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Things You Might Have Forgot About Rick’s PJO and HoO Series

- Grover was 28 in Satyr years in The Lightning Thief but still looked and was growing like a middle schooler. 

- Annabeth had ‘princess curls’

- Someone in NY has a statue of Gabe on their lawn

- Travis and Connor are NOT twins

- Technically, Nico was never officially claimed

- A bunch of Target stores across the US have arrows stuck in their signs from when Zoë shot them in The Titan’s Curse

- Percy knows how to ride/drive a motorcycle

- Chiron wears horse-curlers in his tail

- Pollux is currently Dionysus’ only (claimed) child

- Blackbeard is still running around the world

- Kampe is still buried under a ton of rocks at Camp Half Blood

- Hazel is only thirteen despite her badass magic and fighting in wars and dating Frank

- Frank sleeps as a bulldog

- Thalia is IMMORTAL

- Reyna named her pegasus after peanut butter ‘Skippy’ 

- Reyna was 13 when she joined camp

- Hazel has a tattoo of the  Pluto symbol on her arm

- the Neptune cabin is covered in dust and mould as far as we know


Today’s the day Sing comes out on home video, and you know what that means: the first Gunter plushie ever made comes out today, too! Originally, I was only going to get him…until I saw the Sing display near the cash register which had the mini figures (which did not include Gunter) and the mini plushies, which included a Rosita plushie which I saw listed for ridiculous prices online (she was $9.99 at Target, but $12.99+ elsewhere) So, since Gunter needs his Rosita (and because of the discounted Gunter plush), I caved in and got her! I’m so happy that I finally have this Gunter plushie, and my life will surely have more Piggy Power in it now that I have Gunter and Rosita in my home!

liminal spaces:

-guitar center
-spirit halloween super store
-target immediately after it opens for the day
-a living room with beige carpet and close to nothing in the way of décor, like just a plain couch and a couple tables and a tv, no knickknacks or pictures or nothin
-any best buy

The Walk of Shame

Context: I’m playing Shadowrun for the first time in a solo campaign (I’m new to tabletop RPG’s in general so I’m a major idiot) and my rigger gets a job from a Mr. Johnson to convince a guy working for Ares to go to work for Heckler and Koch.
My first mistake was losing track of the objective, thinking that the only way to accomplish the mission was to assault the fortified gun store my target worked at and straight-up kidnapping him. To my credit, I conducted pretty thorough surveillance and came up with a not-quite-awful plan of attack.
On the night I planned my raid, I parked my pickup around the corner, set the autonav function to drive the truck into the parking lot, and had my drone sit in the passenger seat with instructions to push the autonav button after five minutes.
Me: I’m looking around the corner at the store. Do I see any guards?
GM: No.
Me: Do I see any lights in the windows?
GM: All windows have dim light.
Me: *proverbial lightbulb goes on* Wait… are there any cars in the parking lot?

GM: *snickers* No.
Me: *realizing target isn’t there* FUCK.

I spend the next couple of minutes debating what to do when this happens:

GM: You see a truck drive past you.

Me: Where’s it going?
GM: It’s pulling into the store’s parking lot.

Me: Can I see who’s inside?

GM: *snickers again* Your drone’s in the passenger seat.

Me: God dammit…

I ended up having to walk across the street, get in the truck, and drive away with my head hung in shame. I imagine it would’ve made quite the display for anyone watching the security cameras.

#hispanicgirlsunited because..

• Hispanic women were made fun of forever for having a lot of hair (facial hair especially) but now ‘bold brows’ are the new thing

• Our traditional garb is now called a peasant top by stores targeted for rich, white girls

• People automatically assume my mother cleans houses and my father picks oranges

• I’m not allowed to move out of the house until I’m married but my male cousin is free to leave home when he pleases

• We’ve been fetishized objects instead of the strong women we are

• When I tell people I hate cooking and cleaning, they ask me what Im supposed to do when I get a husband

• Our culture is appropriated constantly and no one realizes but us

• White people want us “Out of their country” when without us they wouldn’t have: orange juice in the morning, people to clean their houses, people building their houses, someone to mow their lawn, tacos, enchiladas, burritos, and basically someone doing all the shitty jobs no one else wants to do for shitty wages ( also we’re badly stereotyped for doing/making/eating these things)

• Someone’s literally told me “You’re pretty for a Latin girl”

• If I don’t know how to say a word in Spanish people say “Aren’t you supposed to be bilingual?”

• People are SO impressed by the fact that I get good grades

• I’m too Mexican to listen to Nirvana and Fleetwood Mac, but too White to listen to Selena and Pedro Infante

• Our problems are completely ignored in the media

• When I say my opinion I’m suddenly the voice of my race

• People can’t grasp the idea that Hispanics don’t just come from Mexico

• When there’s people at my school doing the flowers, trees, etc. people say “oh look there’s you’re family”

• Our beauty standards are women who have light skin, hair, and eyes when the majority of us have darker everything

• I can’t eat a taco at school without people saying “Of course you’d eat that!”

• People are surprised I’m not super loud and social

• When I translate for my friends and family people make faces at me

• Whenever I get angry people blame it on me being Hispanic

• Places like Panajachel and Antigua have been taken over by white hippies

• If I’m arguing with someone their first comeback is “I’ll deport you”

• Boys have come up to my friends and said “Hey mami” or “Call me papi”

• We’re represented far less than most minorities and when we are in the media we’re portrayed as sexy, curvy, and always promiscuous

• Most of us have relatives, neighbors, or friends that have been deported and we miss them dearly but we can’t tell anyone because they’ll think we’re undocumented as well

• Cinco De Mayo = Drinking holiday Memorial Day = important holiday

• We come here to work hard and we’re perceived as lazy wetbacks

• I can’t say gringo but anyone can tell me to go back to my country

• People don’t realize America wouldn’t be shit without us and other minorities :))

So you wanna be my Valentine?

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Have you committed grievous bodily harm against anyone I love in the last 12 months?:
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If you could wake up tomorrow in an AU, what would the AU be?:
General opinion of Target stores:
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a few tips on the walkout method

hi everyone! so awhile ago, i got caught at target doing the walkout method and i would like to share some tips on how to successfully do it. these are my tips on big stores such as walmart and target. grocery stores may differ slightly with tips. 

• the LP said they began to watch me when I started putting my items into reusable grocery bags. I saw a post on here that said you would be less sus if you bagged your items, and that is not always the case. you may be less sus to other customers, but definitely not to the SA’s. 

• that being said, if you do decide to conceal in reusable bags so that you are less sus while walking out, DO SO while moving. I made the mistake of throwing all my crap into bags while standing in an aisle (with a camera. smh at myself.) I thought it was fine because some people like to have their items neatly organized, but this is what caused LP to watch me. bag your items while walking. 

• I have done the walkout method at target numerous times and I have only gotten caught once. the day I got caught was on a sunday, and it was around 3 pm. before that, I would use the walkout method on weekday nights and never got caught, even though the stores were dead and cashiers were bound to notice me not paying lol. I assume that during the daytime weekends, LP is more active. 

• if you absolutely need your items to be organized but don’t want to use reusable bags because it’s sus, grab a few small cutesy storage boxes and store your items into those to organize them. one day I didn’t have bags and I used this and it worked like a charm! some people don’t use bags at all and it looks perfectly normal. plus, organizational boxes are very useful. and if you don’t need them, you can always donate them. I got the ones pictured below. 

that’s all! please keep in mind these are the tips that worked specifically for me, and if other things like using bags work for you then go ahead. please remember to always stay safe. being too cocky and ignoring my gut feeling is what caused me to get caught!  

Lucaya Text AU: Because of their last names being so close in the alphabet, Lucas and Maya have been paired together for nearly every school project since middle school. It only made sense that they became study partners with their own pre-exam ritual.

hey not an ad but boots at Target (online and in stores but i just order online) are $19.99 plus free shipping and they’re really cute booties or knee high boots

they’re pretty good quality since target boots aren’t bad and for $20 is gr8 since they’re normally like $50 

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