target plus


super excited to give y'all a sneak peak at’s newest plus size line addition coming september 15, 2015!

vanity room ny is a new york based contemporary clothing company that is expanding it’s line to include plus sizes and will soon be available on target’s website! this perfect-for-fall mustard yellow cold shoulder dress is going to be a staple in my wardrobe this season. it is actually longer than depicted here - i just threw a belt on at my waist and bloused the top!

dress - vanity room ny
boots - urban outfitters
hat - forever21
bag - flea market in spain


i said i wasn’t going to post anything else in the tag today but @mschiaffino wanted to see the artwork for Venus so i scanned them both.

that’s the best i could do because i didn’t feel like cleaning off the scanner and the boxes were already pretty beat up from me opening them lol

hey, fellow plus-size people: 

where do you buy your tights?????

I’ve bought exclusively sculptz tights for YEARS, because they’re beautiful and fit well–they actually sat at your waist, instead of the stupid ultra high half-bodystocking tights welovecolors and torrid offer! they had extra paneling that made your ass look great but didn’t strangle you or give you a muffin top! they STAYED PUT all day–but apparently sculptz tights are no more, because the website is basically emptied. 

Is there any hope? or am I condemned to choose between awful, awful, the-crotch-slips-down-to-your-knees-because-the-”waist”-of-the-tights-is-somewhere-near-your-bra-strap tights and control-top-you-will-never-breathe-again tights for the rest of my days? 


I’m in love with this body positive campaign run by target. I want to thank Target for showing that big girls can rock swimwear. By producing a beautifully slimming collection of swimwear Target has decided not to just sell it to a specific market e.g sizes 8-14 but instead to release a very positive campaign about how they love everybody. I don’t think Target realise the affect they are having on the world. I for instance live in Ireland and it’s managed to capture my attention. By including curvy girls in their swimwear ad it allows it to become the norm and means girls can be more confident whilst in their swimwear. I for one hope this is the start of many ad campaigns celebrating all shapes and sizes.

♡ fat is not a bad word. fat is the opposite of skinny.
it is not the opposite of beautiful, cute, or lovely.

feel good being you. people are going to look and evaluate you regardless– but their perception of you does not invalidate your self-worth or value. If you are constantly living for others, you will exhaust yourself hoping to please too many people with equally as many unique corresponding ideas of what beauty is. When you live in a way that makes you proud, comfortable and happy– that doesn’t harm you or anyone else– then your ways don’t need to be further validated, defended or compromised. You are not wrong.

be kind, be strong, feel worthy. ♡ thank you all for empowering me to keep learning to love myself, and to share this love with others.

anonymous asked:

If you want to do some neutral eyeshadow it can be hard to find a palette that isn't super expensive and works well but wait! The elf mad for matte palette is only $10 and has 10 shades and you can find it at target plus there's some tutorials with it on YouTube

ooo thanks!!!


Fatshion February Day 6: Accidental Gryffindor Anniversary Date!

Today my sweetie and I celebrated our 6 year anniversary! We got dressed up and say at our traditional table at our favorite restaurant and then we’re in bed by 10!

By the way, I definitely word this tiara as an ode to Rowena Ravenclaw’s lost diadem, because if I’m going to wear Gryffindor colors, I at least need a little reference to my fave house.

I had an outfit on earlier today, but didn’t get a chance to document it! I will likely wear it again later this month, though.

Dress: modcloth, 4x
Cardigan: target, xxl
Boots(are you sick of them yet? Just wait): Ariat, 10
Glasses: ZenniOptical
Tiara and necklace: forever21

Also, I just wanted to clarify: YES, that is a Step and YES, I am a 90’s child who now willingly does step aerobics.

We found a patio set at Target that we like, plus it’s on sale right now & I get 5% off with my Red card. So I think I’m going to order it tonight. It’s been pretty nice out lately & I think our “winter” is pretty much over. It’ll be nice to have a patio set to eat outside at (we currently have a tiny bistro table that sucks). This will be my bonus splurge I guess.

Shitty lighting but the T-shirts in the Ava & Viv line at Target are frickin amazing. Just sayin’.