tarinto  asked:

Hello Fencer, This is Rinto. I don't really know you so I am sorry if this is awkward. Alrighty, So I am working on carving a wooden sword and making armor to match it, but I don't have any idea of concept for them or design... Based on Sy's blogging you apparently have a small "armor fetish" orz and your designs look nice from what I have seen. So if it's not trouble to you, may I ask for an art exchange for a design in exchange for fanart of your vn? or a link to refs for armor if that's easie

Hey there Rinto, I’ve heard so much about you from Cy!

aaaaaaaaa seems like I do have an armor fetish after all

Anyways, I guess it wouldn’t hurt doing an art exchange (although I might not get it done earlier like I should due to school beginning tomorrow), thanks for the offer! If you have the sword concept, would you mind showing me that way I can make some “matching" armor with it?

oh gods my armor designs are really crazy it’s not too late to take back your offer you know