target shooting & marksmanship


Title: Scars

Pairing: Reader x Dean

Word Count: 1,265

Theme Songs: I’d Be Lying by Greg Laswell, Corner by Allie Moss

Request: Could I get one the reader has like a three inch scar on her right cheek from having a tumor removed as a teenager and while it usually doesn’t bother her she sometimes is self conscious about it Dean sees her upset and she tells him about the surgery and how she is self conscious? Maybe they end up together sad at first but fluffy ending

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Your ears rang as you popped off shot after shot down the gun range, ignoring your hands cramping up from holding the gun so long; it was beginning to heat up. You pulled the trigger again and were met with the click of an empty chamber. While you were grabbing another box of ammo from the shelf beside you, you missed Dean entering the range.

“Y/N! There you are, I’ve been looking all over for you,” he said, making you jump, startled.

“Yeah, I’ve just been down here practicing,” you replied, recovering from your start and placing the box of bullets next to your gun. 

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The Remington Rolling Block Boy Scout rifle,

Since its founding in 1910 over 110 million Americans have held membership in the Boy Scout.  Being a Boy Scout is so American, that even claiming to have been an Eagle Scout is an acceptable thing to put on a job resume.  Unfortunately Peashooter never had the opportunity to join the Scouts as there were no packs in my locality.  Bummer.

One common feature of Boy Scout training is riflery and marksmanship.  In 1913, Remington introduced the Remington Rolling Block Boy Scout rifle.  A copy of the famous Rolling Block, the Boy Scout rifle was a single shot breechloader.  Unlike other models of the Rolling Block, the Boy Scout rifle was shorter, and chambered for the weak .22 short cartridge.

The Rolling Block Boy Scout rifle was perfect for its purpose.  Often single shot rifles are best for youth and new shooters, and the small caliber .22 short cartridge had no recoil while being accurate enough for small game hunting.  Overall, it was easy and safe for training in marksmanship. Around 6,000 were produced between 1913 and 1923.