target sunglasses


Today it was a shopping day, I been saving money to get all this, and I’m really happy about it,

Some of the stuff are going to be on the giveaway that I’m saving, like the pens and washi tape and stickers, probably one of the lipsticks and shirts, I’m really testing stuff to put it on the giveaway

So please tell me if you like anything from here

By the way if you want to know about something just ask me, I love to answer you

Hey kids…. So it turns out that if you read a book with white pages during your lunch break and you sit in a spot that’s sunny for maybe ten minutes, you can still give yourself a little bit of snow blindness!! And that will make your eyes hurt and burn for a few hours!

….I need sunglasses now that my eyeglasses aren’t transition lenses…. Please learn from my mistake, young readers. Always protect your eyes, even if it’s just a few minutes.

Paps: “So Zayn, have you bought the new One Direction album yet?” Zayn: “Wot? *scoff* No, I haven— *trips* *thousands of the special edition Louis MITAM album covers fall out of his coat* Fook, these aren’t mine i swear! *sweating* i-i’m just holding them for a friend, i- *slips on a pile of albums* fu ck no, it’s not even a good alb- *more albums fall out as he falls to his knees, desperately trying to pick them up* WELL FOOK. hang on a sec, just listen—LISTEN To wot I’m sayin.”


Coffee with Audra outfit from Thursday!

Dress: Thrifted (hat-tip to Courtney for finding it for me!) It is kinda house-dressy without the belt, haha.

Sunglasses: Target

Hairbows: Handmade

Hello Kitty necklace: Tarina Tarantino

Ice cream bubble necklace: Dollar store

Barbie earrings: Tarina Tarantino

Sequin belt: Dollar store

Chuck Taylor shoes: Thrifted (fun fact: this pair is a mismatch, one’s a half size bigger lol)

Ten Fashion trends Women hate.

Khaki shorts with Polo shirts

You’d think it was the goddamn vanilla boy uniform

Water Shoes

If you don’t plan to partake in any aquatic activities, then you don’t need to wear them.

Racing Sunglasses

Trust me, the less you have in common with Guy Fieri the better.

Wolf Shirts

Napoleon Dynamite came out 10 years ago, lets get over it shall we?

Dad Jeans 

Look, you don’t need to wear jeans so tight we can see your dickline, but if you can fit both of your chicken legs in one pant leg, its time to get your mom to take you to target. 

Sunglasses on the brim of your backwards baseball hat

This aint fucking Tatooine, there is one sun, use one sun blocking mechanism. 

Sleeveless Shirts

After the world is cold, dead and void of life, alien scavengers will look through our photos and ask why the fuck these guys even bothered to wear a shirt in the first place. 

Tearaway Pants

I know its hard to give up your dreams, but you’re a 5'8" white boy.  The Lakers will never call, get some big boy pants.

Long Shorts

I don’t know who told short Men that long shorts make them look taller, but they lied.


You know why.


What I wooooore! :)

Purple sweater: Thrifted

Polka dotted peter pan collar blouse: Thrifted

Lilac corduroy skirt: Handmade

Hair flowers: Handmade

Sunglasses: Target

Hello Kitty necklace: Tarina Tarantino

Bow/heart necklace: Handmade

Earrings: Insanely Sweet Jewelry

Ring: Handmade (I’ve got one in my Etsy shop!)

Conversation heart bracelets: Claire’s

Lavender polka dot tights: Apt. 9

Socks: Dollar Tree

Neon pink oxfords: Downtown LA/Santee Alley


So after work and dropping my aunt off at the airport and stopping at Target to replace the sunglasses I left at a thrift store over the weekend, I returned home to find a box at my front door. Christmas presents from thesmokinsmolder! It was filled to the brim with Christmas decorations and other Tangled decor!

First is probably the best: a snowglobe ornament made using the picture that is presently my icon. I understand that when it was shown off, people begged to buy one. But respecting that it was my art, Flynn had to decline and kept this 100% original.

Next are the Rapunzel, Eugene and Snuggly Duckling snowflake ornaments. (Yes, the Snuggly Duckling sign does have a snowflake like the other two. It just blends into my tree.)

After that, a quiver and arrow ornament, and the arrow comes out and is attached by a chain so I can’t lose it!

Next we see the Tangled wreath, decorated with the Corona sun symbol, Rapunzel, Flynn, and Pascal, Flynn’s wanted poster, the wedding announcement, and the Snuggly Duckling sign.

The Itty Bitty Rapunzel I love, cause I’d considered getting her for myself, but held off on account of being pretty broke lately.

And finally, an array of Tangled magnets, including Max’s name badge, lanterns, Gothe’s belt, the crown, the wanted poster, the sun symbol flag, Pascal’s tail, a frying pan and the Snuggly Duckling sign.

All in all, an awesome Tangled Christmas haul! Thanks, sweety!