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Fandom Trumps Hate is almost here!

What is it?

An online fanfic/fanart auction to benefit a variety of organizations helping populations targeted by Trump and his administration. (Such as the ACLU, Planned Parenthood, Trans Lifeline, and the National Immigrant Justice Center.)

How does it work?

Authors and artists will sign up to offer their work at auction. The winner will donate their winning bid amount to one of the charities listed below, then send the author/artist email proof of their charitable donation. Once we know you’ve donated, the author/artist will get to work on your item! If you’ve seen previous auctions to benefit AO3 or Haiti, it’s kind of like that.

When is it happening?

Dec 19: Author/artist signups open (also electoral college votes)

Dec 31: Author/artist signups close

Jan 12: Bidding opens

Jan 20: Bidding closes (and the new president is inaugurated)

Jan 31: Proof of donation due to your author/artist

If you write fic or create fanart, get ready to sign up!

If you don’t, point your favorite authors and artists this way in case they’re interested! Either way, get ready to bid to support some great organizations!

Check out our FAQ for more info, including a list of the charities the auction will be supporting. If we’ve missed anything, drop us a note in our askbox!

Author/artist signups open December 19 and close December 31.

Since fascists have escalated their targeting of eastern European populations in Britain, now seems like a good time to remind everyone that race relations in the US cannot be neatly transposed to the rest of the world.

Bidding ends TONIGHT

Have you had your eye on an auction but were holding off to see what happens? Get outbid but think you could go $10 more? Didn’t know there was a fanworks auction to benefit a huge list of charities serving populations targeted by Trump until just now?

All auctions have been set to close tonight at midnight EST. But there are a dozen ways your computer or Google’s servers could hiccup when you go to place a bid, so don’t put it off ‘til 11:59!

Take a final look through our tag pages to find your favorite fandoms and get your bid in now!

anonymous asked:

Do you consider serial killers as terrorists? Or mass shooters, should they be labeled as terrorists? I do, honest.

No, I think there should always be a difference between serial killers, mass shooters, and terrorists.

Why? Because even though their acts look similar on the surface, what motivates a terrorist and a serial killer/mass shooter is ultimately extremely different. Both serial killers and terrorists kill people, but they do it for different reasons.

A terrorist commits acts of violence to make a political/religious statement, hence why terrorists target densely populated targets and/or famous targets. They WANT their crimes to be known, they WANT to scare people, they WANT that notoriety and that coverage. Thats why terrorist organisations own up to the attacks they perpetrate and claim responsibility; the act of killing is not done for personal gain, or for sexual satisfaction. Its a means to achieve an end.

Serial murder, on the other hand, is usually committed with the specific aim of NOT being found out and NOT having to claim responsibility. People commit murder for all sorts of reasons - sex, money, jealousy, sadism etc - but the main point to remember is that the murder is committed to fufill the needs of the offender; that is, serial killers do what they do because it makes them feel good, and they cant obtain that feeling from any other source.

I see every single one of you “muslims” All of you that condemn bombings in Sunni majority countries that spew anti-shia rhetoric and keep quiet when the explosion is in lebanon, iraq or pakistan because the intended target is the shia population living there.

We take notes over here

anonymous asked:

I am hoping to enter the field of sports massage therapy. Atm im doing my sweedish massage internship(110hrs left😢) I wanted to get your input as an amazing coach, with very knowledgeable opinions of the fitness industry. To advance in this field what would you recomend? I was thinking of getting a personal trainer license, to be more familiar with muscles and how they work/not work together but I am not sure its worth my time. As an athlete, what do you believe the sports massage field needs?

I’m a big proponent of the adage “don’t be a jack of all trades, master of none.” I think a lot of people in this industry try to go down too many avenues, taking a bunch of different courses that don’t necessarily relate to one another. Instead, I’ve always preferred to just develop a target population and a specific training philosophy.

My advice would be to do the same: become the best damn sports massage therapist in the industry. Find your niche, and roll with it. It’s important to continue to master your craft, before you go on trying to find new ones to add to your tool belt.

I’ve been thinking a lot about it lately and I absolutely can not give certain countries “credit” or “gratitude” for liberating the camps in WWII since their indifference allowed the Holocaust to happen and they would have likely allowed it to continue if they themselves did not feel an existential threat from Hitler’s invasion of Europe

-The US, Canada, and western European nations turned away Jewish refugees fleeing Germany during the 1930s
-The US’s own racial and eugenics policies at the time acted as a model for Hitler to emulate
-The USSR allowed Germany to seize parts of Poland via the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact, where some of the heaviest atrocities would take place
-The USSR would go on to deny Nazi atrocities were targeted specifically at Jewish populations after the war

People who try to justify the nuclear bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki are fucking criminal I swear to god. 

The United States killed over 200,000 people immediately by dropping both those bombs, and hundreds of thousands of more people died from radiation poisoning and other side effects of the bombings. The actual death toll is speculated to be, taking into account those who died in the following months and years, upwards of 300,000 people. 

Saving lives? The United States lost a total of 115,000 soldiers in the whole of the pacific theatre.  That’s less than half of the number of people killed by the nuclear bombings, and they were soldiers, not civilians. The only lives you’re saving are your own, and furthermore, who’s to say the bombs actually ended the war? The traditional narrative that the bombs ended the war are hugely flawed, Hiroshima and Nagasaki were not the most totally destroyed cities in Japan that summer, conventional bombing was taking just as heavy a toll (again, targeting civilian populations, how is that justified?). It has been suggested that the real catalyst for ending the war was the Soviet decision to invade Manchuria, thereby eliminating the possibility of Stalin mediating a peace treaty between the Japanese and the US. 

So please, keep your war-crime denials to yourselves. 

me, pointing a water gun at you: during the Great War, all sides of the conflict would have had limited bombs to drop (still a huge amount, but limited nonetheless) so they would target places with higher population densities to inflict the greatest amount of damage, and the east coast has a significantly higher population than the rest of the country. so saying that the east coast of the wasteland is somehow lazier than the west just because they haven’t built up some very large and flawed government system is remarkably unfair, because the majority of the Chinese military’s bombs would have been dropped on the east coast, making it significantly harder for society to rebuild

you: please let me go i’m just trying to bring in my groceries

Dear tumblr users:

If you have a problem with a blog or blogger, NEVER harass them. REPORT & IGNORE THEM, and if they’re a potential danger or are offensive to other bloggers, be kind and warn the target person or population. But do not, I repeat, DO NOT add to the already toxic culture of harassment and abuse that’s currently “thriving” on this site. You are better than that so fucking show us already. It’s time to stop the violence and the hypocrisy and finally BE THE CHANGE you’re demanding of the world. 

People who are soft on Nazis, either by defending their “views” as “free speech” or simply by tolerating and rationalizing their existence, whether in the name of liberalism, conservatism, whatever, are morally on par with actual Nazis. Not like, quantifiably *as bad*, but they’re in the same fucking ballpark. The existence of Nazis and fascists of all varieties represents both a metaphysical and a concrete threat to the existence of marginalized ethnicities, especially Jews, Rroma, black folks and Arab folks, queers, the disabled, and a host of other targets and vulnerable populations. You can’t quantify that absolute threat until it reaches its threshold. That threshold is genocide, always. Nazi apologists, liberal moderates, whatever: they’re all scum. Nazis are scum and they need to be destroyed by any means necessary.

Brexit: We're Fucked

So we voted for Brexit.

What the fuck is wrong with this country?

That the Leave campaign targeted working class populations, like Sunderland who swayed the vote for them, sickens me. They targeted groups that they knew would be more susceptible to their propaganda. Their xenophobic, hate-mongering, anti-immigration speech.

They also targeted the older generations with their stupid ‘let’s make Britain great again’. Oh, you mean back in the days of the British empire, when we STOLE countries and forced their people to live under British rule whether they wanted to or not?

Let’s face it - the EU didn’t force rules on us. Everything handed down by the EU was voted on by every member of the EU, including ourselves.

When you take into account the rebate that we got from the EU every year, plus the amount spent on us by the EU, we only really spend 0.5% of our GDP on membership. 0.5%! That works out as something like 36p per person, per day. So congratulations, everyone - you just voted out of the EU to save yourselves £131 a year. But wait! You’ll still have to pay that to the UK government, because they’ve earmarked that to go towards the NHS instead.

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I mean, gentiles can talk all they want about how the US is a judeo-christian society but
  • Jews have to think twice about revealing their identity–doing so in the wrong company can mean antisemitic jibes at best and violence at worst. Christians advertise their Christianity on bumper stickers. 
  • The most well-known Jewish holiday is actually a pretty minor one, and even that is basically an afterthought compared to Christmas
  • Christmas episodes on TV shows are considered standard fare for December. Most shows have a Christmas episode for all of its seasons. The number of Hanukkah specials can be counted on one hand.
  • We’re in the most danger when we’re celebrating our most important holidays. Yom Kippur services without some sort of additional security are unthinkable
  • How many times a year do churches get defaced? How many times has someone targeted Christian-populated neighborhoods with genocidal messages?
  • Being Jewish is considered a special interest
  • Their is a decent population out there that thinks we have horns. Fucking horns
  • We can’t even blog in peace, because rather than delete tumblrs that exist only to harass, this good for nothing site’s response is to just let the victim change the way they use the site.
  • Most suspicious, bad traits that have been ingrained in our society are Jewish-coded. 
  • People don’t even know our most basic terminology.  
  • Uh, look at the religious hate crime stats

The US is not a judeo-christian society. “Judeo-christian” suggests that we’re on equal ground and we’re not. It is a Christian society that uses Jews as a battleground in the causes that suit white Christians. Best case scenario, we’re treated like the family pet by philosemitic Christians, not human beings. 

What I hate most about the media categorizing the Orlando Massacre as a ISIS terrorist attack (if it is or is not true) is that the LGBT community that was targeted for this hate crime will be left out. This massacre will be turned into propaganda against ISIS, rather than focusing on the minority that was targeted. A minority that suffers from levels of domestic terrorism and oppression on a daily basis. 

“ISIS hates everyone that doesn’t believe what they do,” is something someone said to me about the shooting. This should not ONLY be considered an ISIS terror attack, this attack is a hate crime specifically targeting a minority population. Yes, ISIS might be involved, but also is homophobia. If it was ISIS, it is still an attack against the LGBT community. This will get brushed under the rug and forgotten as the media tries to make this a foreign issue rather than a domestic one. This massacre will be used as propaganda against ISIS and foreign ‘terrorist’, rather than our own homegrown due to homophobia and intolerance in our country. 

I can see if now, the news outlets will try to keep the location of the massacre out of their stories and say the ‘shooting in Orlando’. Saying that it was at a gay bar will somehow make it less legitimate and ‘appealing’ to their audience. Don’t forget, every media and news agency has an agenda – they are a business at the end of the day. If you don’t believe that….you need to check yourself. They edit things a certain way and show what they want. The news isn’t objective, remember that. 

Take bloggers like communismkills’ circle out here, the right libertarians who’ve moved alt-right over the last couple of years, take every ancap, and take Alex Jones and his fans (a more vocal segment of the population Horowitz targeted over a decade earlier). You can think of them operating together as a single mass. They are shining the shoes of the ruling elite. They are the hardened rubber heel to Paul Ryan’s kicks. 

I kind of find it hard to believe any country with a ton of white people in control of government do not disproportionally target their poc population (typically dark skinned) for armed services but please correct me if I’m wrong so that it just shows how even shittier the relationship between “racial drafting” and the military is in the US

I honestly don’t know why people are surprised. America has made it perfectly well-known that the lives of our minorities don’t matter as much to us.

Can you imagine if this had happened in a population of mostly straight, white Americans? There would be torches in the streets, calls to war (even though we’re technically already in one)

It’s not enough to sit back and say “aw that’s awful.” It’s not enough to pretend to care today when yesterday we didn’t. When yesterday we were complaining over something as trivial as transgendered bathroom usage.

We need to fix this so that they are NEVER again a targeted population. We need to teach our own people and our children and the rest of the world that we DO care about our LGBTQA+ neighbors. That they ARE Americans. And that THEY MATTER. ALL THE TIME. Not just in moments of pure tragedy like last night.