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I should have seen the teddy bear violence coming, but i was blinded by the extreme level of Hyogi cuteness in the beginning. 

Upcoming screenings for Chie Mikami’s award-winning documentary (featuring English subtitles)!

The 91-minute film focuses on the residents of Takae district (Higashi Village, northern Okinawa), their protests against the construction of U.S. military helipads, and the Japanese government’s attempt to silence them. The film’s bold title is influenced by Takae’s history with the U.S. military, which used their land as a mock target in warfare training during the Vietnam War.

Chapter 01 | Chapter 02 | Chapter 03 | Chapter 04 | Chapter 05

summary: During a routine recon mission turned ambush, Lance and Blue must take drastic measures to ensure their survival. The aftermath leaves Lance lost and dreaming, and the team helpless to the possibility that, without a guide, he won’t make it back. 


Blue growled. Lance breathed. “We got this. We – we’ll be fine. Ready, girl?”

Blue’s head snapped up and to the side. Alarms blared and Lance brought up the screen, gaze darting over the barrage of red dots as they turned to track them. He swallowed. ETA of the rest of the team was still twenty minutes, and that was if they weren’t intercepted. Focus. No time to worry about that. His fingers danced over the controls, Blue humming her agreement as she turned to face them, her hackles up and roar gathering deep in her chest.

The back of the chair hissed as a targeting screen pushed forward and sighted in front of Lance’s left eye, the controls on the arms of the chair changing to triggers. Lance lined up the shots with the ones on the screen, quick calibrations scrolling through the HUD display on his helmet. Inhaling, he held his breath as green lights flashed across the board.

Exhale. Fire.

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Hello Ship-Aholics, I hope all of you had an amazing start in 2014!

A new year has begun and we all know what this means: New Ships and a loooooot of Feelz.

Anime-wise 2013 was the year of titan-slaying soldiers and a group of water obsessive swimmers, so I am rather excited what’s about to air this year. There’ve been a lot of cool games too (my personal highlights: The Legend of Zelda - A Link between worlds (Oh god that pun! XD) and Pokemon X & Y). So yeah, looking forward to this years surprises!

But hey, last time I promised to show you the target screen for our ship wars game- And here it is!

This target screen is supposed to show how we imagine our game to look like. It gives information about the UI (user interface), which is pretty important for our gameplay, and it gives an idea of the perspective for example.

This thing also serves a lot of design-related purposes: It answers Questions such as “What’s the style of the game?”, “Do the different objects work together?” and “Are the ratios fitting our expectations?”. So for example this is how we imagine our battle screen to look like. You can see the players ship, as well as the ship of an other player, and how they’re attacking each other. You get an idea of the cartoony, playful style we’re aiming for and what kind of different UI-Elements will be implemented (compass, map and -of course- a health bar). They’re placeholders and of course we will draw own pictures of the ship-able characters |P

Haha, so yeah, next time I am going to talk about the ships (literally) you guys can get in the game and I will tell you more about their features.

Stay tuned and set sail into the shipping adventures of 2014! ♥