Dominion mom paints over N-word targeting daughter
Someone spray painted 'Maddi Lorde is a n--ger' at the Daniel Taylor Memorial Skate Park in Glace Bay.

“A splotch of black paint stands out amidst the layers of graffiti at the Daniel Taylor Memorial Skate Park in Glace Bay, N.S., where the phrase “Maddi Lorde is a n–ger” used to be.

Maddi Lorde is 13 and biracial. Her mother, Sue Sinclair, discovered the racist graffiti Tuesday.

“I’m still in shock, I don’t know how to feel about it,” said Sinclair. “This is a busy skate park, everybody has seen it.”

Sinclair promptly bought paint and covered the slur herself.

‘Appalled, grossed out’

“I just really didn’t think that [racism] existed that bad to put it with spray paint on concrete,” said Sinclair. “It’s wrong.”

“Ask any biracial or black person who lives in Glace Bay. It’s here. It’s live, it’s right here, it’s not hidden,” said Headley. “They’re still using the N-word and people still think that it’s OK, I guess."”

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Mai Writes A Novel #19

Word count: 50,629

Progress: I hit 50k???? What??? How???? 18/40 chapters done, I think I’m going to go slightly off target word count xD Problem is I’ve been making a short film so I come home feeling tired meaning I’m less motivated. That’s only gonna become worse when college starts woo. 


Target: Oliver Hampton

by KillianJones32

“May I at least have the name of my target?”

“Oliver Hampton.”

Words: 1550, Chapters: 1/?, Language: English

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Satan's Child

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by angstytimelord

Will has to agree with the new nickname that Hannibal has given himself. And he also agrees with the thought that if Hannibal is ever free, he will be the serial killer’s next target.

Words: 1633, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

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About a month after Kira’s defeat and the bow-and-arrow left Morioh for good, Josuke received a call from none other than his stoic old nephew about an apparent new Stand User in town. He said he didn’t know much about what she did, but that the Speedwagon Foundation kept a few tabs on her because of her constant  moving followed by ‘unexplainable’ accidents. He expressed that she didn’t seem like a threat, but that it’d at least be a good idea to see what her deal was. Maybe she was just going around trying to cause minor chaos in her wake. Whatever it was, Josuke (along with the help of his friends) decided he must get to the bottom of this. 

A few days following the call, Josuke receives a folder in the mail briefing him on the (for lack of a better word) target. Apparently she’s a student at the local college, which he figured as much. He’s also given her schedule accompanied with a picture of her, letting him know exactly when he could stop by and question her true motives. 

Thankfully, the college and high school campus are on a different schedule, so Josuke doesn’t have school today. Since the week break is almost over, though, this is probably the only chance he’ll have to catch her, so he takes off for the college campus. Since Morioh isn’t very big (at all) he arrives quickly, leaving the matter of actually finding her. She has white hair so it shouldn’t take too long. Then again, college students are the type to dye their hair odd colors…

“Hey! You there!” He doesn’t even consider his manners as he points to a girl sitting by a tree, seemingly relaxing on short break between afternoon classes. “Your name isn’t Geddie Sawyer, is it?”