The term “female fronted metal” describes metal bands that have female vocalists in their lineups. These female vocalists are usually the lead singers, and may or may not be the bands front woman, but are often featured prominently during live performances and recordings, thus the band being referred to as “female fronted”


Nightwish ruined my life » Favorite Lead Singer [1/1]: Tarja Turunen

Choosing between two of my favorite vocalists, both whom I have been listening to since my teenage years, was really difficult. But then, this is a Nightwish meme. And I feel that in this context I could have made no other choice. Back in 2004, when I listened to Nightwish’s music for the first time, I was really impressed by Tarja’s beautiful and powerful vocals, which at times gives their songs an energetic and bombastic feel, or a deep and intense atmosphere at others. To me it was, and still is, an intrinsic part of the band’s earlier unique allure.


Womens In Metal.


2. Clémentine Delauney (Serenity, Visions of Atlantis)

3. VK Lynne

4. Sharon Den Adel (Whitin Temptation)

5. Marcela Bovio (Stream Of Passion)

6. Sanna Salou (Dimlight)

7. Charlotte Wessels (Delain)

8. Mariangela Demurtas (Tristania)

9. Laura Vargas (Sacramento)

10. Ailyn Gimenez (Sirenia)


Symphonic&Female metal summary of 2013 by monopolyon-truth [1/3]

↳ The most important events of 2013:

5| Delain - My Masquerade show
4| Simone Simons & Oliver Palotai - Birth of Vincent Palotai
3| Epica - Retrospect 10th annivesary show
2| Within Temptation & Tarja - joining forces in Paradise (What About Us?) song
1| Nightwish - goodbye Anette Olzon, welcome Floor Jansen