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What type of sports do you think the paladins enjoy? (Soccer, swimming, basketball, tenis, volleyball, gymnastics, ect)

I’ll be honest I have some pretty non surprising headcanons on this one, but I’ll try to throw some interesting one’s in there.

-Lance, unsurprisingly loves to swim. Growing up in Cuba near the beach means it’s a common past time for him, but what a lot of people don’t know is he’s also a track runner. 

-Those long legs can catapult his body far my friends. 

-Was Team captain of the Varsity swim team and the co-captain of the Track Team. Was offered a scholarship for his swimming, but chose to go to the Garrison instead. 

-Pidge is a rock climber. They’re size makes others underestimate them, but they can just climb about anything. 

-Short people just know how to climb. I swear. Pidge has set records, they see a rock wall, they’re on it. 

-Pidge tried to surf once. Pidge will not surf ever again.

-Pidge is a hard core Quidditch fan too. 

-Hunk too was a track person, but Hunk did shot put and discus. He’s set records in his high school. 

-Hunk is also a huge hockey fan. He never played on a team, but he does for fun on the occasion. He’s pretty brutal if he wanted to be. 

-Hunk really likes jousting as a sport too. Not like the dinner theater, but like Full Metal Jousting. He finds it hard to watch when there is injuries, but he admires the techniques. 

-Shiro is an archer. Something strikes me that he’s an Archer. It’s relaxing yet competitive. He doesn’t shoot 3D, but he does do Recurve. He thinks it’s more of a challenge. 

-Shiro also gave a stab at tennis. He’s not too bad actually. As long as he’s playing singles. He’s been known to accidentally hit his partner in the back if he’s serving in doubles. (Side eyes Keith)

-Keith. Keith strikes me as a Lacrosse player. He likes the physical contact and the sport itself. He’s a mean machine on offense, but he can also fill in for goalie. 

-Has taken his team to Nationals several times. 

-He tried martial arts, he’s good at it but not entirely interested. 

-The boy loves fencing. Keep Rapier’s out of his hands. 

-Refuses to play anything with Shiro. (See above)

-For fun, I just laughed about the idea that Coran loves Curling. You know, on ice, scrubbing to keep little rocks into targets. He didn’t understand it at first, but he really likes to watch.

-Just don’t let him play it. It’s a danger zone.

-Allura, surprisingly is a Gymnastics fan. But above all she adores air racing. Loves Air racing. 

So… I made this… and I don’t know why.

Basically my favorite mask is the Mask of the Father

My friend Mychael likes the manikin mask

And Chris likes the Falconer helm… for some queer reason…

The rest are just a few of my favorite characters

(Save for Lucatiel… I hate her. I wanted Patches, but Chris said use the mask because our Wall builds have it… so I did)

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How about Jotaro, Kakyoin, Josuke, and Okuyasu teaching their s/o how to bring out their stand and how to use it?

I don’t think these turned out too well, so I’m sorry about that ;w; I hope you like them anyways!

☆ Jotaro ☆

  • In all honesty, it would be better to ask somebody that isn’t Jotaro. He’s not a very good teacher; he gets frustrated easily, even with his s/o, and given that Star Platinum manifested with no real issues… he’s got no idea how to help at all, and he’s too short-tempered to figure it out.
  • He’d probably end up going to Joseph or Avdol, since they’re more experienced with this than he is. They probably don’t help much, though, and he’ll leave more frustrated than he was before.
  • “I just… think about it. I want Star Platinum to appear for whatever reason, and it does. It’s not that hard.”
  • In the end it’ll be almost entirely up to his s/o to figure out how to summon their Stand, but once it comes to battling and figuring out their Stand’s abilities, Jotaro’s got this down. With his strength and stamina, he’ll let his s/o practice on him and Star Platinum; as long as their ability isn’t lethal, he’s willing to take any hits. Be careful though, he might hit back.

☆ Kakyoin ☆

  • Kakyoin is definitely much more patient, but he’s not much more helpful. He’s had Hierophant Green since childhood; although he may remember the moment he first summoned it, he doesn’t remember how he did it, exactly. Still, he’s willing to give things a shot.
  • “For me… I usually have to be thinking clearly. So why don’t you take a deep breath and focus?”
  • He’d find the two of them a secluded place to practice; yeah, most people can’t see Stands, but they can see him and his s/o striking poses and shouting various references. He’s willing to stick with them and practice for hours, once they’re out of the public eye.
  • He’d also let his s/o practice their new abilities on him, but he’d be more cautious about it, suggesting they start with smaller targets first. Maybe that rock over there-?

☆ Josuke ☆

  • He’s absolutely thrilled that his s/o has a Stand now, even if they haven’t seen it yet. He hopes it’s something that compliments Crazy Diamond, so that the two of them can battle alongside each other as an unstoppable team.
  • He’d say the same thing he did to Koichi; just feel like you need to protect yourself, or fight somebody. Given that Crazy Diamond can heal, he’d offer to throw a few punches and induce those feelings, so that his s/o doesn’t have to force themselves into it.
  • “Don’t look at me like that, babe- I won’t hurt you at all, I promise! Just trust me on this, okay?”
  • He’d probably get carried away and accidentally scrape up his s/o; although he apologized and healed them immediately, they’re irritated now and ready to kick his ass- but hey, at least they got their Stand out-!

☆ Okuyasu ☆

  • He wants to help, he really does. But he’s even worse than Jotaro when it comes to this. He first summoned his Stand accidentally- kinda hard not to, when you’ve just been shot- and he doesn’t want to have to hurt his s/o to get things going. He’s got no idea what to do.
  • He’d turn to Josuke and Jotaro for advice, and probably end up dragging them along for a training session with his s/o. They can probably articulate some proper advice that his s/o can actually follow-
  • Okuyasu’s the only one who suggests relaxing as a way to summon their Stand. Maybe they’re trying too hard, and it doesn’t want to appear because they’re trying to force it-? Everyone’s shocked when that actually works- himself included.
  • “Babe, your Stand is super cool! Ah, hey, you look tired- let’s stop for the day and go eat something!”

Ancient meteorite impact sparked long-lived volcanic eruptions on Earth

Meteorite impacts can produce more than craters on the Earth - they can also spark volcanic activity that shapes its surface and climate by bringing up material from depth. That is the headline finding of an international team, led by geochemists from Trinity College Dublin, who discovered that large impacts can be followed by intense, long-lived, and explosive volcanic eruptions.

The team studied rocks filling one of the largest preserved impact structures on the planet, located in Sudbury (Ontario, Canada). The ‘bolide’ hit the Earth here 1.85 billion years ago and excavated a deep basin, which was filled with melted target rocks and, later, with jumbled mixed rocks full of tiny volcanic fragments.

Not only are there volcanic fragments throughout the sequence of the 1.5 km-thick basin but they have a very distinctive angular shape, which the scientists explain resembles a 'crab claw’. Such shapes form when gas bubbles expand in molten rock that then catastrophically explodes – a feature of violent eruptions involving water, and which can be seen under glaciers in Iceland, for example. In the crater, these took place for a long period of time after the impact, when the basin was flooded with sea water.

The key finding of the research, just published in the Journal of Geophysical Research: Planets, is that the composition of the volcanic fragments changed with time. Right after the impact, volcanism is directly related to melting of the Earth’s crust. However, with time, volcanism seems to have been fed by magma coming from deeper levels within the Earth.

Professor of Geology and Mineralogy at Trinity, Balz Kamber, said: “This is an important finding, because it means that the magma sourcing the volcanoes was changing with time. The reason for the excitement is that the effect of large impacts on the early Earth could be more serious than previously considered.”

On the early Earth there was a relatively brief period during which ca. 150 very large impacts occurred, whereas since then, only a handful have hit the Earth.

Professor Kamber added: “The intense bombardment of the early Earth had destructive effects on the planet’s surface but it may also have brought up material from the planet’s interior, which shaped the overall structure of the planet.”

The findings raise interest in topical research on similar volcanism on other planetary bodies like Mercury, Venus, Mars and the Moon. There, unlike on the Earth, the lack of plate tectonics and erosion help preserve surface features, which are probed by space craft.

The insight from Sudbury is complemental, the geologists say, because you can directly observe the rocks with your own eyes and collect loads of samples for detailed study in the lab.

Hunting Octopus 4 of 5 by RJohns These 5 photos are shot in succession of an octopus on the hunt for food. #1 shows it approaching a target rock. #2 when it engulfs the rock to prevent any animals from escaping. #3 is when it was using the ends of its tentacles to fish around int he cracks and crevices of the rock for any unfortunate animals that were trapped. #4 It is finishing up and getting ready to move to the next rock after not finding any food. #5 It is making its way tot he next rock to continue the search.