yelled before looking back at the door and seeing the attractive man beside her step-daughter. “Oh…this is?”

“Oh…uh…this is Jonas” Snow said sheepishly, waiting for Tia’s reaction.