We have a new mosaic percent for art project! Artist Soonae Tark created Have a Happy Day at the Buhre Avenue station on the 6 Line in the Bronx. Six unique murals of colorful geometric abstract shapes transform the station platform. The vibrant and whimsical arrangements interact with the bright open sky and natural light of the elevated station. The southbound platform holds murals containing rigid lines and squares reflecting the buildings on the journey towards Manhattan, while the curved and circular lines of the northbound platform mosaics are symbolic of nature and Pelham Bay.

skyping my little sister
  • lucy:that is wot i am torking about
  • me:its spelled talking
  • me:not torking
  • me:hehehe
  • lucy:ok i do not no wot you are TARKING about
  • me:TALKING
  • lucy:can we tark about something else

Rest in Peace to one of the greatest college coaches of all time Jerry Tarkanian. If you don’t know who he is he’s infamous for the towel bite on the bench.

I’ll never forget when my HighSchool coach brought him to practice one day, this older guy who we had no idea who he was back then out there showing us defense. Years later we looked back and were stunned.

#TARKing #JerryTarkanian #RestInPeace #UNLV #collegebasketball

Évek óta magam vágom a hajam,

évszaktól, hangulattól függően 5-15 mm-re. Mindig zavart, hogy pihés marad a tarkóm, gondoltam, majd most megoldom. Asszem elhalt a tarkom, mert nem éreztem, hogy vagy 2 centivel feljebb járok a kelleténél,. Olyan ciki, hogy még fotót sem mellékelek, mindenesetre, most rohamléptekben keresem a sapkáimat :*((((

voluptuarist ♔ :

    “ oh would you look at that! sweetheart !!
               you’re running awfully late !!
she’s my aunt,
               you’re my boyfriend, drinks on m
                                                               aunt christine, come over.

  ❛  wait, hold on —— what ?

          ( he sees an older woman is approaching them. )

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Name: Matthew, but Matt is preferred when I’m with friends

Average hours of sleep a night: 6-9 all days of the week

Nickname: Peanut, Matti, Matteo, douchebag

Birthday: August 11th, 1999

Gender: Male

Sexual Orientation: straight/heterosexual

Height: 6’ ½"

Favorite color: green or blue

One place that makes me happy: Crystal Bridges walking trails (museum within walking distance of where I live they have great outdoor trails and exhibits)

How many blankets I sleep under: One comforter with the occasional blanket

Favorite movie: Donnie Darko

What I’m wearing right now: white v-neck and purple shorts

Last book I read: The Blind Assassin (complex but a very good read)

Most used phrase: ugh (more of a noise)

What I last said to a family member: “No I will not wear yellow it makes me look like an inverted daisy”

Favorite beverage: Crush or Fanta

Favorite food: Fettuccine Alfredo or really anything Italian

Last movie I watched: The Shining

Dream wedding: Anything the wife wants I guess, as long as we get married

Dream pet: Siberian husky

Dream job: Architect in a developing city

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Seath Headcanon

I was talking with a friend earlier, and our topic was about who Manscorpion Tark and Nejka’s master was. Which ended up somewhere about Seath. So I’ll jump straight to the point.

Is it possible that Seath tried find more than one way to become immortal? Such as a Lich-esque Immortality as an alternative if someone defeated him?

egyszer sztorizgattam ismeretlen embereknek egy ismerősöm kemény drogok fogyasztásával, valamint befolyásos emberekkel való szexeléssel tarkított életútjáról, és egy-egy jellegzetes pont alapján kiderült, hogy ismerik (bár egyáltalán nem erről az oldaláról), családi barátok a szülőkkel, ugyanabból a kis faluból valósiak, én pedig soha, de soha többé nem merek a szeme elé kerülni :–//

rob sıtark böyle ölmemeliydi aq daha onurlu bi şekilde öldürsenize aq evlatları hayinler

I’m very excited to try and get out of my artblock and doodle some manscorpion Tark and Giant Lord and maybe some other nice characters from Dark Souls and just freely doodle and see how things goes, and I kinda wanna doodle right now? But it’s already 11 and I should sleep soon ;^;

anonymous asked:

do you have any saved urls? if you do can you say which?

i probably have one for each fandom: