HOUSE TARGARYEN | the maidens in the tower: daena, rhaena, and elaena

Daena was wild almost from birth. She was strong, beautiful, and willful. Like the rest of her siblings she had Valyrian looks, her long silver-gold hair was thick and curly, framing her heart-shaped face. Her eyes were purple. She was lithe and athletic. She was an expert horsewoman and also a hunter and a fine archer with her short recurved bow. She had a a fearless “I’ll dare anything” smile. During her time of confinement at the Maidenvault, Daena escaped several times and had an affair with her cousin Prince Aegon, despite his marriage to his own sister-wife Naerys. When she became pregnant she refused to name the father and became known as “Daena the Defiant.” 

Rhaena was the second daughter of King Aegon III Targaryen and Queen Daenaera Velaryon. Two years younger than Daena, Rhaena was just as lovely as her sister, but hers was a softer, sweeter, more feminine beauty. Where Daena was wilful, wild, and adventurous, Rhaena was dutiful, meek, and passive. She loved lace and gold trim and often embroidered depictions of faith on her clothing. Rhaena, unlike her two sisters, never chaffed at her confinement. She was almost as pious as her brother Baelor, and eventually became a septa.

Elaena was not a great beauty like her sisters, and at age eleven was even described as a skinny little thing, though her beauty matured as she got older. She always wore her hair long, pulled back, and braided, and was always told that it was her crowning beauty. Elaena hated her imprisonment, so she cut off her braid and had it send to Baelor, hoping that, if she undid herself of her beauty, Baelor would allow her out of the Maidenvault. He didn’t. In her lifetime she married three times, twice at a king’s behest and once for passion, and gave birth to seven trueborn children. Although she had three husbands during her lifetime, the great love of her life was her cousin Alyn Velaryon, with whom she had two bastard children, Jon and Jeyne Waters.


HOUSE TARGARYEN | aegon IV and naerys targaryen

Aegon IV, known as Aegon the Unworthy, was the eleventh Targaryen to sit the Iron Throne and is considered to be one of the worst Targaryen kings. Throughout his life, Aegon Targaryen had many mistresses. From the highest-born princess to the meanest whore, Aegon made no difference between them. By the end of his life, he claimed to have slept with at least nine hundred women (the exact number he could not remember). He sired numerous bastards, legitimizing them on his deathbed, an act that led to five Blackfyre Rebellions. Aegon was the eldest son of the King’s Hand, Viserys, and grew up during the rule of his cousin Daeron I and married his sister Naerys.

Queen Naerys Targaryen was the sister-wife to King Aegon IV, known as the Unworthy, the sister of Prince Aemon “the Dragonknight”, and the mother of King Daeron II Targaryen and Princess Daenerys Targaryen. She was a very fine and delicate beauty, almost unworldy. She was very slender and small, with big purple eyes and fine, pale, porcelain skin, near translucent. She was devout in her faith, and often found solace in the pages of the Seven-Pointed Star. Once her son Daeron was born she asked Aegon to release her from her vows so she could join the Faith but he refused her. She was unhappy in her marriage and it was said only her son Daeron or her brother Aemon could make her smile.


HOUSE TARGARYEN | aegon the unworthy’s mistresses [1/3] falena stokeworth, merry meg, and cassella vaith

Lady Falena Stokeworth was Aegon’s first mistress. In 149 AC, she took the virginity of the fourteen-year-old prince. Their affair continued, until a Kingsguard knight found them together in bed in 151 AC. Prince Viserys then decided to mary Falena off to his master-at-arms, Lord Lucas Lothston, and convinced King Baelor I to name Lothston as the new Lord of Harrenhal, thereby removing Falena from court. Prince Aegon, however, continued to frequently visit Harrenhal for two more years, and it has been suggested that even after that, his visits to Falena continued.

Megette, also known as Merry Meg, was found by Prince Aegon in 155 AC, when he was in need of a smith. Megette was married to the smith, and seven gold dragons and a threat of Ser Joffrey Staunton of the Kingsguard “persuaded” the man to let Aegon “buy” his wife. Megette was placed in a mansion in King’s Landing, and “wed” Aegon in a secret ceremony by a mummer playing a septon.Megette birthed Aegon four daughters in four years time. Prince Viserys returned Megette to her husband after four years in 158 AC, who beat her to death within a year.

Lady Cassella Vaith was one of the hostages King Daeron I Targaryen had accepted at the Submission of Sunspear. It was Prince Aegon who escorted the hostages back to King’s Landing. Eventually, the Dornishmen revolted, and killed Daeron, leading to Prince Viserys demanding Cassella returned to the other hostages, as he planned to execute them. Prince Aegon, who by then had grown bored of her, did not resist. Casella was returned to Dorne by the new king, Baelor I Targaryen, and would live a long life, consumed by the belief that she had been Aegon’s one and true love, and that he would soon send for her.