skyping my little sister
  • lucy:that is wot i am torking about
  • me:its spelled talking
  • me:not torking
  • me:hehehe
  • lucy:ok i do not no wot you are TARKING about
  • me:TALKING
  • lucy:can we tark about something else

irresponsiblereader  asked:

well i did it, i made it through the entire blog, it took a few days cause i had things to do but i did it, i hope aunt tanya and uncle mark are proud cause now i have nothing else to do but also this is really a great blog and i absolutely love it and your tags too here r gr8 things 1. himchan is totally wine/suburban mom i agree 2. i cant believe kathy won that competition at the beginning, how did they like her box stuff 3. ur fics/twitter/insta are also gold 4. tark is goals <3<3<3<3

Oh my god this blog has like over a hundred pages that’s some real dedication to this suburban kpop au bless you and I hope you had fun

In the Middle of the Night

“No! Andwe!!! Mark! Mark! Come back! Please!!!!” I screamed as I banged on the door, my nails scratching the wooden wall.

I cried and sobbed my heart and soul out until I felt someone’s hand caressed my cheeks, causing me to wake up.

“Jagi, it was just a dream.” Mark  was hovered on top of me shirtless grabbing my wrists.

I calmed down after a couple minutes of Mark laying on top of me soothing me as he caressed hair, staring into my eyes.

“I’m sorry… did I wake you up?” I asked him as I snuggled into his embrace.

“Of course you did. You were hitting and scratching my back, so I had to wake up. I was pain. Duh.” he pinched my cheeks as I yelped in pain.

“Mmmm… mine hurts more than that.” He pinched me harder.

“Ahhhhh! StaaaahhhhMarkkkk!” I pulled his hands away from my cheeks.

“Okay, sorry.” He chuckled as he laid his head on my chest, hugging me.

“Uhm, Mark?” I asked trying to push him off.


“Ca-can you get off?” I asked.

“Of course not.” He answered snuggling his face in my neck.

His breath caused shivers that ran up on my spine.

He kisses my neck as I tried to ignore it and go back to sleep.

“Come on, jagiya. Don’t be like that.” He whispered.

“Mark, please. Later, I’m tired.”

“Tired? I was too, but you woke me up. And now I can’t go back.”

“Besides, I need a little help.” He took hold of my hands and placed them on his bare back.

“You see, my back here… it hurts. Because of you.”

“Fine,” I gave in turning on the lights.

“What are you doing? You like it with the lights on?” He asks confused.

“What? No. No. I’m going to get the ointment. Wait here.” I replied innocently like I didn’t understood what he truly meant.

“I didn-”

“Got it!” I ran back into the room with the medicine.

“I mea-”

“Come on, Mark,” I made him flip around and I looked at his back.

Gosh, I must’ve been bad.

His back was red and had a few scratches here and there.

I placed the cream on his back and massaged it.

“I’m sorry.” I whispered to his ear.

“It’s fineeee,” He replied pissed.

I laughed.

“What’s so funny.” He asks.


“You won’t be laughing tomorrow morning.” He groaned as my hands must’ve hit his spot.

After 10 minutes of massaging, I placed the ointment away and came back to the room to find Mark asleep soundly.

“Aish! Mark-eu!” I slapped his butt.

I tried rolling Mark to his side, but instead pulled me into bed and turned off the lights.