Republic and Taris

I just love how the Republic handled Taris through the ages. I mean they only admitted Taris into the Republic thanks to a bribe despite the planet not being up to the Republic’s “standards”. First off, Taris had a fucked up justice system that condemned criminals and their descendants to live in the Undercity (and the first criminals were rebels who objected to the upper classes abuse of power) and the Republic decided to take a lesson and use it on Belsavis.  Taris was also xenophobic and its laws forced aliens to live in the Lower City, and added to that the swoop gangs controlled the Lower City and corporate corruption ala Czerka and the Exchange.

During the Mandalorian Wars Revan and Malak had to stop the Exchange and their slaving operation, which the Republic hadn’t put a stop to, despite slavery being illegal in Republic space. At this time the Lhosan Industries left Taris, which caused unemployment and riots, which led to the Chancellor questioning circumstances of Taris joining the Republic. This led to the disappearance of the Tarisian senator and due to the upheaval the Jedi and the Republic military mostly abandoned Taris. So of course the Mandalorians invaded and used Taris as a staging ground to attack the Republic. A great strategic decision on the Republic’s part as everyone can see. After the war the Exchange moved back in and the Republic didn’t really care at all.

Then the Jedi Civil War came around and Malak bombed Taris to the ground. To no surprise the Republic didn’t come to their aid, during or after the war. Now compared to the aid the Republic gave Telos (funding the Restoration Project) and the Jedi helping on Dantooine (Vrook), this speaks volumes to how much the Republic cares about its members that aren’t useful, are too dangerous (rakghouls), or have an unsavory past.

So the Republic abandoned Taris for roughly 300 years and only got interested when they realized that they could use Taris as good PR and gain a symbolic victory over the Empire, as well as to use it as staging ground against the Empire. To accomplish this the Senate appointed Saresh to oversee the reconstruction. Unsurprisingly Saresh uses Taris as a stepping-stone to further her own political agenda without a care for the workers and their rights.

During the reconstruction the Republic is either ignorant or willfully forgetful of Taris’ past, they act as if Taris was some model Republic planet and restoring it somehow enforces the Republic’s values of compassion, unity and tolerance. If you ask me, the Republic should be happy that they failed, as the values that Taris represents are those of xenophobia, intolerance, corruption, and injustice. But if the Republic wishes to associate with such values, they are welcome to.


It’s Randy’s birthday so Howard dragged invited most of their classmates for a birthday surprise. Howard just want Randy to be happy~

That night they went to rooftop for some stargazing and chit chatting until 2am.

Made this just for my lovely adorable younger sister, Tari <3 Happy 18th birthday!!! Love you to the end :) Oh  I made you a second gift too hehehe. Sorry for long post!

I knew my sister wouldn’t bring it up until I did, so I suggested getting another cat. The thought made me feel really guilty, but I was hoping having a cat around would help as a deflection for grief. Like I’d feel sad about Max, but there’d be a cat there to help make it feel less painful.

So we went to a nearby shelter, which didn’t have a ton of cats, but did have a lot of adorable kittens. But I wanted an adult (but not one older than 5, bc I don’t want to have to say goodbye again in a few years) so I’d know its personality. Plus they don’t get adopted as often. So one brown tabby caught my eye, and she was being really affectionate (another must, since it’d break my heart to have an aloof cat after a clingy little turd like Max).

But it turned out she was part of a bonded pair, and couldn’t be sold separately. And her brother was in a part of the cage that was covered up bc he was so uptight about the shelter.

But we finally just asked to take them into the meeting room and see them both.

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Hey, KotOR fans, can we talk about the Outcast Healer?

Because seriously, what’s her deal?

Down in the Undercity of Taris, I’d been fighting rakghouls while doing the whole “don’t level up until the class change” strategy, so I’m hurting. I talk to her, and there’s the option to ask for healing.

So how does this work, can I buy a medpac off you or-

What the hell.

She just healed my whole team with a wave of her hand. 

That’s Jedi power.

She shouldn’t be able to do that HOW CAN SHE DO THAT. 

It has the same particle effect as team heal! They could’ve just given it the healing sound and filled up my health bar, but no, this woman is a high-level Force user.

Even the professional upper city doctor couldn’t do it that easily. He still heals you to full health, but you don’t get to see the healing light-thing and his dialogue implies he needs some time and equipment to do it. For her it’s just a hand-wave.

Who are you?

What, that’s it? And with “little resources” you can manage better standing around in a slum than a trained professional in a medical facility?

Who is Esala? Where did she come from? Why is she stuck down here? I can’t find anything about her anywhere. Why doesn’t anyone else think this is weird?