HOUSE TARGARYEN | Rhaena and Baela Targaryen; aka the Twins of Pentos 

Rhaena Targaryen, daughter of Prince Daemon Targaryen and Lady Laena Velaryon. Rhaena and Baela each had a dragon egg. Rhaena’s hatchling was unhealthy and died within hours of emerging from the egg. An egg from another clutch, laid by Syrax, was given to Rhaena, and it was said that she slept with it every night and prayed for a dragon to match her sister’s. During the Dance of the Dragons, Rhaena was chosen to accompany Prince Joffrey Velaryon to Gulltown for their protection, although they were told it was to defend the Vale of Arryn against King Aegon II Targaryen’s dragons. Rhaena brought three dragon eggs with her to the Vale and eventually she bonded with the dragon Morning, towards the end of the Dance.

Baela Targaryen, twin sister to Rhaena Targaryen. During the Dance of the Dragons, as Dragonstone fell to King Aegon II Targaryen, Baela was able to escape from her bedchambers as the door was being smashed down. She managed to reach Moondancer and as Aegon II flew Sunfyre and made his descent, Baela rose up on Moondancer to meet him. The dragons fought, eventually slamming into the ground still fighting. Aegon jumped from the saddle twenty feet from the ground but Lady Baela stayed with Moondancer all the way down. Burned and battered she still found the strength to undo her saddle chains and crawl away from her dragon as Moondancer coiled into her death throes. Ser Alfred Broome drew his sword to slay Baela, but Ser Marston Waters wrenched the blade from his hand. Tom Tangletongue carried her to Maester Hunnimore.


HOUSE TARGARYEN | the maidens in the tower: daena, rhaena, and elaena

Daena was wild almost from birth. She was strong, beautiful, and willful. Like the rest of her siblings she had Valyrian looks, her long silver-gold hair was thick and curly, framing her heart-shaped face. Her eyes were purple. She was lithe and athletic. She was an expert horsewoman and also a hunter and a fine archer with her short recurved bow. She had a a fearless “I’ll dare anything” smile. During her time of confinement at the Maidenvault, Daena escaped several times and had an affair with her cousin Prince Aegon, despite his marriage to his own sister-wife Naerys. When she became pregnant she refused to name the father and became known as “Daena the Defiant.” 

Rhaena was the second daughter of King Aegon III Targaryen and Queen Daenaera Velaryon. Two years younger than Daena, Rhaena was just as lovely as her sister, but hers was a softer, sweeter, more feminine beauty. Where Daena was wilful, wild, and adventurous, Rhaena was dutiful, meek, and passive. She loved lace and gold trim and often embroidered depictions of faith on her clothing. Rhaena, unlike her two sisters, never chaffed at her confinement. She was almost as pious as her brother Baelor, and eventually became a septa.

Elaena was not a great beauty like her sisters, and at age eleven was even described as a skinny little thing, though her beauty matured as she got older. She always wore her hair long, pulled back, and braided, and was always told that it was her crowning beauty. Elaena hated her imprisonment, so she cut off her braid and had it send to Baelor, hoping that, if she undid herself of her beauty, Baelor would allow her out of the Maidenvault. He didn’t. In her lifetime she married three times, twice at a king’s behest and once for passion, and gave birth to seven trueborn children. Although she had three husbands during her lifetime, the great love of her life was her cousin Alyn Velaryon, with whom she had two bastard children, Jon and Jeyne Waters.