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Comeuppance - Jughead x Reader

I wrote most of this on the plane lol.
I hope it’s alright! Enjoy!

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You groan inwardly when you see Reggie and his gang come through the door and into the student lounge. Your day was already going bad enough; the last thing you need right now is to hear him spew half-thought out, condescending comments from his mouth. Shifting uncomfortably in your seat, you reposition your laptop on the desk, trying your best to ignore them.

“Didja hear what I got up to this weekend?” he guffaws, “I’ll tell ya she was….”

You can’t quite see what he’s doing with his hands but you guess it’s probably some lewd gesture because hoots and cries erupt from his friends followed by what sounds like hearty slaps on the back.

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Haaaaaaiiiiir things:

  • When character A nuzzles into the back character B’s neck only to have their seeeensitive nose targeted by B’s hair and crumple into a sneeze against them before they realize what’s happening
  • Someone whose nose is so itchy and tickly and pent up that when their own hair brushes against it they just lose it completely.
    Bonus points if they’re familiar with this phenomenon and have to keep their hair up to avoid it, until they let it down to go shower or sleep or something but then it falls on their face and…
  • Character A playfully flicks their long hair across character B’s face just to bug them, or because they’re a snzfuqer, with predictable results
  • Character with hayfever has to wash the pollen out of their hair after going outside.
  • Being allergic to shampoo. Their own, or their partner’s. Bonus points if it takes them a while to figure out what’s going on. Double bonus points if this is combined with the previous scenario.
Byungchan as your boyfriend

A/N: Another Victon writing – it’s needed. You are very welcome and enjoy!

  • This is such a playful relationship
  • He’s gonna’ make lots of jokes, because he loves making you laugh
  • He might also get sassy with you sometimes
  • And then you pretend to become very offended
  • And he’s like “No, babe I didn’t mean it like that take me back please.”
  • He likes kissing you a lot
  • Especially your nose, he targets your nose a lot
  • Even though he likes to play around with you, he is super respective and such a gentleman
  • He can sense when you’re down, even though you’re hiding it very well
  • “How did you-“
  • “I know you, Y/N.”
  • You’re probably doing a lot of things with the members
  • But if any of them take up too much of your attention, he might get jealous
  • He gets over it fairly quickly though
  • At some point, you’ll get a dog probably
  • Like a small puppy for the two of you to take care of
  • Then you take it for walks in the park together
  • Sometimes you and Byungchan take random walks alone at night as well
  • And he gets really cliché and hands you his jacket if you look cold
  • He likes taking you out to fancy dinners every once in a while
  • It’s always some of the nicest times you have, because of the dimmed lighting and the calm ambience + only focusing on each other
  • He’s very protective over you, making sure you are okay with little texts here and there
  • He also assures you that if you’re ever in a difficult situation, he will help you
  • Cooking together
  • Or attempts at cooking together
  • Sometimes it works – sometimes you end up ordering Chinese
  • But nonetheless it’s fun and you enjoy it because it’s nice doing things together

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(this wasn’t as long as Seungwoo’s sorry)

anonymous asked:

hey! how would i go about training a dog to block the area behind me, or to kind of circle arround me as a method of crowd control? If you dont know thats fine, but im getting my psd pup soon and i wanna have a basic idea on how to train things

To train a block (or at least the way I did it), especially with a new PSDiT puppy, you would first want to train two things

1. Nose Target - This is incredibly helpful with all sorts of task training. First gently pat your dog on the nose, say something like “Nose” or “Target” and reward them. Repeat until your dog will touch your hand with their nose when you give the command. Then you can start working this further - say your command word, but move your hand away from your dog, so they have to follow it. Have a target in mind - so if your dog is sitting to the right of you, give the command and move your hand until your dog is now standing fully in front of you. Make sure to continuing rewarding. If your pup is stubborn, use food to get them to follow your hand for the first bit of training. 

2. Down - Kind of an obvious one. While you may want your dog to remain standing while doing a short block, during long periods of time, it will be easier for them to keep their focus on you and not their surroundings. 

Then, to train “Block”: Start with your dog in a heel position (or just sitting next to you) and say “Target” (or whatever command you’ve chosen) and move your hand behind your body until your dog is pressed up against the back of your legs, blocking the area behind you. Once they are in a good position, say “Good Block!” and give them a reward while they are still in the desired position. And repeat repeat repeat, slowly phasing out the targeting command until they connect the command “Block” with the action of going behind you. 

Nose Targeting is good for this because while training, you can help them adjust into the correct position. 

Here is a good video on Blocking (and Cover, which is the same concept, but in front of you), with some tips and tricks. 

Now, circling for crowd control is just this concept extended. Instead of stopping the nose target when your dog has stopped behind you, you’ll want to continue it around your body until your dog learns that one circuit around your body equals whatever command word you choose - “Circle” would be a good one.

Now, one final thing I want to say here - Blocking and Crowd Control are fairly advanced. If you are getting a puppy, the first several months are going to be devoted to basic, then increased level obedience, socialization, exposure to all sorts of new things. So while you can easily train a pup to Nose Target and Down, combining everything into a reliable “Block” is going to take a long time, especially to be able to do it in a high traffic area. 

Hopefully everything was clear!

- Riley

  • Nico: *sniffs*
  • Jason: *gasp* we got a 23-19!!
  • RED ALRET!! ITS A 23-19!!
  • Will: *jumps through window*
  • Nico: ..there's a door right ther-
  • Will: *on walking talkie* 23-19 at Eagle's nest, over?
  • Other side of walking talkie: roger that; aide arriving at Eagle's nest in 3, 2, 1...
  • Percy: *crashes down from the ceiling*
  • Nico: what the hades guys-
  • Percy: *takes a tissue out of pocket* aide secure check!
  • Jason: *grabs Nico* Target check!
  • Will: *grabs tissue* aiming at target! *puts tissue under Nico's nose* target locked!!
  • Percy: Firing at 3, 2, 1....
  • Nico: -_- *blows*
  • Jason: mission accomplished boys
Then Came You

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for @everyjourneylove, who asked: Would you be able to write me a story with Fili and reader? They grew very close on the quest, and everyone survived the BOTFA. But she thinks nothing can come of it now because he is the heir and she isn’t royalty and she is human. But he loves her and makes her see none of that matters. Angst, fluff, and a little heat if you can ,please! Fili needs more love and happiness (me, too)!! Thank you so much!

Thank you for the opportunity, my friend. I hope you enjoy.

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Attempting to resume work on Ryker’s duration nose target for arousal work and apparently I’m succeeding in teaching him some weird dolphin-like nose wiggle on the target. He’s so excited to be DOING THINGS that it’s hard to get him to be more still with the nose target.

We did end our session with body awareness walking through a tall ladder, which he was actually very calm and methodical about, so that was great.


vitamin c is really good for you, guys ~~`!
chillen in the library at Arizona State
feeling kinda cuuute in my spectacles “

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sleeveless denim jacket w/ hood: from model Alyssa Johnson
beige cardigan: Macy’s (L) - Charter Club

Pull me out of this sinking town; I’m dying to live, something’s gotta give ///

Control Points: The Head

Disclaimer: The material present in this article is meant for academic study and writing only. It is not meant for instructional use in your everyday life.  This information will not be useful without physical instruction from a qualified instructor. If you are interested in this information within the context of self-defense, please seek out a martial arts school or self-defense program in your area. We are not liable for the harm you do to yourself or others with this information. We are also not liable for the legal ramifications that come with those actions.

In this article, we’ll discuss the weak target points on the head in order to help your fight sequences become more detailed.  The conventional martial arts advice is “where the head goes, the body follows”. The body has an instinctive desire to protect the head and face from attack, a clever fighter can trigger these instincts in a less (and even sometimes more) competent one by understanding how to use the body’s protective instincts against an opponent. A character can make these instincts work for them if they realize that they are there, they may learn to trigger them intentionally against someone else. They may not know on a conscious level or scientific level that they are doing it, they may simply be working off their combat experience or techniques that were taught to them by a more experienced instructor. They may not know how it works, just that it does. You, the author, need to know because you are the one who must relay these actions to the audience in your story. There is a vast difference between what an author must know and what a character may know, you are the deciding force behind the character’s actions and you must be able to communicate to the audience what happened in the scene. Fighting is, at its heart, a very sophisticated and scientific animal. To communicate it effectively requires a functional understanding of human behavior, bodily reactions, an understanding of the body’s physical form, and a good solid sense of physics.

So, today, we’re going to talk about the vulnerable places on the head and how they can be exploited in a multitude of different ways to distract a target and create openings in the guard that allow for finishing strikes. This won’t cover everything, but it should be enough to get you thinking.

Control Points:

The Skull: On the top of the forehead, there are dents in the skull where the plates are fused together. By placing pressure on these dents, one can effectively force the head to move in any direction (preferably backwards). The skull is made up of around eight different bone plates that are fused together. The places where they are structurally weak can be exploited. However, for the untrained or even general martial artist, these can be difficult to find in the confusion of combat.

The Hair: We covered a lot about the hair in a few articles, including Hair Pulling. The hair can in certain cases provide a good grip for fingers, be used to drag the head back or slam it forward. The hair follicles are all nerve endings which can cause pain (distraction) when pulled. If the brain is thinking about something else (ouch, ouch, it hurts!) it is less able to muster up the necessary concentration in order to fight back.

The Back of the Head: The bone in back of the head is actually much softer than the front. While it’s not a good striking point for hands, it is a common one for blunt force trauma using an object or by driving the head (when controlled using a control point, such as the hair) into something solid such as a wall or concrete. To abuse the back of the head in hand to hand, one must be facing their opponent. This usually only comes into play if they are close to a wall or on top of them when on the ground.

The Bottom of the Skull: The bottom of the skull, where the spine joins with the skull and the brain. It’s difficult to affect with hand to hand, but a strike from a knife, a sword, or a bullet can kill.

The Temple: The temple is an open gap and soft point that can provide direct access to the brain when struck. Pinpoint strikes may go here such as with the knuckles (in Taiji Chin Na), with the heel of the foot, or with a knife. Striking here will cause a loss of equilibrium and balance

The Forehead: The forehead is the densest and hardest point on the human body, which means that while a frontal assault is usually a pointless endeavor, bouncing the brain off it can get interesting. Much like the back of the head, the forehead can be a focus point for blunt trauma strikes (baseball bat, crowbar, tire iron, piece of wood) or be driven into a wall. Since the head must go back to go forward, someone driving the head into the wall or ground will have to be behind the individual. And in tips from Contemporary Knife Targeting by Michael Janich and Christopher Grosz: “Some traditional edged weapons systems such as Japanese iai-jutsu (sword drawing and cutting), purposefully target the forehead because it is highly vascular and, when cut, will bleed into the eyes, obstructing vision.” (20)

The Eyebrow: The eyebrow can be easily split or cut to bleed into the eyes, which is why it is such a popular one in professional boxing. Doing this with bare hands is not recommended because the forehead is so solid and one can cut their knuckles, which allows their opponent’s blood to mix with theirs, but it could be a priority target for someone wearing armor, brass knuckles, or using a knife.

The Eyes: The sense a human being relies on most is their sight, they cannot block what they cannot see. You know that instinctual reaction you have when you see something coming towards your face and know you can’t get out of the way; you squeeze your eyes shut? This is why. The body knows the eyes must be protected. Blind someone, temporarily or permanently, and they will have difficulty fighting back. This can be anything from blood in the eyes, to thrown dirt or sand, waving a knife blade near the eye, to faking out the peripheral vision by forcing someone to protect high when the attacker is actually going low. Moving towards the eyes will cause someone to flinch, while covering the eyes may cause them to panic. Strikes to the eye can be distraction based or lead to permanent injury, deep enough strikes to the optic nerve can cause unconsciousness, they can even kill by puncturing the brain (most commonly with a #2 pencil or a pen).

The Nose: We can go round and round about whether or not a palm strike to the nose can kill but, either way, the nose is a vulnerable target. Striking the nose, even if it doesn’t break, will cause swelling which can obstruct an individual’s vision, cause their eyes to water, and on impact to close. Placing the knuckle of the index finger directly under the nose and above the upper lip can be used to force the head back and the eyes up, creating openings for escape from grabs.

The Cheek: The cheek is a good control point because it can be used to drive the head sideways using the flat of the hand and create openings. A strike from an elbow coming in from the side can cause someone to bite their cheek hard enough to require stitches. Strikes to the cheekbone can lead to swelling and bruising, which can obscure vision.

The Mouth: We normally think of the mouth for biting, but the truth is getting knocked in the teeth really hurts. Knocking the head around can lead to someone biting through their tongue, biting their cheek, losing a tooth, all of which results in blood in the mouth. Enough blood in the mouth is a choking hazard and a hard enough bite can require a trip to a hospital, try to imagine how your characters would feel about spitting out their front tooth in the middle of a fight (or worse, a piece of their tongue).

The Jaw: The soft point at the back of the jaw where it connects to the skull is a vulnerable point that when struck can cause a knockout. However, the jaw has other uses too. Striking it specifically can lead to the jaw becoming unhinged or forcing it to clench (bite down), which means that it can chew into some of the mouth’s vulnerable places. This is why all sparring involves wearing mouth guards and why I side eye books that fail to mention mouth guards very hard. Most professional fighters will clench their teeth reflexively when they fight, those who spar will be practiced at breathing through their nose. They may or may not exhale through their mouth when fighting (mostly not).

Under the Jaw: Striking up under the jaw can cause the head to knock backwards, this is where some of the traditional palm strikes and uppercuts come in. However, a persona can also grasp under the jaw to control it (fingers should avoid the mouth or be bitten). The hand and forearm can also wrap around from behind and press up under the jaw to force head backwards, characters may do this when taking hostages or forcing someone else to look. A common way professionals will avoid taking a head butt from someone knocking their head backwards is to control the skull this way, allowing the neck no freedom of movement and pressing their cheek to their enemies’ ear.

The Ear: The ears, through sound, can control someone’s sense of equilibrium. Disrupt that and they may experience vertigo. The human being is very sensitive to sound and one of the best ways to screw with the brain is by hurting the ears. The ear is vulnerable to being boxed (two fists or palms come in on either side to strike inwards against the outside of the ears), they may be stabbed with a knife, or someone may scream into or use a blowhorn at close range (pressed up against the ear) to force a person to respond in a predictable manner (loss of balance, stumbling, falling over, etc).

Under the Ear: under the ear, there is a pressure point that when pressed can cause a substantial amount of pain. This pressure point is commonly taught in self-defense courses. A person who is familiar with this pressure point may also use it to stimulate response and keep themselves awake when tired.

This is by no means a comprehensive list and individual styles will all have their own methods and techniques of making use of these things.

Recommended Reading:

FightWrite: The Only Unfair Fight is the One You Lose Pt 2 (Brutality)

On Hair Pulling

Pulling Piercings

If you have a strong stomach:

Contemporary Knife Targeting by Christopher Grosz and Michael Janich is an interesting read. However, because the discussion is knives, it’s gory.

Taiji Chin Na by Doctor Yang, Jwing-Ming discusses the seizing art of Tai’chi and could be useful for those of you looking to learn about joint locking systems outside of Japan.

(HisoIllu inspired by Game of Thrones poisons)

For an influential and awfully corrupted politician, the prime minister’s right hand had deplorable security. Hisoka took all of them out with one card and a yawn. He was excited to work with Illumi, but the assassin’s soft voice ordering him around wasn’t enough to balance the dissatisfaction of the kill. Hisoka entered the large office to see Illumi standing and his target trembling at his feet. He moved closer surprised that the woman didn’t have a needle through her brain yet.


Hisoka stepped next to the pathetic mass on the floor. Thank goodness cat got her tongue, pleas were always boring to listen to. Illumi crouched next to her and forced her head up. She was now looking him in the eye, trembling, crying, hair damp on her forehead. Illumi caressed her cheek with his thumb then placed a chaste kiss on her plump snot covered lips.

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They'll hear

Supernatural Hiatus writing challenge
Prompt week 4

Sam Winchester X Reader

Warnings: Smuuut, dom!Sam, sub!Reader, also Sam calling reader Princess…

Summary: No real plot. The reader and Sam haven’t been getting a lot of alone time lately, so a water fight quickly turns into something more.

This is part of the Supernatural Hiatus writing challenge. Week four’s prompt is: Be quiet, they’ll hear you. Sadly I couldn’t participate in the week 2 and 3 prompts since I’m on an extended vacation and family and stuff. But here is my first smutty Sam fic. Hope you guys enjoy!
@one-shots-supernatural @but-deans-back-tho


You had teamed up with Dean and were now hiding from Sam and Cas in this impromptu water fight. You were filling up guns and balloons with water when Dean took the first shot. After firing at each other for a while you decided to take it elsewhere. Sam was just an easy target with his nose buried in yet another book. Castiel had joined in soon enough.

By now, no-one inside the bunker was safe anywhere. The kitchen was completely flooded and the hallways were dangerously slippery.

With Dean in the front, you two sneaked around the halls, when Dean suddenly slipped and fell. You giggle a little bit as he lays there on the ground. “Be quiet, they’ll hear you!” He says half whispering. Still groaning from his fall. “Me be quiet? You be quiet! There’s no way they didn’t hear you falling in here.” You help him up and you both start looking around nervously.

He sighs. “You’re right. We should probably split up, cover more ground.” “Sounds good.” He motions you to check out one end of the hallway as he strides towards the other.

You advance slowly, careful not to make any noise as you step. Suddenly Sam’s bedroom door opens as a hand closes over your mouth and pulls you into the room, quickly closing the door behind you. He presses you against the door hushing you as he turns on the light.

Sam’s hazel eyes and warm breath now inches away from your face. “You thought you could just drench me entirely and get away with it, huh?” His hair is still dripping and his shirt is now clenching to his chest. You bite your lip at the sight. “Maybe.”

He presses himself tighter against you as he wraps his hand in a light grasp around your neck. “Well, you thought wrong, Princess. And now you need to be punished.”

“Uhuh..” Your words now a shaky plead. You always loved it when Sam would take control every once in a while. He was usually so loving, always making sure your pleasure came first. There was a certain rush to seeing him this way. His hazel eyes yearningly dark. His muscles tense with need.

He lowers his hand from you neck to squeeze the side of your ribs. Pushing the air out of your lung. Releasing almost immediately. You could tell that he was testing you. He was strong, really strong. You knew he’d never really hurt you. But he always had to make sure of how much you could tolerate, how much you trusted him.

He starts hungrily kissing you. You part your lips, allowing his tongue to explore your mouth as he desires. He pulls away, dragging your lower lip between his teeth almost painfully, before releasing it and kissing you again, a bit softer this time.

You feel his warm hands tracing up underneath your wet shirt and unhooking your bra. Your mouths part for him to discard your top layers, both dropping to the ground with a satisfying splatter.

His mouth finds your neck, leaving behind heated and bruised skin. His hand now massaging your breast, the other holding your hips completely still against the door no matter how much you pleaded for friction.

Your hands tear down his back, lifting his shirt over his head. The moans you make and the marks your nails draw on his skin make him lose his head almost entirely.

He pulls away from your neck and lifts you up by your thighs. The wooden wall dragging your skin with a delicious burn. He thrusts himself against your clothed and wet center. He grips your ass tightly with one hand as the other pins your hands above your head.

“Be quiet, Princess. They’ll hear you.” You nod as you both pant in each other’s faces. You smile a little as you lightly suck on both of your swollen lips. “That’s my good girl.” He smiles back at you before picking you up entirely and carrying you to the bed.

He props you up on top of him as he smirks. “I want my little princess to show me how much she wants me. Can my little princess do that for me?”

You slowly drag your tongue across your lip as you lean your hands on his chest and whisper into his ear. “Yes, my King.” You feel the words shiver through him and he grips your thighs tighter, pressing himself into you.

You place a wet kiss behind his ear before dragging his earlobe between your teeth, adding just a little too much pressure. You feel his fingers digging into your skin with each thought out movement your tongue makes on his skin. He gave you the power, it’s your turn to tease him now. You push down his hands as your mouth makes its way down his chest. You slowly drag his belt through the handles and undo his zipper.

You see him clenching his fists to the point of his knuckles turning white. A desperate attempt to not just fuck you senseless right then and there. It’s been a long time since you’ve had a moment to yourselves.

You drag his jeans all the way down his legs as he kicks off both his jeans and his wet socks. You spread your hands as you drag them back up his thighs. You grab a hand around the base of his cock and pump a few times. Earning a moan from his tightly sealed lips. His abs clenching from pleasure and reflex.

You use your tongue to wet his cock and lick the precum off of his tip. He takes your hair out of your face and wraps it around his hand. You bob your head, lips sealed around his tip. You hear his hand slam against the wooden headboard as he gasps in a breath of air. It’s been a really long while.

You swirl your tongue around his tip, bobbing your head slowly as you rub your hand up and down his shaft. He tenses underneath you entirely. His pull on your hair now a mixture of pain and pleasure. You can’t help but smirk a little as he throws his head back against the pillow. His biceps now completely tense as he pulls on the headboard. A few seconds later you hear a loud noise and feel the bed drop a little forwards. You look up to see a confused and disoriented Sam still holding on to the broken headboard. You chuckle a little. “That good, huh?” “You have no idea, Princess.”

With just those words you’re off the bed again. Being pushed backwards as Sam kisses you. You trip backwards a little as the backs of your thighs hit the table. He pushes against you, moving you to sit on it. “You ready for me?” He asks, his voice raspy yet determined. “You have no idea.”

He smirks a little as he pulls you off the table, turning you around in his arms and gripping your hair, leaving your neck exposed to his rough, sloppy kisses. “Then ask me.” He says, already undoing your jeans. “Fuck me, Sam.” He yanks your head back a little, your bare ass now pressed against him. “Ask me nicely, Princess.”

You feel your knees going weak. You always played around but you were never a beggar. “Please, Sam. Fuck me, please!” You almost cried out that last part. Sam was sure to grant you your wish.

With an instant, your stomach is laying flat on the cold wooden surface. His hands grabbing your hips tightly as spreads your legs with his feet and buries himself inside you. His movements a lot faster than usual. He presses one hand flat on your lower back and grabs a handful of your hair, signaling you to arch your back for him, you feel completely pressed into the table. The feeling of fullness now infinitely satisfying. His cock tightly pressed against your g-spot with each thrust, his balls slapping into your clit, waves of pleasure washing over you, coupled with the pain in your stomach. His thrusts now so deep that you can feel him hitting your cervix.

You couldn’t care less. He knew how to please you. How to make you forget about everything. Obviously even about the people still in the bunker. Your moans now loud enough that he has to press his jumper between your teeth before continuing. It only slightly covers your cries and moans of pleasure. Though enough as to be considerate.

You gradually feel your orgasm ripple through you. Your walls gripping impossibly tighter around him. Soon enough he finds his own release as he rocks you both through your highs. Eventually you both crumble onto the floor against the wall. Both panting and sweaty. Suddenly he starts to chuckle. “Twenty bucks says they still heard that.” You giggle. “No doubt in that.”

Hanyaan's Cosplay Makeup Kit List

One of my favorite things in cosplay is makeup. Makeup can really help make or break your costume, and I think that everybody who cosplays should wear some, regardless of gender. (Unless you’re under a mask, but that’s a different story.) This is a guide to what’s in my personal kit. Maybe some of this might work for you and maybe some of it wouldn’t, but this is the stuff I don’t want to be without.

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