taring padi


After 2 full (and I do mean FULL) days of printing, our final collaborative print with Taring Padi is finished!

It takes a long time to print such a big image - and T.P. does it all without the use of a printmaking press.

First the block is inked with large rollers and a sheet of canvas is rolled taut around a large tube to get any wrinkles out. The block gets carried over from the inking station to the printing station where the canvas is carefully rolled onto the inked block. As the canvas is rolled out, newspaper is laid down and the person rolling out the canvas steps across the block itself.

THEN, the fun part. Instead of a press, use your bare feet! Printing large banner sized prints Taring Padi style actually means bare foot dance party!

After dancing to approximately three songs, we pull up the newspaper to check how well the ink is taking to the canvas. In lighter areas, newspaper is put back down for a bit more body weight. Then, everyone takes a breather while we pull the print off the block and hang it to dry. 

The title of our collaborative print with Taring Padi is “Nothing is Simple” or “Tidak Sederhana” (not simple) in Indonesian. The composition of the print is centered around the image of tree that mirrors itself at the center. Each side of the composition faces the center, meaning that the print can be hung in either vertical orientation and still be “right side up” and has the title in English on one side and Indonesian on the other. The complex imagery surrounding the tree depicts, from both American and Indonesian perspectives, ways that humans depend on and abuse their environments.