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every single time I see posts saying straight boys are ugly or terrible or stupid I die a little more inside like why would you say stuff like that. why hate on straight boys. straight boys are wonderful just like boys who are not straight. boys are wonderful no matter what sexual orientation and they deserve love and respect and recognition. So to all the straight boys: keep doing you and be that wonderful person you are and don’t believe all that shit Tumblr preaches about you

weird, completely random things the types would do

ESTJ: go to the store at like 1am to pick up paint because they noticed a spot that the painter missed and it’s driving them craaaaaazzzyyyy

ENTJ: at Target they see a set of perfectly aligned, industrial looking clocks that they absolutely must have because the clocks just look presidential

ESTP: eat a battery as a kid

ENTP  climb up the window using a rapunzel wig just to see if the theory is actually plausible

ISTJ: spend all day learning how to correctly paint walls, then not finding the energy to actually paint walls

INTJ: design a fandom poster then think of ways they could sell them for a living

ISTP: try going one full day without cussing………fails in 10 minutes

INTP: “i think i’ll go to bed tonight… shake things up for a change”

ESFJ: make a grilled cheese sandwich for someone, then realizes they are hungry and so they eat that grilled cheese sandwich God forgive them

ENFJ: leave their purse at the public food court, then when they go back to retrieve it, they just start engaging in conversation with the police officer 

ESFP: goes on a “pretty-pen hunt” throughout their house to find all the pretty pens so they can hoard them and kill anyone who tries to steal them

ENFP: tries to cook up a mock Chick-fil-a chicken sandwich recipe but ends up giving themselves food poisoning, God rest their soul

ISFJ: makes a pot of coffee, fixes a cup of coffee, doesn’t finish that cup of coffee, leaves it somewhere in the house, repeats this process 5x a day

INFJ: “i’m going to read this book outside under that tree” *sees bee* “nope” *goes back inside*

INFP: writes incredible 30 page fanfics but is too shy to post them anywhere

ISFP: wants to be a vet or something but can’t even be in the same house as a beetle or a spider

lmao at anti-snape people who don’t realize that james and snape aren’t really foils for draco and harry (tho they can correlate) but more for dudley and harry. 

dudley hates harry for no reason - because his parents hate harry and harry’s easy to pick on. he picks on harry with his gang of friends, terrorizing him whenever it’s convenient. harry fights back against dudley (but does anyone call it “equal”…? lmao no bc it’s still not even tho harry fights back). dudley has the adults on his side, adults who won’t listen to and don’t care about harry. does this sound familiar at all? it should. 

do you honestly think harry saw that scene in swm and didn’t suffer an immediate flashback? if you think not, you’re kidding yourself friends. harry knows what snape’s going through - he went through it too. and yet fandom looks at dudley and harry and recognizes the power disadvantage, recognizes it’s bullying, but when they look at the marauders and snape, they’re all, “well that’s just what teenagers do!” okay. sure. 

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ngl i wasn't sure about the mon-el hate but like??? not only does he abandon his lover to die, he consistently disrespects his CURRENT gf (kara) and lies??? why is she the bad guy? didn't he literally own slaves??? how are people okay with this man???

i’ll give u three guesses, tho i’m sure u’ll only need one


some kiho love

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Why is “character who doesn’t like being touched panicking because their friend/teammate/whoever is trying to touch them” funny to you at all.

It demonstrates a gross disregard for the boundaries of others and miss me with that “its fiction” bullshit cause y'all *know* the things we produce and share are reflections of our thoughts and experiences.

If seeing a character made visibly uncomfortable by people who are supposed to support them is amusing to you then you need to spend some serious time reflecting on yourself and probably have some people you owe apologies to for overstepping their boundaries.

Since Valentine’s day is just around the corner I thought I’d make a cute little masterpost! Fancy a hungarian? With these phases you can easily win their heart ;)

Szeretlek - I love you

Imádlak - I adore you

Hiányzol - I miss you

Szükségem van rád - I need you

Akarlak - I want you

Állandóan rád gondolok - I think about you all the time

barát (m.) / barátnő (f.) - boyfriend/girlfriend (both barát and barátnő can mean just regular friend it depends on the context)

együtt járni valakivel - to date someone (it literally means to walk with someone how cute is that)

csók - kiss

puszi - light kiss; peck (yes it sounds similar to pussy great right?)

ölelés - hug

Jól nézel ki - You look good

Valentin-nap - Valentine’s day

évforduló - anniversary

szerelmem - my love

életem - my life

egyetlenem - my only one

lelkem - soul of mine

szívem - my heart

drágám - my darling

cicám - my kitten  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )

galambom - it means ‘my pigeon’ that may sound weird but that’s how it is. not really used nowadays but it’s common in poems so i thought it would be helpful

if you want to know more don’t hesitate to ask me!!

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I was shopping at target wearing a cream colored sweater with a rainbow neckline and dark maroon colored pants. I was holding a basket and my keys and someone asked me if I worked there. I told an employee and made her night. This happens a lot. I don't know why. I've never worked for target.

I want to see someone go into a store wearing one of those horse head masks with something close to what the uniform looks like(polo red shirt and khakis for example). I just want to see how far customers would go to ask you that while you very obviously don’t work there and horses don’t work retail. -Abby


Mericcup Week 2015 Day 2 >> “Duty means doing the thing your heart may well regret.” (Princess and the Pauper)

An alternate gifset of this, in which Hiccup interrupts Merida’s wedding with that so called ‘dramatic flair’ of his, steals her away and flies off into the sunset.


His air force?


His invasion plan?


His bombers?


His fighters?


The fact his planes based in france couldn’t stay long over the isles?


The way they changed target to see if that worked better?


Their lack of radar?




I was just thinking about how some people, most people really, don’t realize that whorephobia is an actual axis of oppression.

One example of too many; the Green River killer murdered over 90 women and specifically targeted sex workers because he thought no one would care about us. More recently, Adrien Bayley brutalized countless sex workers before he was arrested for the murder of Jill Meagher (Jill wasn’t a sex worker and her husband pointed out how whorephobia lead to her death as the courts gave him pathetically weak sentences for his crimes against Melbourne SWs which is the reason why he was a free man and able to kill her).

Beyond this, many of us have experienced at least one scary situation and many of us have been assaulted by clients who targeted us because society sees us as disposable, they know we have little to no recourse. I was stalked and kidnapped by a serial rapist and I know of several SWs who’ve been raped by him, most I know personally. I’m fully expecting to see him on the news charged with murder, any day now.

That’s the reality. I don’t really do personal posts here but I’ve been crying over the women murdered by the Green River killer for an hour so why not make a post about it I guess.

Edit: I can’t reply directly because mobile but civilians can reblog this, this blog is designed to be an educational resource for everyone so all posts are fine for civilians (non sex workers) to reblog unless specifically stated otherwise
No Salvation

Request:  I have a request….Okay, one where the reader is a thief, con-artist, and overall scammer, she is good at lying, and having a quick solution to problems, she runs into Sam and Dean on a hunt, they go to a bar, and the reader gets up and sees a target, she pickpockets a man, and comes back with a loaded wallet. As time goes on the boys find out she is a thief and a hunter (sort of like Bela), but Dean suddenly starts to realize how much he really likes the reader. @too-much-winchester

a/n: Thank you for the request, I had fun writing this! I really hope you like it!<3

Warnings; language, reader is a thief/con woman, mentions of a ghost hunt, flirting, kissing, un-beta’d

Pairing; Dean x Reader

Being a hunter has never been a profitable career choice, not money wise anyway. No one paid you when you ganked a monster or saved their lives, and you didn’t expect them too. Hunting was a choice you made a long time ago, killing monsters was worth the work but you still needed cash somehow, right?

So you’d turned to stealing in between jobs, it was just small things to start with, wallets and purses- things that are easy to snatch unnoticed. Then when you became more immersed in the hunting world, you would steal the odd relic or two and sell them on. It was never anything sinister or cursed, just things that looked like they were worth money to the untrained eye.

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Why do you study so much anyway?

- Because there are kids who study under car park lamp - posts because they don’t have electricity at home. I have a desk and lamp all of my own and I’m going to prove that I deserve it.
- Because good grades = freedom. If I work hard I can access any university or job or future I want. No one can tell me I don’t have the qualifications to do something.
- Because I have to go to school and I may as well make the most if it
- Because I love the feeling of opening exam results and seeing my target grades
- Because it’s interesting to learn new things

- motivation for myself because sometimes I run out of steam


Jackunzel Week 2016 Day 7 >> Everyone Can See It
Merida and Hiccup are so done with the fact that Jack and Punz won’t admit they’re totally head over heels for one another.
*Also offering this to Mericcup Week, as I won’t be submitting for the week, but your lovely mod Gail will be the one contributing to those days. <3 Thank you so much to everyone who joined Jackunzel Week this year!!

“They’re only fooling themselves.” You’re one to talk, Hic.