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thoughts on chubby percy?

chubby percy is v good!

tbh my personal headcanon is that percy is sickly thin from stress and constantly being on the run and fighting in addition to him just. not having a great memory and is prone to losing time and forgetting to eat. and he gets better after he joins up with vox machina but he still has trouble keeping the weight on because he’s still constantly stressed out.

however, after the year off i think percy’s put on some more weight since he finally got the chance to SLOW DOWN and he’s practically living with his girlfriend and she’s always goes out of her way to make sure he eats, as do tary and cassandra.

post-campaign after percy presumably retires from Saving The World like the rest of vox machina, i definitely headcanon he’s finally able to put on weight and keep it on and definitely ends up a lil chubby. i’m especially fond of percy, while being surprised at this, doesn’t dislike it? but at first he worries that vex won’t find him as attractive or something but of course she does and she makes sure to reassure him that she’s in love with him and finds him attractive no matter what.

(”percival darling, you should know by now that you’re the most attractive person in all the planes to me, end of story.”

“…i mean, mermaids are still a thing, dear.”

“…you know what? that’s fair. but i bet you’d make a loveliest merman.”


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21. What are your thoughts on crack ships?

I mean, I thought grog/eth was a crack ship but turns out I’m pretty fucking here for it so like. in general I think they’re fun even if I don’t really ship them

22. Popular character you hate?

I don’t think there’s anyone I hate? I’m a little ambivalent towards Tary (mostly because he isn’t scanman sorry tary) but I don’t hate anybody except maybe the trickfeet

23. Unpopular character you love?

Vax gets a lot of shit (less so now than pre-timeskip; it was really bad for a while there) but I love and adore him

24. Would you recommend XXX to a friend? Why or why not?

I’d 100% rec CR to just about anyone. you can’t really go wrong with communal storytelling and self-referential humor and found families y’know

25. How would you end XXX/Would you change the ending of XXX?

I’d like to see it end either a) with VM hanging up their hats and living their own lives and leaving their adventuring days behind or b) with the lot of them walking off into the sunset towards their next great adventure

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1, 22, 26, 27?

1. What OTPs in your fandom(s) do you just not get?*

mmm poly/machina has ever done it for me. also tary/gil

22. Popular character you hate?


26. Most shippable character?

I mean given his propensity for flirting the obvious answer is vax but I’m really feeling keyleth tbh (though most of my favorite ships are keyleth ships so that probably has something to do with it)

27. Least shippable character?

the only character I straight up cannot ship with anyone else is kima like it’s kimallura or Nothing so

when i fell in love with each vm member
  • scanlan: and i go invisible??!??!?
  • keyleth: oh hillohh
  • vex: i'll take on this bear
  • vax: i would like to buy every dwarf in here a round!
  • grog: my money's on ballsack
  • percy: we're making comment cards. i cannot stress the importance of this enough
  • tiberius: i'm tiberius kraghammer
  • pike: hey guys! it's me, pike!
  • tary: doty, take this down

And I just haven’t had the chance yet because my father says that I should just be focused on taking over the family business, learning financial things and learning how to shake down a customer, and I’m so much more than that.



OMG!!!! Doesn’t a dream?! I CANT BELIEVE IT!!!

I’m so HAPPY and grateful for your support, I love you guys, I’m very motivated to continue draw, I’m sorry for being lazy hehe… and sometimes I’m bussy for the school. I hav a lot projects ( for example, a manga)